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10 Best TikTok Niches in 2024 & 100 Sub-Niche Ideas For Quicker Growth

best tiktok niches

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks with lots of potential to make money online. With the right idea, you could become the next TikTok star!

The recent popularity of this network is making many influencers jump from other platforms to this one. This gives them an edge since they bring their audience from other networks. Also, the number of TikTok accounts is growing by the day, which means more competence.

However, if you choose the right TikTok niche and target the right market, you can still build an audience and make yourself a name on this popular social media platform.

In this post, I will show you how to find the right TikTok niche and list the top TikTok niches in 2024.

Let’s dive in!

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What Is A TikTok Niche?

A TikTok niche is when you focus on a smaller subsection of a larger market. For example, if you were to create an account about memes, cat memes would be a sub-niche under this category.

By narrowing down a market, you will be able to find areas with fewer competitors. When you choose a niche, your audience is smaller, but they will engage much more with your content and be more likely to share. After all, the most important factor in making money on TikTok, or any other social media platform, is having an engaged audience. And niche audiences work the best for this.

How To Find Your Niche On TikTok?

Step #1: Self-Assessment

Start by listing out your hobbies, interests, and any areas you are knowledgeable about. This could be anything from cooking, dancing, tech reviews, to comedy or storytelling.

Consider the skills you possess that could be showcased on TikTok. Are you good at explaining concepts, making people laugh, or creating engaging stories?

Step #2: Market Research

Spend time on TikTok exploring current trends. Look at trending hashtags, sounds, and what the top creators are doing.

Identify popular niches on TikTok that align with your interests. See how these niches are evolving and what type of content is getting the most engagement.

Step #3: Identify Gaps in the Market

While exploring, try to pinpoint niches or sub-niches that are underrepresented or have room for a fresh perspective.

Think about combining different interests or perspectives to create a unique niche.

Step #4: Experiment with Content

Initially, experiment with different types of content within your areas of interest. This will help you gauge audience interest and engagement.

Pay close attention to the feedback and engagement (likes, comments, shares) your videos receive. This data is crucial in understanding what resonates with your audience.

Step #5: Refine Your Niche

Based on your experiments and the engagement you receive, start focusing more on the content that works best.

Create a consistent theme or style for your videos that aligns with your niche. This could be a particular editing style, type of humor, or a recurring content format.

Step #6: Build and Engage Your Community

Actively engage with your followers through comments, TikTok Lives, and Q&A sessions. Building a community is key to long-term success.

Consider collaborating with other TikTok creators in your niche to expand your reach.

Lastly, you can also find TikTok communities on platforms like Reddit, which can provide you with valuable information, such as working niches or niches that are losing interest.

The most Popular Niches on Tiktok in 2024

In this section, I´ll cover some of the most viral niches in Tiktok, but I will provide you with some sub-niche ideas to avoid fierce competition.

*Update: The list is updated and also takes into account the best TikTok niches in 2023.

1. Dances.

@richisfunny #fyp #richisfunny #viralvideo #viral #funnydance #sillydance #dance #70s ♬ Born to Be Alive – The Original – Patrick Hernandez

The dance niche is popular on TikTok due to its engaging, dynamic content that leverages the platform’s strengths in music integration and visual appeal, resonating with a broad audience that enjoys both watching and participating in trending dance challenges.

tiktok dances

Dance sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Hip-Hop Dance Tutorials: Specializing in hip-hop dance moves and routines, offering step-by-step tutorials for viewers of all skill levels.
  2. Cultural Dance Exploration: Showcasing traditional dances from around the world, highlighting their history and cultural significance.
  3. Contemporary Dance Performances: Creating content focused on contemporary dance, blending various dance styles and storytelling through movement.
  4. Ballet Techniques and Training: Offering insights into ballet techniques, from beginner exercises to advanced pointe work and performance tips.
  5. Dance Fitness Workouts: Combining dance with fitness routines, providing fun and energetic dance-based workouts for health and wellness.
  6. Street and Breakdance Skills: Showcasing street and breakdance moves, offering tutorials and insights into the urban dance culture.
  7. Dance Challenges and Collaborations: Participating in trending TikTok dance challenges and collaborating with other dancers to create engaging content.
  8. Partner and Ballroom Dancing: Focusing on partner dances like salsa, tango, or ballroom, providing tutorials and tips for dancing with a partner.
  9. Dance Improvisation and Creativity: Encouraging creativity in dance through improvisation challenges, freestyle performances, and tips on developing one’s unique style.
  10. Dancewear and Costume DIYs: Offering advice on selecting and customizing dancewear and costumes, including DIY tutorials for personalized dance outfits.

2. Food.


##recipe ##sweetandspicy ##chickenthighs ##quickrecipes ##quickdinner ##chicken ##easyrecipe


The food niche is popular on TikTok because it combines visually appealing, easy-to-follow recipes with the joy of culinary exploration, resonating with a broad audience that appreciates quick, creative, and often satisfying food content.

food niche trend

Food sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Quick and Easy Recipes: Share short, simple recipes that are perfect for busy individuals or beginners in cooking.
  2. Vegan and Plant-Based Cooking: Focus on vegan and plant-based recipes, offering ideas for meat-free meals and tips for a vegan lifestyle.
  3. Meal Prep and Healthy Eating: Provide meal prep ideas and recipes for healthy eating, including nutritional tips and portion control advice.
  4. Street Food Around the World: Showcase street food from various cultures, exploring unique flavors and cooking techniques from different countries.
  5. Baking and Dessert Creations: Specialize in baking, from cakes and cookies to artisan bread, including decorating techniques and dessert recipes.
  6. Food Challenges and Trends: Participate in popular TikTok food challenges and trends, adding a unique twist to make them stand out.
  7. Cultural and Traditional Cuisine: Dive into traditional recipes from specific cultures, sharing the history and stories behind the dishes.
  8. Food Hacks and Cooking Tips: Share useful kitchen hacks, cooking tips, and food storage advice to make cooking more efficient and fun.
  9. Gourmet Food and Fine Dining: Explore gourmet recipes and fine dining experiences, offering a look into more sophisticated cooking and plating techniques.
  10. Budget-Friendly Meals: Provide recipes and tips for preparing delicious meals on a budget, focusing on affordability without sacrificing flavor.

3. Comedy.

@grandadjoe1933 Bit of dark humour 😅 #darkhumor #darkcomedy #funnytiktok ♬ Me and Your Mama – ✩°。 ⋆⸜ 🎧

The comedy niche thrives on TikTok due to its format favoring short, entertaining videos, allowing creators to quickly capture and amuse their audience with humorous content, relatable jokes, and viral challenges.

Comedy niche trend

Comedy sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Sketch Comedy: Creating short, humorous skits that play out funny scenarios, characters, or social satires.
  2. Stand-Up Comedy Bits: Sharing snippets of stand-up routines, delivering punchlines and quick jokes that resonate with a broad audience.
  3. Parody and Impersonations: Mimicking celebrities, popular figures, or typical characters in exaggerated, humorous ways.
  4. Parenting Humor: Relatable comedy focused on the quirks and challenges of parenting, appealing to family-oriented viewers.
  5. Workplace Comedy: Skits and jokes centered around office life, work-from-home situations, and the humor in professional settings.
  6. Pranks and Practical Jokes: Light-hearted pranks or practical jokes, ensuring they’re in good spirit and not harmful or offensive.
  7. Reaction and Commentary Humor: Reacting to trending topics, viral videos, or current events with a comedic twist.
  8. Pet and Animal Comedy: Leveraging the natural humor in pet and animal videos, with funny voiceovers or showcasing their amusing antics.
  9. Relatable Life Situations: Creating content around everyday life situations that audiences find relatable and humorous.
  10. Meme-Based Comedy: Incorporating popular internet memes into video format, adding a personal and creative comedic spin.

4. Drawing.


Murilo Couto full portrait! Enjoy! ##standupbrasil ##humor ##thenoitecomdanilogentili ##emicouto ##trapbrasil ##portrait ##pastelpencil

♬ sonido original – realisticdrawingchannel

Another popular niche in many social media platforms is the art niche. But art is extensive, so it is recommended to niche down into a popular art trend.

The drawing niche is popular on TikTok because it showcases mesmerizing art creation processes in bite-sized videos, captivating viewers with visual transformations and the satisfying journey from blank canvas to finished artwork.

drawing niche trend

Drawing sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Time-Lapse Art Creation: Showcasing the drawing process from start to finish in fast-paced, engaging time-lapse videos.
  2. Digital Drawing and Illustration: Sharing digital art tutorials, techniques, and final illustrations using tablets and digital software.
  3. Character Design and Concept Art: Focusing on creating original characters and concept art, including tips on design principles and storytelling through art.
  4. Realistic Portrait Drawing: Specializing in hyper-realistic portraits, demonstrating techniques for capturing lifelike details.
  5. Comic Art and Manga: Creating comic strips or manga panels, sharing the process of storytelling through sequential art.
  6. Doodle Art and Zentangles: Sharing fun and creative doodle art or Zentangle designs, perfect for relaxation and mindfulness.
  7. Urban Sketching and Plein Air: Documenting outdoor drawing sessions, showcasing urban sketching or plein air techniques in various locations.
  8. Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Demonstrating the art of beautiful handwriting and calligraphy, including brush lettering and modern calligraphy styles.
  9. Fantasy and Sci-Fi Art: Creating imaginative drawings in the fantasy and science fiction genres, from mythical creatures to futuristic landscapes.
  10. Art Challenges and Prompts: Participating in popular drawing challenges or prompts on TikTok, encouraging viewer engagement and showcasing creativity.

5. Fitness.

@stipke Replying to @mufasa_53 Abs on Back #gymtok ##calisthenics##fitness##AI ♬ оригинальный звук – Hanma Baki

The fitness niche is popular on TikTok due to its engaging, short-form content that offers quick workout routines, fitness tips, and motivational stories, appealing to a wide audience looking for accessible and inspiring health and wellness information.

fitness niche trend

Fitness sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Home Workout Routines: Share quick and effective exercises that can be done at home with minimal or no equipment.
  2. Yoga and Flexibility: Demonstrating various yoga flows and stretches to improve flexibility and mindfulness.
  3. HIIT and Cardio Workouts: High-intensity interval training and cardio routines for quick and effective fat burning.
  4. Strength Training and Bodybuilding: Focused on building muscle and strength with weightlifting and resistance training.
  5. Fitness Challenges: Engaging viewers with short-term fitness challenges to boost motivation and track progress.
  6. Nutrition and Healthy Eating Tips: Offering advice on diet, meal prep ideas, and healthy eating habits to complement fitness routines.
  7. Dance Fitness: Combining dance and exercise for fun, upbeat workouts that don’t feel like traditional exercise.
  8. Post-Pregnancy Workouts: Tailored exercises for new mothers looking to regain fitness in a safe and effective way post-pregnancy.
  9. Senior Fitness: Low-impact workout routines designed for older adults to maintain mobility and strength.
  10. Functional Fitness and Mobility: Focus on improving daily functional movement and mobility, ideal for injury prevention and overall health.

6. Memes.



♬ original sound – Cowbelly’s Memes

The memes niche is popular on TikTok because it taps into the platform’s culture of humor and relatability, offering quick, entertaining content that resonates with the youthful, trend-savvy audience and encourages widespread sharing and engagement.

Memes sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Trending TikTok Memes: Creating or re-enacting the latest meme trends circulating on TikTok, keeping up with the platform’s fast-paced humor.
  2. Classic Internet Memes Revival: Bringing back classic internet memes with a fresh TikTok twist, appealing to both new and nostalgic audiences.
  3. Meme Reactions and Commentary: Offering humorous commentary or reactions to popular memes, adding a personal and engaging perspective.
  4. Political and Satirical Memes: Creating memes that offer light-hearted takes on current political events or social issues, blending humor with commentary.
  5. Pop Culture and Celebrity Memes: Focusing on memes related to pop culture, movies, TV shows, and celebrities, tapping into popular fandoms.
  6. Memes in Different Languages: Catering to specific language or regional audiences with memes that resonate with cultural nuances and humor.
  7. Educational and Informative Memes: Using meme formats to share educational content or interesting facts in an entertaining way.
  8. Pet and Animal Memes: Leveraging the universal love for cute and funny pet or animal content in meme form.
  9. Niche Hobby Memes: Creating memes related to specific hobbies or interests, like gaming, music, art, or fitness, tailored to those communities.
  10. Wholesome and Positive Memes: Focusing on uplifting and positive memes that bring a smile and promote good vibes.

7. Fashion.

@delphinecerise some fall fits for u🤍 #fallfits #fallfashion #fallaesthetic #backtoschool #backtoschoolfit #autumnfashion #simpleoutfitideas #basicoutfit ♬ Family affair sped up – sped up songs 🤍

The fashion niche is popular on TikTok as it provides a dynamic platform for showcasing the latest trends, style tips, and outfit inspirations, appealing to a fashion-conscious audience eager for quick, visually engaging content.

Fashion sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Street Style and Urban Fashion: Showcase the latest trends in streetwear, offering styling tips and outfit inspiration for urban fashion enthusiasts.
  2. Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Focus on eco-friendly and ethically sourced fashion, highlighting brands and practices that promote sustainability.
  3. High Fashion and Luxury Brands: Share content related to high-end fashion brands, including runway highlights, luxury styling tips, and designer insights.
  4. Affordable and Budget Fashion: Provide tips on how to style affordable clothing, including thrift store finds and budget-friendly fashion hacks.
  5. Fashion DIY and Upcycling: Demonstrate DIY fashion projects, including customizing and upcycling old clothes to create new, trendy pieces.
  6. Vintage and Retro Fashion: Dive into vintage and retro styles, showcasing how to incorporate classic pieces into modern wardrobes.
  7. Plus-Size Fashion Tips: Offer styling advice and fashion inspiration for plus-size individuals, focusing on body positivity and inclusivity.
  8. Men’s Fashion and Styling: Cater to men’s fashion, with tips on styling, grooming, and the latest trends in menswear.
  9. Fashion for Different Occasions: Share outfit ideas for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events, providing versatile styling options.
  10. Fashion Influencer Behind-the-Scenes: Give a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a fashion influencer, including photoshoot preparations, wardrobe organizing, and collaboration insights.

8. Travel

@madladsaf Málaga, Spain 🇪🇸🌴☀️🌊 Credit to @Uzma🦒 for filming these clips. Check out her page for even better videos🧡🧡🧡 #travel #traveltiktok #spain #southspain #nerja #malaga #fyp ♬ Me gustas tú – Tbp🙏🙏🙏

The travel niche is popular on TikTok as it offers viewers a virtual escape to exotic and scenic destinations, providing engaging, bite-sized glimpses into diverse cultures, adventures, and travel tips.

Travel sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Budget Travel Tips: Share affordable travel hacks, cheap destinations, and cost-saving strategies for budget-conscious travelers.
  2. Luxury Travel Experiences: Showcase high-end travel experiences, luxury accommodations, and exclusive destinations for those seeking opulence.
  3. Solo Travel Adventures: Focus on tips and experiences related to solo traveling, including safety tips, destination guides, and personal growth stories.
  4. Cultural and Historical Destinations: Explore rich cultural and historical sites, offering insights into the history, architecture, and significance of these places.
  5. Adventure and Outdoor Travel: Highlight adventurous travel activities like hiking, camping, scuba diving, and extreme sports in various locations.
  6. Food and Culinary Travel: Dive into the culinary aspects of travel, featuring local food experiences, street food tours, and traditional cuisine from around the world.
  7. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Travel: Promote sustainable travel practices and eco-friendly destinations, focusing on responsible tourism.
  8. Hidden Gems and Offbeat Places: Discover and share lesser-known, off-the-beaten-path destinations, offering unique and unconventional travel experiences.
  9. Travel Photography and Videography: Share tips and techniques for capturing stunning travel photos and videos, showcasing picturesque destinations through a creative lens.
  10. Van Life and Road Trips: Document the van life and road trip experiences, sharing tips for living on the road, destination guides, and the nomadic lifestyle.

9. Sports.

@sport Respect the effort here #sports #football #mbappe ♬ original sound – Sports by Playmaker

The sports niche is popular on TikTok as it offers thrilling and motivational content, from high-energy workout clips and skill demonstrations to behind-the-scenes athlete moments, appealing to a wide audience of sports enthusiasts.

sports niche trend

Sports sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Extreme Sports Adventures: Showcase thrilling content from extreme sports like skydiving, mountain biking, and surfing, capturing adrenaline-pumping moments.
  2. Home Fitness Routines: Share quick and effective home workout routines, including bodyweight exercises, yoga, and Pilates, suitable for all fitness levels.
  3. Professional Athlete Training: Provide insights into the training routines and daily lives of professional athletes across various sports.
  4. Sports Skills and Drills: Offer tutorials and tips on improving specific skills in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis, and more.
  5. Mindset and Motivation in Sports: Focus on the mental aspect of sports, sharing motivational stories, mental health tips, and mindset training for athletes.
  6. Youth and Amateur Sports: Highlight the world of youth and amateur sports, showcasing upcoming talent and providing advice for young athletes.
  7. Outdoor and Adventure Sports: Explore outdoor sports like hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking, offering tips and showcasing scenic locations.
  8. Sports Nutrition and Diet: Share advice on sports nutrition, including meal plans, supplements, and dietary tips for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  9. Behind-the-Scenes at Sporting Events: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at sporting events, from game preparations to locker room insights.
  10. Sports Humor and Bloopers: Inject humor into the sports niche with funny sports moments, bloopers, and light-hearted content.

10. Beauty.


This is a game changer! ?? credit: @alyssamariegray ##shaving ##shave ##beautytips ##beautyhacks

♬ original sound – Beauty Tips

The beauty niche is popular on TikTok due to its visual and transformative nature, offering quick tutorials, product reviews, and beauty hacks that appeal to an audience eager for the latest trends and personal grooming tips.

Beauty sub-niche ideas for TikTok

  1. Makeup Tutorials and Tips: Share quick, step-by-step makeup tutorials, from everyday looks to creative and artistic makeup styles.
  2. Skincare Routines and Advice: Provide insights into effective skincare routines, product reviews, and tips for different skin types and concerns.
  3. Hair Styling and Care: Showcase various hair styling tutorials, hair care tips, and reviews of hair products and tools.
  4. Nail Art and Design: Offer tutorials on nail art designs, DIY manicure tips, and the latest trends in nail fashion.
  5. Beauty Product Hauls and Reviews: Share experiences and opinions about the latest beauty products, including makeup, skincare, and hair care items.
  6. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Beauty: Focus on eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products and practices, promoting a more environmentally conscious approach to beauty.
  7. Men’s Grooming and Style: Cater to men’s beauty needs, including beard grooming, skincare routines, and style tips for men.
  8. Cultural and Traditional Beauty Techniques: Explore beauty techniques and rituals from different cultures around the world.
  9. Cosmetic Procedures and Treatments: Discuss and demystify various cosmetic treatments and procedures, from facials to more advanced aesthetic treatments.
  10. Budget Beauty Hacks: Share tips and tricks for achieving beautiful looks on a budget, including DIY beauty recipes and affordable product recommendations.

Faceless TikTok Niches

In this section we’ll take a little adventure into the intriguing world of “Faceless Niches.” It’s a space where anonymity isn’t just a choice; it’s part of the charm. Whether it’s to keep things private or just to add a sprinkle of mystery, these niches show us that sometimes, what you do speaks volumes more than how you look. From the soothing strokes of a paintbrush to the clever twists in a voiceover, I am about to uncover some seriously cool ways people are making waves on TikTok without showing their faces.

  1. Voiceover Comedy and Storytelling: Creating humorous or captivating stories using only voiceovers, without showing the face.
  2. Art and Illustration: Showcasing the process of creating art, from digital illustrations to traditional painting, focusing solely on the artwork.
  3. Cooking and Recipe Demos: Sharing step-by-step cooking tutorials where the focus is on the ingredients and cooking process, not the chef.
  4. DIY and Crafts: Demonstrating various DIY projects and crafts, with the camera centered on the hands and the project being created.
  5. Animation and Motion Graphics: Developing engaging animations or motion graphics content, allowing for creative storytelling without a physical presence.
  6. Music Production and DJ Sets: Sharing the process of creating music, mixing tracks, or DJing, focusing on the equipment and sound rather than the creator.
  7. Educational Content and Tutorials: Offering educational lessons or tutorials on a wide range of topics, using visuals or text without the need for a presenter.
  8. Mystery and Riddle Channels: Creating content that revolves around solving mysteries, puzzles, or riddles, where the content itself is the focus.
  9. Fashion and Style Flatlays: Showcasing fashion items, outfits, or style tips through flatlay photography, focusing on the clothing and accessories.
  10. Pet and Animal Videos: Featuring pets or animals in various scenarios, where the animals are the stars and human interaction is minimal or unseen.

Best TikTok Niches- Conclusion

In conclusion, to find the best niches for TikTok, you should niche down and look for popular niches amongst your target audience without many competitors.

The list of TikTok niches provided in this post has a great balance between popularity and competency. So they could definitely work for you. In any case, choosing the right niche is just the first step. Next, you must create quality content daily tailored to your audience. If you can’t keep up with quality content daily, you might struggle to grow your TikTok account. So using external tools like Publer or outsource you content creation might be a good idea.

Now it is your turn!

Have you decided on your TikTok niche?

Leave a comment with your answer below.

Discover the 10 best TikTok niches to grow your account faster and make money online.  #tiktok #tiktokniche #tiktokideas
The most profitable TikTok niches with fewer competitors to grow your TikTok account faster. Become a TikTok influencer by tapping into any of these 10 niche ideas. #tiktok #tiktokideas #tiktokaccount


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