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10 Best Niches For Youtube With Low Competition To Grow Your Channel Faster.

best niches for youtube

Are you looking for the best niches to start a profitable Youtube channel?

Youtube is one of the most powerful platforms to make money online. In fact, many entrepreneurs are turning to Youtube as a full-time job.

However, getting to that point requires plenty of dedication and hard work. One of the hardest parts is choosing the right niche. You’ll need to find a niche without many competitors and with enough interest.

In this post, I will show you exactly how to choose the right niche and the best niches for Youtube so you can make a profit with your channel.

Let’s dive in!

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What is a Youtube niche?

youtube interface

A Youtube niche is when you focus on a smaller subsection of a larger market. For example, if you were to create a Youtube account about gaming, creating a channel focused on a specific game like “Minecraft” would be a great Youtube niche idea.

By narrowing down a market, you will be able to find areas with fewer competitors. Also, when you choose a niche, your audience is smaller, but they will engage much more with your content and be more likely to share it and come back for more. That is why a niche Youtube channel is a great idea.

How To Find Profitable Youtube Niches?

The answer is with niche research.

If you want to find the best Youtube niches, you should perform these tasks:

  1. Analyze the niche market. This will help you find opportunities and potential rising markets. First, you need to make sure the market you want to target is using this platform.
  2. Check on niche trends. Trends can help you find out what people are interested in over time.
  3. Study your niche competitors. By studying your competition, you can find out which niches are working and which are not. Also, some niches might have big competitors, so you want to avoid these.
  4. Target the right audience. Youtube audience base is between the age of 18 and 49 years old. This means that if you want to target an older crowd, this is probably not your platform.

Once you find a niche that fits the requirements above, you will be closer to finding your profitable Youtube niche.

It’s also important to choose a Youtube niche that will keep you motivated to create quality content daily. The most successful Youtube channels normally create several videos a week, so you need to be consistent to increase your chances.

Lastly, you can find more information about niche research in this article.

How to Choose The Best Niche for Your YouTube Channel.

What is a good Youtube niche?

A good Youtube niche is where people can find you between competitors, and brands are willing to spend money for exposure, which will eventually help you grow faster and monetize your Youtube account.

Moreover, a good niche will provide you with an engaged audience that will subscribe to your channel and will be likely to use the services and products you recommend.

This is what I have done to assess which are good Youtube niches so you can do the same:

  • I have used Google Trends to analyze trends. I have then filtered values by “worldwide” by the past 5 years. Then, I have filtered by “Youtube search.” This will provide you with a clear picture of how interesting this trend is for the audience and if it is worth pursuing or not.
  • Next, I have used a tool that allows me to check Youtube keywords with less competition and find niches with a great balance between competition and volume. My personal recommendation to do this is Tubbebudy.

It is important to understand a few things, though. First, new trends will unlikely show a decent volume yet. But that does not mean they won’t get there. That is why niche research will help.

Lastly, although I have included a few competitive terms in the list below, I have provided some insights into narrowing down to remove some competence. Some of these niches now have great momentum, and I think it would be a mistake to leave them out. You just have to niche down further to find your post in a less saturated niche.

list of The 10 best niches for youtube in 2021.

Taking into account the factors above, these are some of the best niches for Youtube in 2021:

1. Gaming.

gaming in youtube

If there is a Youtube niche growing massively, that would be the gaming niche.

As you can see in the trend below, it spiked during the Covid outbreak, but this trend is here to stay.

Gaming is a very competitive Youtube niche, with 6.2M videos and 1M channels. So you might want to think about your strategy before choosing this niche. As you can see, the competition is very high.

gaming difficulty score

However, with so many new and interesting games, are many the Youtubers still creating channels sharing their gaming experience, streaming, and offering tips.

Some of the most popular Youtube gaming channels are dedicated to a specific game. This is a great idea to niche down from gaming and remove thousand of competitors on the way. For instance, you could create a Youtube channel dedicated to Valhaim. You could share all kinds of tips and experiences on this channel, and Valhaim followers will be likely to follow you if your content is good enough.

The “easiest” way to succeed in this niche is by choosing a game that is popular enough but not the most popular. Also, it will help if it is kind of new, so you only have new competence instead of an established one, which is harder to beat.

Some Youtube channel ideas for the gaming niche are:

  • Game tutorials
  • Game reviews
  • Game stream
  • Gaming cloud

Remember to pick just one game and create lots of great content around the selected niche. This will increase your chances of creating a profitable Youtube account. For instance, if you were to create a niche channel about Valheim mods, you will be likely to succeed since the competition is very low. All you need to do is to find games with similar numbers to increase options of succeeding:

valhein mods
Valheim mods

2. Fitness Fashion.

fitness fashion niche in  youtube

Fitness and fashion, separately, are two of the most dominant niches on the internet. That is why combining them both is a sure bet that is growing in interest.

Although this term interest is growing slowly, it has already started to grow faster on other platforms like Instagram. And with brands putting more weight into fitness fashion, this will soon be a great Youtube niche to monetize.

fitness fashion

The volume might not be very high yet, but it is enough to start a profitable Youtube channel on a topic with interest and where competition is fairly low for now.

fitness fashion difficulty score

Some fitness fashion ideas for your channel could be workout routines with different outfits depending on the activity, setup, gym outfits, etc.


3. Healthy Snacks.

healthy snacks youtube niche

Food is another of the big Youtube niches. In particular, healthy food is very demanded on the Youtube search engine.

That is why going niche and focusing on healthy snacks could be a great way to remove some competence while still having a more than decent volume. Moreover, this is a trend that keeps growing over time, so it might be a good opportunity now.

healthy snacks

With a great volume but very high competition, it might be good to niche down another level to remove some competitors.

healthy snacks niche score

For instance, you can remove part of your competitors by focusing on more specific topics like:

  • healhty snacks for kids
  • healthy snacks for weight loss
  • healthy snacks for work
  • healthy snacks ideas
  • healthy snacks during pregnancy

By choosing more specific topics you can not only remove some competence but also will help you establish your channel faster. For this example, I tried “healthy snacks during pregnancy” and the competition is already lower:

healthy snacks for pregnancy


4. Travel Vlog.

travel vlog youtube

Some might say the first popular Youtube accounts were travel vlogs. The truth is that this is a niche in which interest over time never stops growing.

travel vlog trend

However, this is a niche with high competition due to its popularity, so you need to create epic content if you want to stand a chance.

travel vlog difficulty score

Youtube videos in this niche are normally in the first person and the traveler connects with the audience by narrating their adventures. But this can be done in so many different ways; that is why innovation and fresh content always have a chance to succeed in this social media platform and particularly, in this niche.

Also, you can always find less competitive youtube niches by creating travel vlogs specific to where you live, for instance, “travel vlog Spain.”

travel vlog spain

As you can see, the difficulty score is now low, which will improve the chances for you to succeed in this niche.


5. Sustainable Fashion.

sustainable fashion youtube niche

Another trend growing in popularity is sustainable fashion. With both big and small brands creating more ethical and sustainable fashion and a more conscious society, this niche is only expected to grow in the coming years.

In the trend graph below you can clearly observe the change during the last 5 years. And this is only the beginning.

sustainable fashion

The competition knows the potential, so it is already medium, however, there is still plenty of opportunities in this Youtube niche which is just starting to explode.

sustainable travel difficulty score

Some ideas in this niche are:

  • sustainable fashion haul
  • sustainable fashion tips
  • sustainable fashion ideas
  • cheap sustainable fashion


6. Plant-Based Diet.

plant based diet niche in youtube

We have already discussed the importance of eating well and staying healthy. That is why plant-based diets make a great Youtube niche for foodies.

With a very stable trend and growth over the last few years, this seems like a great idea to start a Youtube channel.

plant-based diet

Moreover, right now is in the sweet spot between volume and competition. So I suggest you think about this before it gets too competitive.

plant based diet difficulty score

Some ideas to get started on this niche could be whole food plant-based diets or a plant-based diet for beginners.


7. Skincare For Men.

skincare for men niche in youtube

Skincare has been a very popular niche for women, and it is incredibly competitive. However, men are now looking after their skin more than ever offering a new business opportunity.

The trend below shows a clear picture of the evolution of interest in this topic, with a massive growth during last years.

skincare for men

The overall score shows medium volume and competition, which means you can still make it with quality content.

skincare for men difficulty score

Also, you can try to niche down to more specific niche categories such as skincare routines for men or skincare tips for men. This way, you will be reducing your competence.


8. AI Marketing.

ai marketing niche in youtube

Digital marketing is probably one of the fastest-growing niches in recent years. And with the recent introduction to AI marketing, presents a profitable Youtube niche idea.

aI marketing trend

With a score of 87 out of 100, it is just the right niche right now. A more than decent volume and very low competition are its key characteristics.

ai marketing difficulty score

Covering topics like AI marketing trends, tips or tools, could be some ideas to get started in this niche.


9. Mediterranean Diet.

mediterranean diet niche in youtube

If you want to create a Youtube channel in the food niche, the Mediterranean diet niche might be your thing.

This trend has been increasing in popularity for the last few years and is still growing.

mediterranean diet trend

As you can see in the score, it is in the sweet spot now between volume and competition. This means is the right moment to tap into this niche.

mediterranean diet niche score

Some niche ideas for content creation could be recipes, meals, meal plans, etc.


10. PS5 VR.

ps5 vr niche in youtube

Virtual reality is a trend with lots of ups and downs. However, if you choose the right VR platform you can take advantage of this trend.

For instance, checking the PS5 VR trend, you can clearly see how its interest has increased a lot during the last few years.

PS5 VR trend

Being a relatively new trend, the volume is not very high yet, so isn’t the competition. As time passes, new VR technologies and games will likely make this niche more competitive.

ps5 vr difficulty score

Lastly, to succeed in this niche, you should adapt your content strategy to new platforms and technologies. For instance, if PS6 were to launch, the market and interest will likely move from PS5 VR to PS6 VR. As in any niche, the key here is to stay always on top of trends and provide your base audience with the latest.

Best Niches For Youtube- Conclusion.

Starting a profitable Youtube channel is possible if you choose the right niche.

With the tips shared on this post and the list of the best niches for Youtube, you should be able to create a Youtube account with a good chance of succeeding.

I strongly recommend you use a tool such as Tubebuddy or VividIQ to find less competitive Youtube niches. For a very affordable price, these tools will make a real difference in your Youtube strategy making sure your content is found.

Now it is your turn!

Have you decided on your Youtube niche?

Leave a comment with your answer below.

Discover the 10 best niches for Youtube with less competitors to grow your Youtube channel faster. #youtube #youtubeideas #youtubeniche
Looking for Youtube channel ideas?  Find the best Youtube ideas to start a profitable youtube account. #youtube #youtubebusiness #youtubeniches

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