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What I Do

I’m All About One Thing: helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals faster.

I Help Entrepreneurs Grow faster.

Starting an online business is not easy or fast.

The journey from choosing the right niche to make money with your website can not only be daunting but frustrating. In fact, most entrepreneurs fail because it just takes too long to create a profitable online business. And if you don’t follow a strategic plan, it can take you years.

But I am here to be your mentor and help you achieve your goals faster.

If you allow me to be your blogging coach, and you are willing to work hard, I’ll guarantee you will see measurable results.

services I offer

Market Research

If you choose the wrong market, your site will be guaranteed to fail. This first stage is the single most important part of any authority site, and most people get it wrong.

Tech Site Setup

There are millions of tools, plugins, and themes nowadays. With so many to choose from, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. Slow, clunky, and out-of-date technology will kill your rankings.

SEO Optimization

It does not matter how good is your content if no one is going to find it. You need to work on your SEO strategy from the beginning.

Content Creation

When you are blogging, it’s not as easy as just writing about a topic. Your content needs to appeal to both readers and Google. Most people waste a huge amount of time writing content destined to fail.


This is why you’re doing this in the first place, right? To make money. Choosing the right strategy for your niche is the first step to success.

Analytics & Tracking

You need to set up the right tracking tools to keep tabs on your business’s growth and understand which areas need your focus & attention.

How Does It Work

We’ll Go Through These 4 Easy Steps.

1. Fill a quick form.

Fill the quick form with your business details. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes.

2. One to one call.

Next, we’ll jump into a short call to discuss the details.

3. Quote

Once I understand better your needs, I will email you a quote with the action plan.

4. Deliver Strategy And Follow Up.

Lastly, I will deliver you in a pdf the exact steps you need to follow. I will also add you to my private Facebook group so you can contact me directly at any time.

Who is this service for?

New Website’s owners

If you are looking to get started with your first money-making website, this service is for you. You’ll get a complete step-by-step system to follow which will set you up for success from day one. No experience is necessary.


If you want to build an online business but are unsure where to start, this service is for you. You’ll get a complete roadmap with every single step you should follow to succeed.

Why Me?

Because it takes an entrepreneur to understand another entrepreneur.
Because I have been exactly where you are right now and I know I can guide you based on experience and results.
Because this is not one of those “miraculous courses” that will make you a successful entrepreneur from day one, this is a one-to-one session directly with me. This means each project is 100% tailored to your needs.
Because it will save you thousands of dollars. You won’t need to take courses that might not work for you or do any other guesswork.
But overall, because it will save you plenty of your valuable time. Online businesses are very time-consuming—especially when you are not sure where you should focus your efforts. I will provide you with a clear roadmap with all the steps you need to follow in your journey to success.

What my clients say

“Over the past month, Sergio has worked tirelessly to improve our website SEO. This was an area we had limited knowledge on, so his ability to explain what should be done, why it should be done, and how it would be done was so useful. Not only has he improved our website drastically, but he has given us tips, tricks, and tools along the way that mean we can implement a more SEO-friendly website ourselves moving forwards. 

Thank you, Sergio; you are equal parts passionate, knowledgeable and understanding. A pleasure working with you.”

Siôn Stansfield
Co-Founder, POINT3 Wellbeing

“When I started working with Sergio, I just told him two things: I want a simple but functional website, and I want it to rank well on Google.

He delivered the kind of website I was looking for and managed to rank several terms on Google page one within a few months!

Thanks, Sergio.”

Jaime Alvarez
Advertising Manager at Apollo Creativo

Paul D'Andrea

“Sergio has been instrumental in upgrading our website across a broad range of issues including improved hosting, organic SEO analysis, speed, and user-friendliness through to also helping us with effective E-commerce strategies for our online cycling clothing shop.”

Paul D’Andrea
CEO at Sierra Sports & Tours
Alberto Bautista

“I contacted Sergio because I needed to redesign my website and implement some SEO since I was not receiving any traffic or online bookings. He not only redesigned my website, giving it a fresher and modern look, but he also positioned several of my service pages on Google page one! It was a real game-changer because now most of my clients come via Google. Thanks for that, Sergio!.”

Alberto Bautista
Owner of Clinica Heredia & Bautista


Let Me Be Your Blogging Coach And Help You Grow Your Business Faster Starting Today.

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