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Niche Websites for Sale

Buy limited profitable niche websites I create monthly for my readers!

niche websites for sale

Process of Buying a Niche Website

The process of buying a niche website could not be easier!


Visit The Websites Available

Simple head to the section below where you will find the available sites to buy.


Purchasing A Site

Once you find a site you are interested in purchasing, you can click the buy now button.


Transfer of the Site

After you purchase a site, I will reach out within 24 hours with an email to start the process.


Transfer Complete

Once I receive the funds, I will transfer you the website.

Benefits of Buying a Niche Website from Me

Limited Niche Websites

I will add new websites I create every 30 days. Every website will be unique.

Low Market Prices

The sites I sell are listed at a low market value so you won’t be overpaying for granted.

Profitable Websites

I only create sites that can be profitable based on my previous research. Moreover, most of them even include auto blogs or news and include affiliate links, so they just need time to take off.

Transfer Support

When you purchase a site, you won't have to deal with transferring the site yourself. My expert team will help to transfer everything over and switch out the monetization to you.

Limited Time Offers

These websites will be listed for a limited time. As soon as they start making money, I will remove them from here to sell on Flippa for x24 the income price. So, at the very least, they will double their price.

Pay with Cryptocurrencies

You can also buy my niche websites with cryptocurrencies.

buy niche websites

Niche Websites For Sale

niche website for sale

Want to buy profitable niche websites or resell them to make a profit?

Join my list below, where I share the new niche websites I create one week before sharing them publicly!

FAQs for Websites Buyers

Pre Buying Questions

Buying a niche website offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a ready-made platform with established content, traffic, and potentially revenue streams. Additionally, it allows you to tap into a specific market or audience without starting from scratch, saving you time and effort in building an online presence.

There will be websites covering various topics and industries. Some common examples include affiliate marketing sites, content blogs, e-commerce stores focusing on specific products, informational websites, etc.

Once you buy the website, you will need hosting. However, you can ask me if you want to keep the website on my server to simplify the process, and you can pay for your hosting yearly. This will be asked in the form after you buy the website.

Yes, niche websites can be highly profitable if properly managed and monetized. Revenue streams may include advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, product sales, subscriptions, and more. 

You can use your credit card or Cryptocurrency.

When we transfer the site over to you, we help to swap out the affiliate links as well for free. So unless you want something specific, there are no additional fees.

You will need to create your own Amazon Affiliate account and provide me with your Amazon ID. I will change all affiliate links to yours. For other affiliate programs you will need to apply and implement yourself.

The process of transferring ownership typically involves transferring domain ownership, website files, databases, and any associated accounts (such as hosting, analytics, and monetization platforms). I will help you doing all this for free. I will also offer you domain and website hosting options if you prefer not to migrate the website to a new hosting.

Let me be very clear: Not I or anyone else can guarantee a successful online business from scratch since, ultimately, it will depend on you driving traffic to your site and the amount of work you put into it. So there is always a risk. However, I have performed niche research and keyword research to maximize the options to succeed and there are very good chances these websites can take off with minimal work.

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