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Lifestyle Niche Report: 50+ Niche Ideas, Trends & Tips

In this report, you will learn:

Market trends
How to pick a profitable sub-niche
How to make money in this niche
Sub-niches and micro-niches ideas
And more!

Section 1.

Lifestyle Niche Market.

In this section, you will learn some market insights.

Niche Market

In essence, a lifestyle is a way in which behaviors are based on a set of interests, activities, cultures, opinions, or other characteristics that set a group of people apart from others.

The lifestyle market can also include:

  • Social norms
  • Locations
  • Work
  • Demographics
  • Health and Fitness
  • Religion and Spirituality

The lifestyle market can be extensive since it comprises a lot of different categories. Hence, it is a vast market and tremendously competitive.

Frequently, lifestyle is associated with fashion since it probably is the most important category within this niche.

The global fashion and lifestyle market is projected to grow at a healthy rate through the forecast period (2020-2024). Improving purchasing capacity due to a hike in personal disposable income, a hike in the number of smartphone users, and a greater preference of customers to purchase fashion accessories through online channels are some of the crucial factors driving the growth of the market.

The market is also confronted by some challenges, such as rapidly changing consumer preferences, high risk of inventory write-off, and vulnerability to technological disruptions.

Efforts by fashion retailers to provide a more personalized experience, Generation Z evolving as a lucrative customer segment, innovations through technology, revamping offline shopping experiences, a spike in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transaction activity, and the emergence of athleisure are some of the latest trends existing in the market that have been captured in this report.

Lastly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is leading to massive unemployment, and even those who are managing to keep their jobs intact have become victims of massive job insecurity. Due to this, the incomes of people have decreased significantly. As a result, they are forced to cut down their expenses on non-essential items such as fashion products and save money for future emergencies. Furthermore, with more and more people staying at home, the demand for apparel, footwear, and accessories has dipped significantly. This is because many of them are not feeling the need to spend on these products.

Lastly, I suggest taking a look at this post to understand better what is a niche market and how to take advantage of it.

Section 2.

Lifestyle Niche trend.

In this section, I will analyze the current trends in this niche.

Niche Trends

Market niche trends can help you identify how a market is doing. They allow you to see the interest in a certain topic over time.

When analyzing trends, it is vital to study the interest over time. If the interest fluctuates a lot with periods going to zero, then you want to stay away from that niche (unless it is a new trend that is just starting.) However, if the trend is stable or is growing, it could be a good sign. There are some other factors to consider as well, but I’ll cover them later.

To analyze trends in the lifestyle niche, I will use the Google Trends tool. When using this tool, there are a few distinctions to take into account:

  • When you search for terms, it will show matches for all the words in a query.
  • When you search for topics, it will refer to a group of terms that share the same concept. So the result is broader.

Topics‘ can be great for finding out the interest of people in a niche. The idea would be to use ‘topics’ to find niches that are worth pursuing. Then, you should use ‘search terms’ as the first step toward content creation. This will help you understand if it is worth creating content on a given term based on current trends.

For this report, I am analyzing the topic ‘Lifestyle.’ Then, I set the location worldwide and filtered by the past five years.

There are a few things we can observe from the graphic below:

  • Overall, lifestyle is a trendy topic that has always been very stable.
  • You can appreciate a massive increase recently. This is probably due to life resuming back slowly after the Covid.
lifestyle trend 2023

By looking at this graph, you can easily see that a lifestyle business could work based on the trend numbers. However, to avoid fierce competition in this niche, you should niche down and find sub-niche and micro-niche ideas.

So how do you find profitable sub-niche and micro-niche ideas? With proper niche research.

But we’ll get into that in the following sections. Just bear with me. For now, you can read in this post all the advantages of niche marketing.

Section 3.

How to Find Niche Ideas.

Learn how to find a niche step by step.

How To Pick A  Profitable Sub-Niche In Health And Wellness

There are many methods you can use to find out exciting sub-niche ideas. The simplest one might be a combination of Wikipedia with Google Suggest to find ideas. Then you can use Google Trend to validate your plan.

This is how to do it:

Step #1. Head to Wikipedia, and in the search bar, type your niche keyword and hit search.

Step #2. Skim the page for sub-niche ideas. You’ll be able to find plenty of lifestyle-related keywords along with the Wikipedia page.

Some places where to look include the table of content, content itself, and the “see also” section at the bottom.

lifestyle niche ideas.

Also, when you click on a lifestyle-related term with a link, it will take you to another page where you’ll be able to find even more ideas. So this is an excellent method to brainstorm keywords and sub-niche ideas.

Step #3. Next, you can complete these sub-niche ideas with Google Search. Head to and enter some of your niche keywords. Google will instantly suggest some sub-niches for you.

sustainable living google suggest

You can even keep niching them down as you type:

sustainable living google suggest

This is a very effective and easy trick to find sub-niche and micro-niche ideas quickly.

Step #4. Lastly, use Google Trends to validate your niche idea. Following this example, I will check “sustainable living

The graphic below shows how this trend is stable and also increasing in interest. So this could be a great micro niche idea.

sustainable living trend

Additionally, you could also include in the Google Trends search bar a few terms from your Google suggestions or your Wikipedia keywords to visually compare your ideas.

For this example, I have used sustainable living, alternative lifestyle, and simple living.

lifestyle trends compared

As you can see, all these trends seem pretty stable, with a dominant interest in simple living. This will probably mean it will also be more competitive.

Normally, the higher the interest over time, the higher the competence as well. So it is vital to find a sub-niche or micro-niche in the sweet spot between search volume and commercial value. I suggest you check micro niche blogging in 10 practical steps to overcome this issue.

In any case, this is a very effective method to find sub-niche and micro-niche ideas in any industry quickly.

Lastly, note that trends that are just starting to grow are the ones with the most potential. It could be a new market blooming, meaning the competition is inexistent or limited. So do not drop ideas only because trends show low numbers. If the trend’s interest is exponentially growing and it gets stable, it is probably worth pursuing.

Section 4.

Lifestyle niche competition.

In this section, you will learn how competitive this niche is and its opportunities.

Health And Wellness Niche Competition.

As in any niche with demand, competition in the high-level niche can be harsh. Big corporations typically dominate the internet for competitive terms in popular niches. And entrepreneurs like us simply don’t have the resources to compete against them.

That is why sub-niches and micro-niches are much better options- The more you niche down, the smaller the competence. But if you go too niche, you might face another issue: That the market might be too small.

The only way to know is by analyzing keywords directly related to your sub-niche or micro-niche ideas. This is how you’ll see if the main keywords you want to target are too competitive or there are still opportunities with less competitive terms.

To perform keyword research, you will need access to an SEO tool. Here you can find how to do it with Keysearch and SE ranking.

For this section, I will use SE Ranking, which provides a 14-day trial so you can do the same. You can refer to my niche keyword research post for more details.

Let’s use for this example which is now a popular topic: ‘fashion photography.’

To have an idea about the overall competition in this niche, we’ll look for this exact term with the SEO tool.

As you can see from the image, this term difficulty is “doable” and has 9.9k monthly searches, which is a great number.

But what does this information really means?

This initial search is just to have a quick overview of the potential market regarding search volume (interest) and the difficulty. By checking the exact niche keyword, you can quickly learn how competitive a term is and also about the audience size. But ultimately, you still need to check your niche competitors in detail to better understand your direct competitors.

Finding less competitive keywords.

Once you have checked your niche competitors and assessed the competence level, you can easily find profitable niche keywords with low competition with a few tweaks.

Step #1. Search for your niche keyword. For this example I’ll stick to ‘fashion photography.’

Step #2. Scroll down to the section keyword ideas. Here, either the similar keywords report or related keywords report will do the trick. So you can click on ‘View Detailed Report‘ on either. For this example, I have clicked on related keywords.

similar keywords

Step #3. Click on ‘filter‘ and set the values you want. In my case, I want something with a search volume over 200 and difficulty under 40. Then click on ‘Apply filters.’

keyword filter

Step #4. Now I have a list with 622 keywords filtered by difficulty. Although you could also filter them by difficulty or any other value you want.

Looking at this example and the keywords found, you could easily assess if you can find enough topics to create a profitable business in this niche.

In summary, this list shows that with the right keywords, you could create a profitable niche website even in a competitive niche. You just need to find those less competitive terms.


Section 5.

How to make money with the lifestyle niche.

In this section, you will learn different ways to monetize this niche.

how to make money with health and wellness niche

There are several ways you can monetize your lifestyle niche website.

But what works best is to adapt your strategy to the user intent. For instance, if your lifestyle blog is about ‘sustainable living,‘ you could monetize your site with sustainable products. You could also create an ebook, for example, a guide to sustainable living.

The idea is to adopt a solution to your audience’s problem in the best format. Also, most of the time, online businesses adopt more than one monetization method.

I suggest you check this post about niche blogging to learn how to create a niche website step by step and monetize it.

Some methods you can use to make money with the lifestyle niche are:

1. Provide a service.

Services can be a lucrative way to monetize lifestyle niche websites.

For instance, some of the services you can provide are:

  • Travel concierge
  • Personalized lifestyle services
  • Lifestyle market research
  • Lifestyle photographer
  • Lifestyle coaching (this can be in any category like (fashion, food, travel, etc.)

Depending on your selected niche, some services might work better than others.

Also, some of the services might be presential, but you could deliver many others online. For instance, you could be an online lifestyle coach. You just need a platform like HeySummit with registration and ticketing to do this in no time and efficiently. Consistent excellence, online presence, proven results, and client relationships are the keys to success for a lifestyle coach’s business model.

You could even create online courses to help a targeted audience by providing valuable training.

Some website examples that monetize by providing lifestyle services are:


2. Create a product.

In the lifestyle niche, products can also be a popular method to make money online.

Some products you could create are:

  • Niche-specific products to solve your audience’s problems. An app for eating healthy, a podcast providing training or tips for luxury travel, etc.
  • Ebooks. This is one of the resources most used by lifestyle bloggers. They are relatively fast to create and can make you some extra money. Ebooks can contain tips, training, or anything that will help your audience. For this, I suggest you check Designrr– This incredible tool will allow you to create stunning ebooks in 2 minutes.
  • Videos/Podcasts. You could also create videos or podcasts about particular lifestyle topics, which you could sell individually or with a subscription. My personal recommendation is InVideo for video creation since it allows you to create professional videos in no time, even if you have no experience. For podcasts, Buzzsprout is the most popular solution.

When you present the right product to the right audience, products can be the easiest way to start making money. They also allow you to earn a passive income when you combine them with an evergreen sales funnel.

Some lifestyle blog examples selling products are:

  • Iprodusa: Lifestyle products.
  • The gadget flow. A website selling a bit of everything, including high-end lifestyle products.
  • Lifestyle products. As its name says, this is. an online store for lifestyle products.


3. Subscriptions & Memberships.

Subscriptions and memberships can make a great alternative to monetize your website.

Subscriptions are based on delivering extra value to your readers. This could be access to a premium section, deliver of new content only to subscribers, and things like that.

Also, you can get recurring income from memberships. But you need to keep providing value to your readers constantly. This could be by delivering relevant content in the form of a magazine, weekly videos, or something valuable to your readers.

You can also provide exclusive access to your videos or podcast to your subscribers. And the best thing is that you simply need a plugin like MemberMouse to create subscriptions and memberships effortlessly.

Some website examples using these methods are:

4. Display ads.

Ads used to be one of the most common ways to monetize websites. However, there are some downsides to them:

  • You need a lot of traffic to make good money.
  • The user experience can not be as good.
  • Most people use ad blockers these days.

Having said so, many businesses use ads as their primary source of income. You could use platforms like Google Adsense,, VigLink, etc.

In any case, you could place ads just for extra income rather than the primary source of income. In any case, you could place ads just for extra income rather than the primary source of income.

Lastly, lifestyle blogs normally drive lots of traffic, so displaying ads could be your secondary monetization method. I suggest you check the best adsense niches for more info.

5. affiliate marketing.

This is my favorite method to make money online in any niche.

Affiliate marketing might need some time and traffic to get traction, but you will earn a passive income when it does.

All you need to do is to sign up for the best affiliate programs in your niche. Then, I suggest you read how to make money with affiliate marketing, and you will be ready to monetize your site with this method.

Some lifestyle blogger’s examples using this method are:

  • Bright Bazaar. Affiliate marketing promoting different kinds of lifestyle products and services.
  • A cup of Jo. The blog covers relationships, design, food, style, travel, culture, and motherhood and monetizes with affiliate links.
  • Wit and delight: Lifestyle blog aimed at a wide audience.


Section 6.

Lifestyle sub-niche and micro-niche ideas.

In this section, I will provide you with some profitable niche ideas.

Health And Wellness Sub-Niches And Micro-Niches Ideas

After putting into practice what I have explained in this report and researching some keywords, I have collected a list of sub-niches and micro-niches in the lifestyle niche that can do a great online business.

I personally recommend focusing on sub-niches or micro-niches where trends are steady even though the volume is not high since they probably will be the ones with fewer competitors—that is why niche blogging is so powerful. If you find good enough keywords, you will monetize more easily and faster.

Lastly, what makes a profitable niche is the commercial value behind the keywords you choose. So if you just choose keywords without commercial value which are more informational, you might struggle to generate an income (although you can still do it)

You will also need to do thorough niche keyword research and develop a list of keywords and then plan your content creation strategy thoroughly if you want to succeed.

Sub-Niche: Luxury lifestyle.

luxury lifestyle trend

Micro-niche ideas:

  • Luxury travel
  • Luxury beauty
  • Luxury fashion
luxury lifestyle ideas

Interest by regions:

Recommended monetization methods:

Subscription/ membership
Ads/ Sponshorships
Affiliate marketing.

Sub-Niche: food Lifestyle.

food lifestyle trend

Micro-niche ideas:

  • Healthy food
  • Vegan food
  • Diet food
food lifestyle ideas

Interest by regions:

Recommended monetization methods:

Sponsored content/ Ads
Affiliate Marketing.
Product Creation (ebook, subscription box, etc)

Sub-Niche: Beauty Lifestyle.

beauty lifestyle trend

Micro-niche ideas:

  • Simple skincare
  • Style
  • Make up
beauty lifestyle ideas

Interest by regions:

Recommended monetization methods:

ecommerce store
Affiliate marketing.

Sub-Niche: Parenting

parenting trend

Micro-niche ideas:

  • Breast feeding
  • Working mom
  • Baby wearing.
parenting trend ideas

Interest by regions:

Recommended monetization methods:

Video channel
Affiliate Marketing.
Product Creation (ebook, subscription box, etc)

Sub-Niche: Travel Lifestyle.

travel lifestyle

Micro-niche ideas:

  • Luxury travel
  • Leisure travel
  • Business travel
travel lifestyle ideas

Interest by regions:

Recommended monetization methods:

Travel concierge service.
Subscription/ Membership.
Affiliate Marketing.

Want More? 50 Best Lifestyle niche ideas for less competition

  • Minimalist living and decluttering
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly products
  • Healthy cooking and meal planning
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Yoga and Pilates for fitness and relaxation
  • Traveling on a budget
  • Outdoor adventure and hiking
  • DIY home improvement and crafts
  • Vegan and plant-based lifestyle
  • Self-care and personal development
  • Fashion and style inspiration
  • Parenting tips and advice
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Digital nomad lifestyle and remote work
  • Healthy and natural beauty routines
  • Home organization and storage solutions
  • Mental health and stress reduction techniques
  • Gardening and urban farming
  • Fitness and exercise routines
  • Home decor and interior design ideas
  • Mindful eating and nutrition tips
  • Books and reading recommendations
  • Sustainable fashion and ethical clothing brands
  • Pet care and training tips
  • Time management and productivity strategies
  • DIY skincare and natural beauty remedies
  • Personal finance and investment advice
  • Healthy habits and wellness routines
  • Mindful technology use and digital detoxing
  • Home-based business and entrepreneurship
  • Relationship advice and communication tips
  • Personal growth and self-improvement techniques
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques
  • Parenting hacks and family activities
  • Mental and emotional well-being practices
  • DIY home decor and upcycling projects
  • Healthy eating and meal prep ideas
  • Organization systems and productivity tools
  • Eco-friendly home cleaning and organizing tips
  • Outdoor fitness activities and workouts
  • Capsule wardrobe and minimalist fashion
  • Sustainable travel and responsible tourism
  • Healthy sleep habits and bedtime routines
  • DIY natural cleaning products and recipes
  • Positive affirmations and self-care rituals
  • DIY gardening and urban farming projects
  • Personal development and goal-setting strategies
  • Home-based fitness programs and workouts
  • DIY natural remedies and herbal medicine
  • Holistic wellness and alternative therapies

Need help with your digital marketing strategy?

Let me help you to increase your site traffic with Niche SEO optimizations.

Niche research guide.
Niche Blogging: Create your profitable niche website step by step.
Niche marketing strategies to drive traffic.

Now it’s your turn!​

Did you already find your lifestyle niche?

The lifestyle industry is always growing because it covers plenty of categories. I suggest you focus on micro-niches to increase your chances of succeeding.

Going sub-niche or micro-niche, you might have fewer customers, but your audience will be most likely to find you. This will also help you grow your website authority faster and start making money quicker!

If you have any question leave a comment below.

niche research done
Find out the best niche ideas in the lifestyle niche industry to create a profitable online business. Includes lifestyle niche market and trends, how to monetise a site, niche ideas and more. #LifestyleNiche  #NicheIdeas #NicheResearch #LifestyleBusiness
The best business ideas in the lifestyle niche to make money online with less competition. Learn how to choose the best lifestyle niche, niche market trends, how to monetize your site with this niche and more. #LifestyleIdeas #NicheIdeas #NicheReport #Lifestyle


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