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10+ Best Instagram Niches For Quick Growth (2023)

best instagram niches

Are you looking for the best Instagram niche in 2023 to create your business account and monetize it?

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms, with half a billion people using it every day. So there is no surprise you want to grow or increase your brand presence on this platform.

With the right Instagram niche and the right niche marketing strategy, you can leverage this social media platform to promote your products or services and make money. And you don’t even need to have a website or a product to make money with Instagram!

The key is to find a balance between competition and demand.

In this post, I have listed the best Instagram niches in 2023 with the right balance of these factors.

Let’s dive in!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

What is an Instagram Niche?

An Instagram niche is when you target a smaller subsection of a larger market. For example, the fashion niche is a popular niche market on this platform, but it can be a very broad and competitive market. So a sub-niche idea could be “handbags.”

By narrowing down a market, you will be able to find areas with fewer competitors. When you’re in a niche, you usually sell or promote one type of product or focus on a single category.

The best niche for Instagram should have untapped potential, target a particular buyer, and appeal to a much smaller audience. When you find this niche, you can build a business with higher chances of succeeding.

This particular category or topic within which you plan and post your content is what is called a niche. And this kind of niche content is extremely attractive to brands and businesses as a platform for native advertising.

So if you want to find a profitable Instagram niche, you should start by niching down and doing some research.

How To Find Profitable Instagram Niches?

The answer is with niche research.

If you want to find the best Instagram niches, you should perform these tasks:

  1. Analyze niche markets and trends. You will need to find popular trends and profitable markets.
  2. Study the competition. By studying your competition, you can find out which niches are working and which are not. Also, some niches might have big competitors, so you want to avoid these.
  3. Research niche market keywords. The best way to do this is by using a keyword research tool.

You can find more detailed information on my niche research hub.

It is important to notice that the most popular niches on Instagram

Benefits of Finding a profitable Instagram niche.

Next, I will describe some of the benefits of focusing on niche markets.

1. Advertising Is Cheaper.

The maths are easy- A niche audience will need a smaller budget since you will target fewer people on a more concrete interest.

Instagram ads can be great to reach more potential customers quickly. They are easier to set up, have great reach, and are cheaper than Google Ads.

Lastly, when posting an Instagram ad, think that your goal is not to spend less but to achieve the best ROI. So try different strategies with different budgets until you find what works best.

2. Fewer Competitors.

One of the biggest benefits of going niche is that you will be competing with fewer brands and individuals.

Competition is one of the biggest issues on Instagram. If you target a broad niche, your chances of being discovered are very narrow.

For example, if you were to compete in the fashion niche, your chances of being found for generic products are meager. However, if you specialized in sustainable handbags, you will remove a big chunk of competitors. Ultimately, people will find you, and you will increase your chances of selling products and increase brand awareness.

3. More engaged customers.

It is easier to inspire and engage your customer when you go niche.

People that visit your Instagram profile and feed will feel more identified. Since you target a more specific audience, it will be easier to connect with them with your content. You can be their reference for specific products, and your audience will be looking specifically for you.

The more specific the niche, the smaller the audience, but so is the competition. But that is also what makes an Instagram profile unique and how you can really get more loyal followers.

Think about your unique value proposition, and you will find those loyal customers engaged with your brand.

4. Higher-priced inventory.

Unique Instagram profiles with different products are limited and more difficult to find. That is exactly what gives them more value.

If you can create a product or service that can really solve your audience’s problem, they will be willing to pay for it, even if that means spending a little bit more.

Make sure to provide them with quality content if you want them to keep coming for more.

5. Easier to adapt to new trends.

Trends are an essential part of Instagram niches. If you manage to stay on top of current trends, you can keep growing your audience and make existing followers even more excited about your brand.

The good thing about going niche is that it would be easier for you to identify new trends and adapt to them. This is something almost impossible to do when you go generic.

The most likely is that you won’t even need to do research when you are in a niche. You will learn new trends simply from the news or social media conversations. The sooner you adopt them, the better your chances of making a name.

6. you can run your business yourself.

Another great benefit of going niche on Instagram is that you can do it all by yourself.

It would be easier for you to stay on top of trends, create related content and promote it.

If your niche is too broad, you might struggle to keep up with constantly creating content since there are many more tasks to perform to grow your Instagram account.

Now that you know the main benefits, it’s time to find out the most profitable Instagram niches for 2023. 

The best Instagram niches in 2023.

In this section, I will be providing insights into some profitable Instagram niche ideas.

First, I will provide an overview followed by real Instagram examples explaining how they monetize. I will end up with sub-niches and micro-niche ideas to reduce your competition.

*Update: The list is updated and also takes into account the best Instagram niches in 2022.

1. Fashion niche.

According to Statista, revenue in the fashion segment is expected to reach $689,884M in 2022.

And to his date, fashion is probably one of the most powerful niches on Instagram, as you can see from the graph below.

fashion niche

The power of visuals on Instagram makes this platform a perfect match for this niche. Many designers, bloggers, and influencers use Instagram as their primary tool for their marketing efforts.

It is a niche where you can easily find new trends, inspiration and discover new products when browsing other fashion users.

Fashion Niche Example.

Let´s check @fashion_jackson for instance.

fashion niche

Amy Jackson has done many clever things to optimize her profile for discovery and sales:

  • Included the word `fashion´ in the username. This makes it easier to find her when looking for fashion-related profiles.
  • She included her blog in the bio, where to find fashion posts every day with a clickable link to her site, where she sells many different fashion products.
  • The stories are categorized and provide direct access to her affiliate products.

These are all very good strategies to maximize your sales.

On top of that, she includes links to her products in her captions and more details about what she is wearing in her second image.

Ecommerce stores and affiliate marketing is normally what work better to make money in this niche. And this is a great example of how to put it into practice.

Fashion Niche Ideas.

The fashion niche on Instagram can be very lucrative. But there is also a lot of competition.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Sustainable sneakers. This trend is starting to grow, so it might be the right time before it gets too competitive.
  • Upcycled fashion. This is another trend that is starting to pick up and is worth checking.
  • Luxury for less. Where there is massive interest, there is money but competition. The goal is to find the balance between demand and the volume of competitors.
fashion niche trends

2. Travel niche.

The travel and tourism niche is probably the Instagram niche with the most potential in the platform.

Despite Covid´s impact, which drastically affected this niche due to travel restrictions, the travel trend won´t stop growing any time soon. We might be more limited these past years, but new trends like domestic travel are starting to grow in popularity as a result.

travel trend

Instagram has proved to be the best for reach and with a great ROI on all social media platforms.

Just think about it- New generations are traveling more than ever, and the rise of digital nomads just makes it easier for people to travel more.

Instagram provides a great opportunity for content creators and travelers who like to share the world from their perspective. It also provides different ways to monetize your Instagram account without even needing a blog.

Travel Niche Example.

Let´s check @Youngadventuress, for instance.

instagram travel example

Liz’s account is all about travel adventures.

  • She includes in the bio a couple of travel nature-related keywords. That is how she differentiates her account from generic travel accounts.
  • Most of the links in the bio will take you to landing pages or commercial pages created to monetize your blog or Instagram. The link in Liz´s bio instead takes you to a page to donate to Kākāpō Recovery.
  • She uses very clean and captivating image thumbnails to incite the click. Then she keeps engaging her audience with amazing and inspiring stories.

This is a great example of a travel account that does not even need to promote itself to make money. She simply relies upon the quality of her posts. This will ultimately lead people to her blog, which she monetizes with affiliate marketing.

As per monetizing her Instagram account, she uses captivating images and copies to attract engaged followers. This is something travel brands really look for when approaching Instagrammers for content creation and sponsored content.

Sponsored content is probably the easiest way to start monetizing a travel account. But then you can also do content creation, sell ebook guides, etc.

Travel Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Sustainable travel. This is one of the growing trends now people are more conscious about the environment.
  • Travel experiences. It used to be focused on adventures; now, people want experiences overall.
  • Rural travel. Massive tourism has pushed this trend which is now one of the favorite ways of travel for a lot of people.
travel trends

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3. Beauty niche.

The beauty niche industry has experienced massive growth in different social media platforms. According to Statista, 96% of beauty brands are on Instagram, becoming one of the most popular niches on Instagram.

It is one of the topics with the highest interest over time, leading to massive market opportunities and a very saturated market. It is also one of the most popular Instagram niches for influencers.

beauty trend

Looking for tips on how to apply a certain product?- No problem, Instagram reels, and stories offer several quick tutorials and tips in this niche for every audience.

Product reviews, tutorials, beauty tips, and tricks normally perform best in this niche. The reason behind this is the user intent- Most of the users browsing beauty on Instagram are generally looking for some of the mentioned before.

Beauty Niche Example.

Let´s check @tartecosmetics, for instance.

tarte beauty instragram

Tarte emphasizes in the bio what kind of cosmetics they promote. Some of the techniques they use to attract customers and generate sales are:

  • They include some keywords in the link, such as “natural beauty” and “cruelty-free,” to increase the chances of being discovered by users looking for these terms.
  • The link in the bio takes you directly to their best-selling product pages.
  • The stories are categorized and provide direct access to affiliate products.
  • They include IGTV and reels with tutorials. This is something the audience in beauty looks for.

These are all very good strategies to maximize your sales.

Also, they include visual images with informative captions, adding a call to action at the end to encourage people to visit their store.

In this niche, most of the income is generated by selling products. It could be a dropshipping eCommerce store or simply with affiliate marketing selling other´s products.

Beauty Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Cruelty-free cosmetics. This trend has been popular for a while now and provides great market opportunities.
  • Natural beauty products. Are many who bet on natural beauty products. Instagram is a great platform to discover accounts promoting these products and tips.
  • Vintage makeup. This is a stable trend offering many options like tutorials, products, and tips that you can use to niche down and reduce your competence.
beauty trends

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4. Food niche.

Who does not like eating? I guessed so.

Food has always been an important part of our lives. But since everybody has access to phones which can effortlessly take quality pictures of their meals, the interest keeps growing, and people are looking for more unique dishes. All this makes the food niche huge.

food trend

It is not about just eating anymore: it is about the experience. And it goes from the visual presentation to the smell and taste.

The impact of Instagram in the food industry has allowed many restaurants and chefs to attract new customers with new marketing approaches relying more on visuals. After all, most of us choose new places based on how the restaurant and the food look.

Also, we all take pictures of great-looking dishes and use trendy hashtags to share them with our audience. This can be a very effective and free marketing strategy where you just need to rely on your product quality and presentation. Then customers will help you promote it.

food Niche Example.

Let´s check @dollyandoatmeal, for instance.

food instagram

Lindsey makes it clear to the audience that her Instagram is about recipes to make you feel better. Some of the best practices she implements are:

  • She includes gluten and dairy-free recipe keywords in the bio.
  • The link in the bio takes you to a collection of free and paid resources, which helps her monetize her Instagram account and blog.
  • She includes simple tutorials in her stories to boost engagement and help people to discover her account.

Also, she includes visual images and encourages people to visit her website to see the recipe, with a clear call to action by the end of the post.

Attractive images with a clear call to action are a great combination when you target the right audience.

Also, I found that most people in this niche generated income through food photography and sponsored content, together with ads.

Food Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Gluten-free recipes. This is a relatively new trend, which is great to start with fewer competitors.
  • Keto meals. It is amazing how this trend exploded in no time, making a very profitable food niche.
  • Weight loss breakfast. Anything related to weight loss normally has an interest for people. Breakfast seems to be growing in popularity over time.
food trends

5. Pets niche.

According to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.9 million homes. That is a lot of pets.

In the pet niche trend below, you can observe how the interest is only growing over time. This can make a great Instagram niche if you can focus on a particular pet, like dogs, cats, etc.

pet trend

Instagram accounts dedicated to pets are getting so popular. Many times, they even outrank famous people.

I am pretty sure by now you have seen some of these popular pet accounts. They can just be too eye-catching.

But it isn´t enough to have a pet and snap a few pictures now and then to create a successful Instagram account. As in any other niche, you need to provide something unique: original photography, motivational pictures and captures, tips to travel with pets, etc.

If you manage to find what clicks with your audience, can you create a successful Instagram account for your pet and monetize it with sponsored content or affiliate marketing.

Pets Niche Example.

Let´s check @realgrumpycat, for instance.

pets instagram example

This account is an excellent example of how to create a profitable Instagram account. It mixes humor with other kinds of content to diversify the content for different audiences.

Some of the best practices in this account are:

  • The keyword “grumpy cat” is placed several times along the bio. Only this keyword drives over 1 million publications, which makes it a trendy search.
  • The link in the bio takes you directly to a marketplace for artwork related to the grumpy cat.
  • Stories include links to relevant products which take you to an eCommerce store.

Also, people love memes on Instagram. If you give them an excuse to keep visiting your account, you will increase your chances of selling products and promoting your affiliate links. This account uses humor to keep bringing visitors back and engage new ones.

Sponsored content and selling products seem to be how most Instagrammer in this niche monetizes.

Pet Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Dog training. Since many people are buying and adopting dogs, users like to check Instagram tips and videos related to dog training.
  • Cat memes. As I mentioned before, many users come to Instagram for a laugh or two. Cat memes are some of the most popular.
  • Birdhouses. Building personalized birdhouses for your pet or even for wild birds can make an interesting Instagram channel.
pet trends ideas

6. Parenting niche.

The digital era impulsed many new parents to start a business Instagram account to find later how successful this could be.

A recent study shows that 68% of young moms use Instagram daily. That is quite an audience. But Instagram´s numbers are not only but growing.

In the trend below, you can observe how the parenting topic keeps a great interest over time.

parenting trend

Instagram allows former parents to share their experiences with new parents- Some of them include stunning photography followed by helpful tips and advice. This can be very practical for new parents who can learn from these accounts and sometimes even create strong bonds with their followers.

The more you narrow down your audience, the fewer people will find you, but those who do will likely be actively engaged if you provide useful content. That is why this niche can work incredibly well if you manage to create content that resonates with your audience and keep them coming for more.

So the parenting Instagram niche is all bout being helpful, and of course, the better the pictures, the higher the opportunity to thrive.

Parenting Niche Example.

Let´s check @momdotcom, for instance.

parenting instagram account

This account is a great example of a parenting account on Instagram, which provides exactly what their target audience needs.

Some of the best practices in this account are:

  • A clear headline tells their audience what they can expect to find in this account.
  • The link in the bio takes you to the blog, which is monetized with sponsored content and ads.
  • Stories include links to different platforms for different audience groups, including relevant links to articles and youtube videos.
  • They include visual how-to posts, which is something that works great in this niche.

Also, people love memes on Instagram. If you give them an excuse to keep visiting your account, you will increase your chances of selling products and promoting your affiliate links. This account uses humor to keep bringing visitors back and engage new ones.

In their feed, they provide tips, pictures, memes, and a bit of all. Diversifying your content is a great strategy to engage different audiences while keeping engaging your current audience.

When you manage to connect directly with your audience and let them know how they feel and care, your engagement can skyrocket.

Parenting can be very broad, so you can pretty much monetize this niche with any method. From affiliate marketing to video subscriptions, podcasts, and more.

Parenting Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Homeschooling. This topic really spiked after Covid and has grown significantly in interest.
  • Food for toddlers. Most new parents struggle with the meals for toddlers. So this can be very helpful for many.
  • Single moms. This topic is normally covered with motivational pictures and tips and can also work very well.
parenting niches trends

7. Health and Wellness Niche.

Health and wellness is an evergreen topic that has always been trendy.

According to the latest report added to Research And Markets, the global health and wellness market reached a value of US$ 3.31 Billion in 2020.

The growing predominance of chronic lifestyle diseases is one of the key factors driving this market’s growth. This has encouraged many people to adopt healthier habits. You can already observe this in the trend below, which is stable, and the interest has grown recently.

health trend

Instagram is a great resource for healthy routines, workouts, fitness products, etc. So this can be a very profitable Instagram niche that you can monetize with products, services, affiliate marketing, and many other ways.

It is a competitive niche, so originality and uniqueness play a vital role in creating a successful Instagram account. So my recommendation is to choose a topic you are really passionate about since you´ll have to create a lot of content if you want to have a chance of being discovered.

Health and Wellness Niche Example.

Let´s check @sarahdbridgeman, for instance.

health and wellness instagram

Although this account might be smaller than the rest added in this post, this account ticks many good practices for a profitable Instagram account:

  • A clear headline tells their audience what they can expect to find in this account.
  • Us of several keywords in this niche.
  • The link in the bio takes you to an extensive list of resources, most of them monetized by selling products and affiliate marketing.
  • Sarah offers a clean aesthetic with a diversity of visual content, making it very appealing and clickable.

Her posts are always full of useful tips and how-to.

I found that many Instagrammers refer to the link in the bio to subscriptions or membership websites, making a lot of sense to make money in this niche.

Health and Wellness Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Healthy eating. An evergreen topic with great interest over time.
  • Home gym. This topic really spiked after Covid, offering a wonderful niche opportunity.
  • Weight loss tips. There is no time when people do not look for weight loss tips, making it a great topic to monetize your Instagram account.
health and wellness trends

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8. Business niche.

We are in times of entrepreneurship, where people have more resources than ever to start a business. Anybody can start an online business, and many choose Instagram as their first choice.

You can see how the business topic is increasing interest slowly over time in the trend below. Creating a business based on Instagram requires no investment or just a little one, making it something very appealing.

business trends

Instagram makes it possible to make money from the comfort of home. For those choosing the business Instagram niche, creating an account based on business hacks, tips to make money, and how-to guides, provide an incredible opportunity to monetize what probably can be one of the most lucrative niches.

Like any other profitable niche, the business niche on Instagram can be way too competitive. From start-up ideas to marketing tips and even tips to grow your Instagram account- it is already saturated and can be hard to succeed.

So how do you thrive in this niche? Again, with unique content and originality. But overall, you need social proof and demonstrate you really are a successful business.

Business Niche Example.

Let´s check @garyvee, for instance.

business instagram account

Gary Vee is a real source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs. Some of the things worth mentioning from his profile are:

  • In the headline, he draws attention by mentioning big brands where he invested early.
  • The link in the bio takes you to pieces of content he writes to convert readers into potential customers.
  • He creates stories to engage with his audience and drives them to relevant content and landing pages.
  • Sarah offers a clean aesthetic with a diversity of content, which makes it very visual and clickable.

His Instagram is full of smart business tips and great examples of how to market yourself successfully.

The best way to monetize in this niche is by providing either a course or coaching.

Business Niche Ideas.

Some niche ideas that could work where you will find fewer competitors are:

  • Blogging. Blogging is more relevant than ever for any business, which makes it a great business niche opportunity.
  • App developer. The app catalog is growing per day. Apps developers can certainly have an edge by promoting best practices and tips.
  • Amazon FBA. Nothing is growing faster than Amazon. When you get into a specific market like Amazon FBA, you can eliminate part of your competitor and tap into a very profitable niche.
business trends

Other Instagram niches worth checking

  • Gaming niche. This is another niche that counts with many followers. Games reviews, gaming accessories, and gaming twitch are some profitable niche ideas.
  • Yoga niche. Are many the benefits of yoga, and there is a more educated audience aware of it, which leads to a great business opportunity. Video-on-demand channels work great in this niche.
  • Social Media Marketing niche. With the rise of entrepreneurs, a wide audience is coming to Instagram for easy but effective social media marketing tips and strategies.
  • Photography niche. Instagram is a visual platform, so photographers can have a real edge. Food photography and lifestyle photography work great, but look for untapped niche ideas to remove competitors.
  • Cryptocurrency and NFT niches. This is another niche that is growing incredibly fast. Tips to where to invest and other hacks that can point your followers into profitable cryptocurrencies will certainly make you a name in this niche.
  • Productivity. People are tired of wasting time. So they rather invest in tools and learn tips to increase their productivity. So this is another niche you might want to look into.

Best Instagram pages to make money

By joining the Instagram influencer marketing platforms, you can easily start making money with your Instagram account. They all work the same- You register your Instagram account, and all the details, such as audience, media kit, and all the relevant data, and agencies will be able to find you for future campaigns. You can also apply directly to open requests.

Here are some of the most popular platforms:

How To Grow Your Instagram Account Faster

Now you know some of the best Instagram niches to start a profitable account, you might want some tips to grow your account quickly and safely.

The secret to growing your Instagram account or any social media account is to create great content relevant to your niche audience consistently. Also, the easiest niches to grow on Instagram are generally new niches, such as NFT niches.

However, there are some shortcuts, and I have to say I am surprised that the vast majority of people use them to grow their Instagram accounts. And that is totally ok, after all, if you have some budget, these methods will not only free up lots of your time, but you’ll also rely on people really specialize in growing Instagram accounts safely.

There are two methods I can recommend to you that won’t break your wallet.

#1. Use a trusted and specialized Service.

Probably, this is the easiest way to start growing your account from the beginning.

There are tons of Instagram services that claim that will help you grow your account. However, most of them are pretty shady, and they do more harm than good. That is why research is vital.

I will save you this extra step and recommend the only Instagram grow service I trust; FlokSocial. Floksocial will only target and engage with real people and active accounts, making a real difference in building authentic relationships with your followers.

Moreover, they are one of the very few services which you’ll find with more than a 4 in Trustpilot. So you don’t need just to take my word. You can find plenty of happy people after using their services:

So if you have some budget and want to grow your Instagram account faster, I recommend you give them a try.

#2. Use Fiverr Services.

I have a hate-love relationship with Fiverr since finding a good freelancer is not an easy task. However, there is such demand for Instagram services that choices are much better. Especially Instagram organic grow services.

Most of these freelancers will do the same as some agencies do but at a fraction of the cost. Again, this is a great way to grow and free up your time to concentrate more on creating content while they promote and grow your account for you.

Both of these methods can help you make a difference. So why not give them a try?

Lastly, Instagram marketing takes time both to learn and dominate. That is why I suggest you check the biggest problem with Instagram marketing and how to fix it.

Best Instagram Niches- Conclusion.

Finding the right Instagram niche is the first towards making money with this social media platform.

My personal advice for choosing a profitable Instagram niche is that you choose something you are passionate about because you will need to create content daily.

Also, I suggest you niche down as much as possible and use the available services to give it a quick boost.

Now is your turn!

Which Instagram niche will you choose to create your online business?

Leave a comment with your answer below.

Need help finding your perfect niche?

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Discover the best Instagram niche ideas to create an Instagram account that makes money.
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Find your profitable Instagram niche, with a list with 10+ niche ideas to create a profitable Instagram account.
Includes top niches, real examples, and tips on how to make money.
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