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100 Best Adsense Niches To Make Money Just With Traffic (2024 edition)

best adsense niches

Want to know the best Adsense niches to monetize your site with ads?

In order to make money with Google Adsense, you need two things: traffic and profitable niches with keywords with a high click per cost.

But how do you find these niches and keywords?

In this post, I will show an analysis of the 10 best Adsense niches, share some of the most profitable keywords, and end up with a list of the 50 highest paid Adsense niches in 2024.

Let’s dive in!

But first, what is Adsense?

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Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience.

These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google. (Wikipedia)

What is PPC and CPC?

Google Adsense representation

PPC or pay-per-click refers to the amount of money that advertisers in that niche are willing to pay for ads. It is also the amount of money website owners earn each time a visitor clicks an advertisement. 

CPC, or cost per click, measures your PPC ads’ overall cost per click. For instance, if you pay $100 for your PPC ad and it receives 100 clicks, you’re spending $1 per ad click.

Essentially, PPC and CPC are two sides of the same coin. PPC is a specific marketing channel or approach, while CPC is a performance metric

When doing niche keyword research, CPC should be one of the metrics you should consider for choosing your keywords besides volume and difficulty. So make sure you use a reliable SEO tool to find the best AdSense keywords.

1. Insurance | Average CPC $19,87.


With an average CPC of $19,87 and a monthly search volume of 398k, insurance tops the list as the best Adsense niche and one of the most profitable.

Businesses are willing to pay more for clicks on an insurance ad because of the incredibly high ROI.

Within the insurance niche, you can find other high-paying niches such as:

  • Life insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance 
  • Home insurance

However, being the highest-paying niche has some big cons, Like extreme competence. Although you might find some less competitive terms with some niche research, the competition is fierce overall.

Top paying adsense keywords for the insurance niche.

The highest paying keywords for the insurance niche are:

insurance highest paying keywords

As you can see, you can find CPC as high as $697.19!

Of course, this is a massive amount to pay per click, but this means the ROI is well worth it.

Moreover, when looking into the last column (difficulty), it still seems possible to rank for some of these terms since the competition is not very high, which means that you can still have some chances in this niche with a bit of research.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the insurance niche is:

insurance total traffic cost

With these numbers, you can understand why insurance is the highest-paying adsense niche!

Sub-Niche Ideas for Insurance.

  1. Health Insurance for Freelancers: Focus on providing information and comparisons of health insurance options tailored specifically for freelancers and self-employed individuals.
  2. Auto Insurance for Electric Vehicles: Specialize in insurance options and tips for electric vehicle owners, covering topics like insurance discounts, coverage specifics, and eco-friendly insurance companies.
  3. Travel Insurance Advice: Offer insights into travel insurance for different types of travelers, including backpackers, luxury travelers, and business travelers, with a focus on coverage details and claim processes.
  4. Pet Insurance Education: Create content around pet insurance options, covering various plans, what they include, and how to choose the best one for different types of pets.
  5. Home Insurance for Natural Disasters: Specialize in home insurance policies that cover natural disasters, providing information on coverage, claims, and how to choose policies in disaster-prone areas.
  6. Life Insurance for Young Families: Focus on life insurance options for young families, discussing topics like term vs. whole life insurance, policy amounts, and the importance of early coverage.
  7. Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses: Provide information on cyber insurance policies for small businesses, covering data breach protection, coverage options, and how to assess business risks.
  8. Insurance for Adventure Sports: Specialize in insurance options for adventure sports enthusiasts, covering extreme sports insurance, travel policies, and risk coverage.
  9. Rental Property Insurance Tips: Focus on insurance for rental property owners, covering landlord insurance policies, liability coverage, and protecting investment properties.
  10. Retirement and Annuity Insurance Plans: Provide insights into retirement planning with a focus on annuity insurance products, discussing how they work, benefits, and choosing the right plan.

2. Online Education | Average CPC $10,74.

online education

With an average CPC of $10,74 and an estimated monthly search volume of 5k, online education is one of the fastest-growing and best AdSense niches in 2023.

During the past few years, online education and digital learning have witnessed massive growth, and many bloggers are turning to online course creation as their primary income method.

If you think about it, you probably watch YouTube tutorials to learn about something or even use some of the most popular online learning platforms like Udemy or Coursera

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Free online courses
  • Paid online courses
  • Online master’s education
  • E-learning programs for businesses
  • Online college programs

Top paying adsense keywords for the Online Education niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the online education niche are:

online education highest paying keywords

In this niche, you can find CPC as high as $141,45. Also, most of these terms have a very acceptable search volume, which means that the chances of converting traffic from your ads are high.

As per difficulty, most of these terms are fairly competitive, with some chances for terms with low volume.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the online education niche is:

online education traffic cost

Lastly, you can observe from this list that you can make a great profit even if you don’t have a lot of traffic.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Online Education

  1. Language Learning Apps and Platforms: Reviews and comparisons of various language learning apps and platforms, offering insights into features, pricing, and effectiveness.
  2. Coding and Programming Tutorials: Specialize in resources and tutorials for learning coding languages, covering beginner to advanced levels.
  3. Online MBA and Business Courses: Information on accredited online MBA programs and business courses, focusing on curriculum, cost, and career outcomes.
  4. Art and Design Online Workshops: Showcase online workshops and courses for art and design enthusiasts, including digital art, graphic design, and traditional art mediums.
  5. Fitness and Personal Training Certifications: Focus on online courses and certification programs for fitness and personal training, comparing different options and career paths.
  6. K-12 Online Tutoring Services: Reviews and advice on selecting online tutoring services for K-12 students, covering subjects like math, science, and language arts.
  7. Music Production and Instrument Lessons: Information on online music production courses and instrument lessons, catering to aspiring musicians and producers.
  8. Photography and Videography Courses: Specialize in online courses and tutorials for photography and videography, covering techniques, software, and gear.
  9. Health and Wellness Coaching Programs: Cover online health and wellness coaching certifications and courses, focusing on holistic health, nutrition, and wellness.
  10. E-Learning Tools and Software Reviews: Provide reviews and comparisons of various e-learning tools and software for educators and students, focusing on usability, features, and pricing.

3. Online Banking | Average CPC $10,5.

online banking

Online banking has an average CPC of $10,5, and it has been another of the trending niches during the last few years.

The changes in the modern lifestyle and the surge of new technologies are reshaping how banking is done, with people drifting to online banking.

Banks know this and are investing time and money in providing the perfect online banking solution so customers can manage everything online from their phones.

Since this is a relatively new trend, the competition in the online banking space makes it a viable niche for AdSense arbitrage. 

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Digital banking
  • Online banking strategies and investment 
  • Online payment solutions
  • Online payment platforms

Top paying adsense keywords for the online banking niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the online banking niche are:

online banking highest paying keywords

Most of the highest-paying keywords in this list are very competitive terms. But as in any other niche, focusing on new trends is what provides some new opportunities.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the online banking niche is:

online banking traffic cost

The total traffic cost in this niche, compared to most, is massive. If you manage to drive traffic to your site, this can be one of the best AdSense niches to profit from.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Online Banking

  1. Mobile Banking App Reviews: Detailed reviews and comparisons of various mobile banking apps, focusing on features, security, and user experience.
  2. Digital-Only Banks and Services: Information and comparisons of digital-only banks, discussing their benefits, account types, and online services.
  3. Online Investment Platforms: Exploring different online investment platforms, including robo-advisors, stock trading apps, and cryptocurrency exchanges.
  4. Personal Finance Management Tools: Reviews and guides on using personal finance management tools available through online banking services.
  5. High-Yield Online Savings Accounts: Focus on high-yield savings accounts offered by online banks, discussing interest rates, fees, and account features.
  6. Online Business Banking Solutions: Information about online banking solutions for small and medium businesses, including account management, loans, and digital payment options.
  7. Security and Fraud Prevention in Online Banking: Tips and guides on ensuring security and preventing fraud in online banking transactions.
  8. International Money Transfer Services: Reviews and comparisons of online international money transfer services, focusing on fees, exchange rates, and transfer speed.
  9. Credit Building and Online Loans: Information about online banking services related to credit building, including secured credit cards and personal loans.
  10. Budgeting and Financial Planning Features: Exploring budgeting and financial planning features integrated into online banking platforms, including goal setting and spending analysis.

4. Marketing & Advertising | Average CPC $6,45.

marketing and advertising

Marketing & advertising provides an average CPC of $6,4Marketing & advertising provides an average CPC of $6,45, and since every business is now on the internet, it is becoming the favorite niche to make money online.

If you think about it, marketing is vital for any business looking for exposure online. And what is even better, they enjoy high revenue payouts from AdSense.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Google AdWords
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing

Top paying adsense keywords for the Marketing & Advertising niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the marketing and advertising niche are:

marketing and advertising highest paying keywords

As you can see from this list, you can find keywords with incredibly high CPC, like marketing email services. But terms like these are also extremely competitive.

However, you can still find some new trends that provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a spot in this profitable niche.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the marketing & advertising niche is:

marketing and advertising traffic cost

In summary, this niche is very competitive. Still, many new trends and services offer the opportunity to rank for less competitive terms, which translates into one of the top AdSense niches.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Marketing and advertising

  1. Social Media Marketing Tools: Reviews and comparisons of tools for managing social media campaigns, including analytics and scheduling platforms.
  2. Content Marketing Strategies: Focusing on innovative content marketing techniques and strategies for different industries.
  3. SEO Optimization Tips and Tools: Offering detailed guides and reviews of SEO tools and strategies to improve website ranking.
  4. Email Marketing Services: Comparisons and reviews of email marketing services, focusing on features, pricing, and effectiveness.
  5. Influencer Marketing Platforms: Insights into various platforms for connecting brands with influencers, including case studies and success metrics.
  6. Digital Advertising Trends: Covering the latest trends in digital advertising, such as programmatic advertising, mobile ads, and video marketing.
  7. Affiliate Marketing Guides: Providing step-by-step guides and tips for successful affiliate marketing strategies and practices.
  8. PPC Campaign Management: Tips and best practices for managing Pay-Per-Click campaigns, including Google Ads and social media advertising.
  9. Brand and Reputation Management Tools: Discussing tools and strategies for effective brand and online reputation management.
  10. Analytics and Data-Driven Marketing: Focus on tools and techniques for leveraging data analytics in marketing campaigns for better decision-making and ROI.

5. Internet | Average CPC $3,11.


With an average CPC of $3,11, the internet is one of the most popular AdSense niches since it covers a wide range of popular topics.

The internet is constantly changing, and it has also changed our lifestyle. This constant evolution makes this one of the best AdSense niches with plenty of new opportunities.

On the other hand, you need to know this is a very competitive niche unless you focus on new trends.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

Top paying adsense keywords for the internet niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the internet niche are:

internet highest paying keywords

In the list above, you can observe that the average cost per click is pretty high. However, most of them are also very competitive terms.

This is one of those niches where creating a micro niche blog might be your best chance to stay visible and make a profit. It will also help you create cheaper ads.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the internet niche is:

internet traffic cost

In summary, it is a very saturated niche that can drive massive traffic. But if you go micro-niche, you will have much better options.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Internet

  1. Web Hosting Reviews: Providing comprehensive reviews and comparisons of different web hosting services, focusing on performance, pricing, and customer support.
  2. VPN Services and Security: Discussing various VPN services, their features, security aspects, and user privacy.
  3. Domain Investing and Flipping: Offering insights into the world of domain investing and flipping, including tips on buying, selling, and valuing domain names.
  4. Affiliate Marketing Strategies: Sharing effective strategies and tips for success in affiliate marketing, including platform reviews and earning potential.
  5. E-commerce Platform Comparisons: Detailed comparisons and reviews of e-commerce platforms, focusing on their features, scalability, and suitability for different business sizes.
  6. Online Course Platforms: Exploring and reviewing platforms for creating and selling online courses, discussing usability, pricing, and features.
  7. Content Management Systems (CMS): Providing insights into various CMS options, their features, and best use cases for bloggers and businesses.
  8. Internet Speed and Connectivity Tips: Offering tips and information on improving internet connectivity and speed, including reviews of routers and ISPs.
  9. Online Privacy and Data Protection: Sharing advice and tools for enhancing online privacy and data protection, including secure browsers and encrypted communication tools.
  10. Cloud Storage and File Sharing Services: Reviewing cloud storage solutions and file-sharing services, focusing on storage capacity, security features, and collaboration tools.

With a CPC of $2,99, the legal niche is another popular niche for AdSense arbitrage.

Same as the internet is constantly changing, and laws are also evolving. So, every business needs to stay on top of them to avoid legal issues.

Lawyers are willing to pay extra bugs for ads, making this one of the top-paying AdSense niches.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

Top paying adsense keywords for the Legal niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the legal niche are:

legal highest paying keywords

In the table above, you can observe that the average CPC of these keywords is very high. Moreover, most of them are relatively easy to rank for, although the search volume is not that great.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the legal niche is:

legal traffic cost

Sub-Niche Ideas for Legal

  1. Intellectual Property Law for Startups: Focusing on the importance of IP law for startups, including patent filing, trademark registration, and copyright issues.
  2. Legal Tech and Software Reviews: Reviews and comparisons of legal technology tools and software for both legal professionals and clients.
  3. Estate Planning and Wills: Providing information on estate planning, drafting wills, trusts, and the legalities involved in estate management.
  4. Small Business Legal Advice: Offering legal tips and resources for small business owners, including contracts, compliance, and dispute resolution.
  5. Employment Law for Employees and Employers: Covering topics like workplace rights, employer responsibilities, and navigating employment disputes.
  6. Family Law Insights: Discussing aspects of family law, such as divorce, child custody, and alimony, with guidance for individuals navigating these issues.
  7. Real Estate Law Explained: Providing insights into real estate law, including property transactions, leases, zoning, and property disputes.
  8. Personal Injury Law Advice: Sharing information on personal injury claims, legal process, and tips for individuals seeking legal help in such cases.
  9. Corporate Law for Entrepreneurs: Guidance on corporate law matters for entrepreneurs, including business formation, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance.
  10. Legal Rights and Self-Help Guides: Offering self-help legal guides and resources to educate individuals about their legal rights in various scenarios.

7. Automobile Dealership | Average CPC $2,07.

automobile dealsership

With a CPC of $2,07, the automobile dealership is another example of the most profitable AdSense niches.

Considering that automobile dealerships make a great profit for every car sold, they can afford to pay big money for ads. Besides, automobile dealerships link manufacturers and buyers, which means they enjoy profits from sales and after-sales services.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Auto insurance online
  • Vehicles Comparison
  • Vehicle repairs and maintenance
  • Automobile parts
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Top paying adsense keywords for the automobile dealership niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the automobile dealership niche are:

automobile dealership highest paying keywords

Compared to previous AdSense niches, the average CPC per keyword is not that high. However, the competence is not as big as in other niches.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the automobile dealership niche is:

automobile dealership traffic cost

Notice that even niches like this, with lower CPC, can still make a decent-paying adsense.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Automobile Dealership

  1. Electric Vehicle Dealerships: Specializing in the sale of electric vehicles (EVs), including reviews of different models, charging solutions, and EV incentives.
  2. Luxury and Exotic Car Dealerships: Focusing on high-end luxury and exotic car brands, offering insights into the latest models, features, and ownership experiences.
  3. Used Car Buying Guides: Providing comprehensive guides and tips for purchasing used cars, including inspections, price negotiations, and financing options.
  4. Eco-Friendly and Hybrid Cars: Concentrating on eco-friendly and hybrid vehicles, discussing fuel efficiency, environmental impact, and technological advancements.
  5. Car Financing and Loan Advice: Offering advice on car financing options, loan comparisons, and tips for securing the best financing deals.
  6. Classic and Vintage Car Sales: Exploring the world of classic and vintage cars, including restoration tips, market trends, and dealership highlights.
  7. Commercial Vehicle Dealerships: Covering the sale of commercial vehicles like trucks, vans, and utility vehicles, including fleet sales and commercial financing.
  8. Automobile Auctions and Bidding: Providing insights into car auctions, including strategies for bidding, finding the best deals, and understanding auction processes.
  9. Off-Road and Adventure Vehicle Sales: Focusing on dealerships selling off-road and adventure vehicles, including reviews and customization options.
  10. Car Leasing Strategies and Options: Discussing the ins and outs of car leasing, including contract terms, lease-to-buy options, and tips for negotiating lease agreements

8. Skincare | Average CPC $1,9.

beauty and skincare

The beauty and skincare niches are some of the last decade’s most prolific and growing markets.

In a market highly dominated by large industries, entrepreneurs rush to embrace a new wave of consumers seeking fresh norms and niche products.

The truth is that globally, the industry is getting stronger. In fact, it is up from $483B in 2020 to $511B in 2022. The reason? The expansion of beauty products and services through digital channels and the attraction of more customers willing to pay higher prices for higher quality.

This is causing big brands are spending an important part of their budget on AdSense arbitrage to attract new customers.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Sustainable Skincare.
  • Personalized Skincare
  • Probiotic Skincare
  • Skincare routines
  • Skincare for men

Top paying adsense keywords for the skincare niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the skincare niche are:

skincare highest paying keywords

As you can observe from this table, the CPC and the monthly search volume are pretty decent. This can translate into a good niche for marking money online with ads.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the skincare niche is:

skincare traffic cost

The traffic is generally lower than previous niches, but they still make a decent total traffic cost.

Sub-Niche Ideas for skincare

  1. Organic and Natural Skincare Products: Focus on reviewing and comparing organic and natural skincare products, emphasizing their benefits and ingredients.
  2. Anti-Aging Skincare Solutions: Specialize in anti-aging products and treatments, discussing their effectiveness and suitability for different skin types.
  3. Acne and Blemish Control: Offer insights and advice on products and routines specifically designed for acne-prone skin, including over-the-counter and prescription options.
  4. Skincare for Sensitive Skin: Explore skincare options and routines for those with sensitive skin, highlighting hypoallergenic and gentle products.
  5. Men’s Skincare: Cover skincare products and routines tailored specifically for men, discussing different skin concerns and grooming tips.
  6. Skincare in Different Climates: Provide tips and product recommendations for maintaining healthy skin in various climates, such as dry, humid, or cold environments.
  7. Luxury Skincare Brands and Products: Review and compare high-end luxury skincare products, focusing on their unique ingredients and benefits.
  8. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Skincare: Discuss environmentally friendly and sustainable skincare practices and products, including zero-waste and cruelty-free options.
  9. DIY and Homemade Skincare Remedies: Share recipes and methods for creating effective homemade skincare treatments using natural ingredients.
  10. Skincare Tools and Technology: Review and explain the latest skincare tools and technological advancements, such as facial cleansing brushes, LED light therapy devices, and microcurrent machines.

9. Cryptocurrency | Average CPC $1,56.


If there is a hot adsense niche in 2022 and 2023, that is cryptocurrency.

With more than 300 Bitcoin transactions per day and many new cryptocurrencies being created, many are investors setting an important budget for ads to promote trade.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • etrade cryptocurrency
  • Shopify cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain technology

Top paying adsense keywords for the Cryptocurrency niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the cryptocurrency niche are:

cryptocurrency highest paying keywords

Notice that you can find keywords with a CPC as high as $168,84, which suggests there is big money behind this niche.

Also, being relatively new, it offers low competitive terms with a decent search volume, making this one of the best AdSense niches to focus on in 2023.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the cryptocurrency niche is:

cryptocurrency traffic cost

There is now a new trend that you might want to check as well: I am talking about NFT niches.

Sub-Niche Ideas for Cryptocurrency

  1. Crypto Trading Strategies: Offer insights and strategies for cryptocurrency trading, including technical analysis, day trading tips, and market trend analysis.
  2. Blockchain Technology Explained: Focus on educational content about blockchain technology, its applications, and how it underpins various cryptocurrencies.
  3. Bitcoin Investment Tips: Specialize in Bitcoin, providing investment advice, price predictions, and market analysis.
  4. Altcoin Reviews and Analysis: Review and analyze alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins), discussing their potential, technology, and investment viability.
  5. Cryptocurrency Mining Guides: Provide comprehensive guides on cryptocurrency mining, including hardware setup, software, and cost-benefit analysis.
  6. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) Insights: Offer information and reviews about new and upcoming ICOs, including risk assessment and investment potential.
  7. Crypto Wallets and Security: Discuss different types of cryptocurrency wallets, security best practices, and how to safely store digital assets.
  8. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Explained: Focus on the DeFi ecosystem, covering platforms, protocols, and how they are changing the finance world.
  9. NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) Market Trends: Delve into the world of NFTs, discussing market trends, notable sales, and how to participate in the NFT market.
  10. Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Cryptocurrency: Provide updates and explanations on the legal and regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies globally.

10. health and wellness | Average CPC $1,62.

health and wellness habits

The health and wellness niche is another popular adsense niche that is growing year by year.

According to the latest report added to Research And Markets, the global health and wellness market reached a value of US$ 3.31 Billion in 2020.

The growing predominance of chronic lifestyle diseases is one of the key factors driving this market’s growth. This has encouraged many people to adopt healthier habits.

Some of the most popular categories within this niche are personal care, beauty, nutrition, well-being, and fitness.

Besides, the emerging trend of using wearable devices, such as fitness bands and trackers, also boosts market growth.

Some of the high-paying niche ideas are:

  • Personal care
  • Healthy eating
  • Weight loss tips
  • Workout routines

Top paying adsense keywords for the health and wellness niche.

The highest-paying keywords for the health and wellness niche are:

health and wellness highest paying keywords

If there is something clear about this list, the highest-paying keywords are very competitive and have a massive monthly search volume.

As in any competitive niche, targeting long-tail keywords is one of the best solutions.

Lastly, the estimated total price of the traffic for the top 5 websites ranking in the health and wellness niche is:

health and wellness traffic cost

Sub-Niche Ideas for Health and Wellness

  1. Mental Health and Mindfulness: Focus on mental health topics, mindfulness practices, and stress-relief techniques, including guided meditations and wellness advice.
  2. Dietary Supplements and Nutrition: Provide insights into various dietary supplements, nutritional guides, and reviews of popular health products.
  3. Yoga and Pilates for Beginners: Offer content for beginners in yoga and Pilates, including basic poses, routines, and benefits for physical and mental health.
  4. Home Workout Routines: Share effective home workout plans, including bodyweight exercises, minimal-equipment workouts, and fitness challenges.
  5. Healthy Eating and Meal Prep: Focus on healthy eating habits, meal preparation tips, and nutritious recipes for different dietary needs.
  6. Holistic Health Practices: Explore holistic health and alternative medicine, covering topics like herbal remedies, acupuncture, and naturopathy.
  7. Fitness Gear and Wearable Tech Reviews: Review and compare fitness gear and wearable technology, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches, and exercise equipment.
  8. Senior Health and Wellness: Cater to older adults with content on senior fitness routines, health tips, and managing age-related health issues.
  9. Women’s Health and Wellness: Focus on health topics specific to women, including hormonal balance, reproductive health, and menopause management.
  10. Sleep Hygiene and Disorders: Provide advice on improving sleep quality, understanding sleep disorders, and the importance of good sleep hygiene for overall health.

high paying adsense keywords.

high paying adsense keywords

These are some of the highest-paying Adsense keywords and sub-niches:

KeywordMonthly Search VolumeCPC Estimate (USD)Sub-niches
Insurance1,000,000+50-100Auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance
Loans500,000+40-80Personal loans, student loans, business loans
Mortgage300,000+30-70Home mortgage, refinancing, mortgage rates
Attorney200,000+50-100Personal injury attorney, divorce attorney, criminal defense attorney
Credit150,000+20-50Credit cards, credit repair, credit scores
Lawyer120,000+30-70Criminal lawyer, immigration lawyer, family lawyer
Donate100,000+20-40Charity donations, blood donations, organ donations
Degree90,000+20-50Online degrees, MBA programs, nursing degrees
Hosting80,000+20-60Web hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting
Claim70,000+30-60Insurance claims, accident claims, medical claims
Conference Call60,000+10-30Business conference calls, free conference calls, video conferencing
Trading50,000+20-50Stock trading, forex trading, cryptocurrency trading
Software40,000+10-40Accounting software, video editing software, antivirus software
Recovery30,000+30-60Data recovery, addiction recovery, disaster recovery
Transfer25,000+20-50Money transfers, file transfers, domain transfers
Gas/Electricity20,000+10-30Natural gas, electricity rates, solar power
Classes15,000+10-30Online classes, cooking classes, language classes
Rehab10,000+30-60Drug rehab, alcohol rehab, physical rehabilitation
Treatment5,000+40-80Cancer treatment, addiction treatment, mental health treatment
Cord Blood1,000+30-70Cord blood banking, cord blood donation, cord blood storage

Note these are extremely competitive terms. By incorporating sub-niches within each keyword, you can narrow down your focus and attract a more targeted audience interested in specific aspects of the topic. This can help improve the relevance of the ads displayed on your website, potentially leading to higher CPC and ad revenue.

Best Tool to get started with AdSense.

data on adsense tool

Getting started with Google Ads takes time and can be a tedious job. Not to mention that you need to test and tweak a lot to get results.

But if you want to scale your PPC with Google Ads and increase your revenue effortlessly, there is a specialized tool that will help you get results faster. It is called RevealBot. With RevealBot, you can easily turn your best Google Ads strategies and tactics into automation scripts to boost ROI while saving plenty of time.

What I like the most about the tool is that it is easy to use and offers a visual builder for your ads. And what is even better is that you can have your automated rules work with campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords or campaign types like Search, Display, Shopping, and Multichannel ads.

So, if you want to monetize your site with ads, I strongly recommend you give it a test for free. This tool will save you loads of time and make your life easier and probably more profitable!

Best Niches For Adsense- Conclusion.

In conclusion, these are the best niches for Adsense in 2024.

As a rule of thumb, the most profitable niches are also the most competitive ones. But you can always start a micro niche blog to make yourself a spot in one of these niches.

After all, it is much better to have less traffic but drive it to pages with a high CPC, which provides the best ROI.

Now it is your turn!

Did you find your Adsense niche in this post?

Leave a comment with your answer below.


Looking for the best Adsense niche to start a profitable business? Check the 10 best Adsense niches to monetize your website with Google Adsense arbitrage. #Adsense #Niches  #GoogleAdsense
Learn how to make money with Google Adsense arbitrage with the best Adsense niches with the highest PPC keywords. #PPC #Adsense #Google #niches

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