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The 10 Best NFT Niches To Get Started in 2023 (And Make A Profit)

best NFT niches

Looking for the best NFT niches to tap into one of the most profitable businesses in 2023?

I think you’ll agree with me when I say there aren’t many business opportunities as profitable as NFTs. NFT businesses are relatively new, and while there is a growing interest, it is one of those trends that can either die at any time or explode even bigger.

But how can you make a profit now with NFTs? The key is to start with the right niche.

In this post, I will show you the best NFT niches so you can start a profitable business and take full advantage of this lucrative trend starting today.

But first, What is NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger.

In other words, NFT is a digital asset that its creator exclusively owns. The ownership of the asset is exclusive, which means there can’t be two owners of the digital art at any given point in time.

NFT is minted from a digital object, and its proof of ownership can be tracked on the blockchain. They are purely digital in nature and boast characteristics such as uniqueness, immutability, and transferability. They can be minted from almost anything — these can represent audio, video, meme, tweet, property, image, painting, etc. Hence, the scope of NFTs is tremendous, as almost anything can be converted into this digital asset category.

The Best 10 NFT niche Ideas To Start A New Business.

1. NFT Art.

Art is, without a doubt, one of the most popular NFT niches. If you are an artist or have a creative background, you can take a chance and make your NFT art. Although it is one of the most obvious NFT niches, is also the one with the most competition.

But the trick is to niche down and create something unique and valuable to your niche readers.

There is a massive online community moving the art world into new territory. It all started with CryptoPunks, a set of 10,000 randomly generated punks that proved demand for the digital ownership of non-physical items and collectibles in 2017, and the market has evolved rapidly ever since.

Also, when checking on the NFT art trend, you can clearly see that this just started to grow, and now is just the perfect moment to tap into it.

NFT art trend

NFT art is the fastest growing trend at the moment and the one with more potential from this list. And the best thing is that you don’t even need to be an artist to tap into this niche. You can simply hire a Freelancer to create NFT art for you to sell on your website or NFT marketplaces like many people do.

Lastly, I suggest you check the art niche report to find out more ideas and less competitive sub-niches to target.

2. NFT Music.

The music industry has seen many transformations over the years, and music NFTs are changing the way fans connect with their favorite artists.

The art of listening to music has numerous shapes- From records, tapes, compact cassettes, track tapes, and compact discs in the 20th century to downloadable streaming platforms. Now, access to listen and download music is easier than ever. Many artists still do not earn enough from their music, with the most revenue coming from tours, merch sales, and partnerships.

And this is exactly when NFT comes into play in this niche- If you are a musician or you love music, you can create unique or limited versions of a song to make its value greatest in the market. You can now produce any music content that cannot be counterfeited.

Moreover, the NFT music trend is clearly growing in interest. Which makes this a very solid NFT niche for profits.

NfT music trend

3. NFT Sports.

The sports niche has always worked like a charm for many business ideas. And According to a research from Deloitte, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for sports media will generate more than US$2 billion in transactions in 2022.

According to the study, the most common and lucrative application of NFTs in the sports industry will likely be the sale of limited edition video clips of sporting moments or players’ cards. However, the value of each NFT will depend on the prominence of the athlete, the significance of the event, etc.

Also, it is no news that sports brands look after some of the most valuable intellectual property on the planet, and many companies are selling it in the form of digital trading cards. All you need to do is find a sub-niche in the sports niche and create something unique to maximize your chances of creating a profitable sports NFT niche.

Lastly, in the trend graphic below, you can appreciate how this trend is starting to pick up and will keep growing for sure.

NFT sport niches

4. NFT Trading Cards.

NFT trading cards are virtual representations of their physical underlying asset. By beiNFT trading cards are virtual representations of their underlying physical asset.

Although trading cards are not a niche by themselves, you can quickly make them the perfect sub-niche as soon as you pick a category such as:

  • Basketball trading cards
  • NFL trading cards
  • Magic trading cards
  • Fortnite trading cards
  • etc

Also, trading cards, much like artwork, are unique items, and their move into the digital realm is growing at a pace where collectibles as a whole are becoming an investment class. Outside of the cryptocurrency space, trading card sales have been taking off.

This trend presents an amazing growth in interest, with some of the highest peaks compared to any other NFT trends. This means that this is a concept with great acceptance and interest at this time.

NFT trading cards

5. NFT Photography.

NFT photography

The photography niche is, without a doubt, the best NFT niche for photographers looking for distinction.

People have just started to understand that a unique digital object can have a significant monetary value, just like a work of art, because of its uniqueness. As a result, they offer a wide range of new possibilities in contemporary art for artists, buyers, and collectors alike.

When it comes to photography, you have the ability to tokenize a photograph, and whoever owns this token owns this specific photograph. And people can look at it and take pictures of it, but there is only one owner. The work in question can perfectly remain freely accessible online, even recorded and shared by millions of Internet users.

For that reason, and with the growing interest in this trend, the NFT photography niche will probably be one of the top niches to focus on.

NFT photography trend

Lastly, I suggest you check the photography niche report to find out more ideas and less competitive sub-niches to target.

6. NFT Gaming.

gaming NFT

The NFT game niche allows many different approaches, making this one of the most versatile niches for NFT.

While several blockchain games are just coming aboard the NFT train by tokenizing their weapons as game NFTs, there are many other options like focusing on tradable collectibles. The NFTs can be anything — from tracks, cars, characters, costumes, and tires in racing games; player cards, manager packs in football games, etc. In virtual worlds or simulation games, users can purchase pieces of virtual land, develop properties and run businesses, and interact with other users using avatars.

Every game has its unique collectibles that make playing the game enjoyable and unique. Unlike traditional games, these collectibles are not owned by the game developers but by the players that purchased them and can be sold on an NFT marketplace or swapped with another player.

Lastly, if you want to understand the potential of this NFT niche with an image, you just need to check the trend graphic below. The NFT gaming niche is so popular because it is a market projected to keep growing massively for the upcoming years and is a very versatile niche.

NFT gaming trend

I suggest you check the gaming niche report to find out more ideas and less competitive sub-niches to target.

7. NFT Metaverse (Virtual World.)

Virtual worlds are blockchain-fueled alternative realities where users can create and trade digital assets, play games, and display NFTs in galleries, among other bewitching use cases. And non-fungible token categories like art, collectibles, and videos are all used in the metaverse, with ecosystems built and maintained by the crypto community.

In the metaverse niche, the possibilities are endless: You can buy and sell land parcels, wearables, skins, worlds, etc.

This is probably one of the top growing NFT niches and can make a very profitable niche. If you choose a game or platform with enough appeal, you can create unique NFT assets that the community will likely be interested in.

metaverse NFT trend

8. Influencer NFT Marketing.

Instagram nft

Influencer NFT marketing is basically a mix of influencer marketing and NFT creation. While the traditional way for influencers to earn is by sponsored content and merch sales done on social media sites, influencer marketing introduces a newer and more profitable income stream with non-fungible tokens sales.

Have you ever seen news of Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter launching NFT sales to their followers? I bet you have, or you will soon enough.

NFT marketing works similarly to social media marketing, except in this case, you create content as NFTs for your followers to see and purchase, and you earn in crypto.

This provides influencers with a unique opportunity to increase their revenue with their audience.

This is still a very new trend and many people do not even know it exists or even how to profit using it. That is why the graph trend below is still small compared to others.

NFT influencers

9. NFT Collectibles.

NNFT collectibles are not a niche by themselves, same as with the trading cards; you just need to choose a theme to make them niche:

  • Stamps
  • Maps
  • Game characters
  • etc

Crypto collectibles are unique items minted on blockchain as non-fungible tokens for anyone to acquire. They are usually limited, and they sell for substantial amounts mostly due to blockchain’s tech that makes them unique and scarce, and humans understand scarcity. That is why NFT collectibles can be one of the most profitable NFT niches when done correctly.

Moreover, collectibles are evergreen, and in most cases, they increase value over time. So this might be a great niche idea for a new NFT business.

NFT collectibles trend

10. NFT videos.

Do you have unique moments captured on video? How about you make money off it? NBA top Shots recently sold a video of LeBron James’ dunk for $387k. Isn’t that something?

The possibilities with videos are endless. So if you stay creative and create videos in a niche with enough interest, you can sell from short clips to animations and even Youtube videos.

Although this trend is still too green, it also offers the perfect moment to jump ahead of the competition with unique NFT videos.

NFT video trends

How to get started with NFTs

The NFT can be quite complicated, especially if you want to create an NFT business based on some of the niches discussed in this post.

My piece of advice is that you invest in yourself and get some proper training to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. It won’t only provide you with a more solid base, but it will help you accomplish results much faster.

There are already tons of sites where you can read about NFTs for free. But there aren’t many good pieces of training out there yet. That is why I can only recommend you The NFT fundamentals course of 101 Blockchains.

With this course, you will learn all the basics, but also how to create and sell NFT’s, and much more. And what is best, this is one of the most affordable solutions as of today.

Moreover, have you ever seen any website on Trustpilot with this score?

That is how good they are!

So if you are serious about getting into the NFT business, you cannot skip this part.

Pro Tip: how to create and sell nFT’s Quickly.

Getting started on any new niche takes time; You need to build some knowledge first, come up with ideas and execute them. And this process can typically take a lot of your time.

But what if I told you there is an incredible shortcut for creating and selling NFTs?

In order to make money with NFT’s, you need two things mainly; An NFT to sell and a platform where to sell it. And I will tell you how already have this; only you did not know it.

If you are reading this post because you already have NFTs to sell in the form of art, photography, etc, you are already halfway there. But if you don’t, you can easily outsource your NFTs creation at very low prices. This means you don’t even need any skills to create art NFTs for instance. You can simply hire a freelancer to create NFTs for you. And what is even better, you can get very good quality work at very affordable prices. Isn’t that awesome?!

Now comes the second part. Once you have your NFT collection you just need a platform to sell them. If you own a website or want to create a niche website to sell your NFTs, that is fabulous. But if you don’t, you can simply use a marketplace like OpenSea. They already have the public willing to buy NFTs, so this is a great solution.

So, in summary, the easiest way to create and sell your NFTs is by outsourcing your NFT creations and publishing them on a marketplace platform like OpenSea. You can start by searching in the box below to have some price references.

The Top NFT Niches- Conclusion

In summary, although NFT is relatively new, these are the best NFT niches that can make you earn a huge income.

The great thing is that there is not a lot of competence now. So if you find your niche and create something unique, you definitively have serious chances to make it work.

If you need further niche ideas or even learn how to create your niche website you should read next:

Remember that outsourcing your NFT creation and selling them on OpenSea can be a killing Combo.

Now is your turn!

Which NFT niche will you choose?

Leave a comment with your feedback below.

The 10 best NFT niches to start an online business. Learn the trendiest niche ideas and how you can profit by tapping into this blockchain industry. #NFTideas #NFTs #Nicheideas
Find out the best NFT ideas to make money with crypto currencies in 2022. #crypto #blockchain #NFT


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