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How to Make Video Ads For Dropshipping To Increase Your Sales

how to make video ads for dropshipping

As you might already know, Dropshipping can be a very competitive industry. It can be challenging to get your brand noticed, seen, and recognized by the right audience. And convincing your audience to buy your products is another struggle. 

Luckily, there is a method that performs better than others when it comes to promoting your brand: Dropshipping video ads.

Video ads are probably the best method to catch your audience’s attention and convert them to potential customers. If you create interesting and eye-catching video ads, you could have an edge over your competitors.

But how do you create captivating dropshipping video ads that convert? That is exactly what I’ll cover in this post, so keep reading!

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How To Make Video Ads For Dropshipping

People are addicted to videos, and you can use them best to drive sales through e-commerce marketing strategies. Video is a great tool to boost organic traffic for your dropshipping website. 

Step #1. Know your target audience 

First, you should know and define what is your target audience.

Before creating videos, make sure that you determine your target audience by understanding their behavior and analyzing your competition. You can learn a lot from popular forums where your target audience gathers like Quora, Facebook, Reddit, etc. When you are in the right place, you’ll get a glimpse of the trending topics your customers are discussing.

Moreover, you can use these tools to understand your audience better:

Google analytics

Google Analytics gives you information about your viewer’s behavior. How they engage while browsing your website, pages they visit, the time spent on each page, the specific actions they undertake, and some useful data.

As an e-commerce merchant, you should spend time understanding user behavior on your product pages to know which products are of the most interest to your customers.

Also, Google Analytics will be very useful to learn about users’ demographics, including locations and the devices they use to browse your site. 

Viewer surveys 

Asking past customers about their experience with your products is the best way to collect unbiased information. You can create a quick feedback form and mail it to your customers. Surveys go a long way in understanding user behavior and interactions with your product and brand.

You can easily create and share surveys with Typeform for free.

Facebook insights  (Now Meta)

Facebook (now Meta) is the next best place to understand insights after Google. If you possess a business account on Facebook, you will have access to valuable metrics about your website engagement. So if you don’t have yet a Facebook business page, then you should create it now.

The information you can access from your Meta business account will help you understand the type of content that works best with your audience. This will allow you to tweak/rework or change video ads accordingly.

Meta is also helpful in getting analytical info about your audience, including their hobbies, relationship status, and homeownership status. Moreover, you can also engage with your audience since it is a social media platform. 

step #2. Select a video maker.

Now we have a better understanding of the target audience, let’s choose our tool to create the video.

There are some free video ads tools, but they all are very limited and will ask you to sign up at some point to publish your video. So I suggest you choose a good tool to create professional dropshipping video ads. You want your ads to look great, otherwise, you’ll hardly convert people.

There are different video makers you could choose from. And the good thing is that you don’t even have to be a professional video editor to make video ads that sell or have expensive gear to produce them. That is why choosing a professional tool will make it easier for you.

Here are some types of videos that work best with drop shippers:

  • Explainer videos 

Explainer videos are an easy way to increase your brand’s popularity. Anytime you launch something new, you can make videos on how to use a product or how the product is effective.

People are naturally drawn to educational ads and are bound to share them with their friends and family. Sharing, in turn, will create awareness about your brand.  

Moreover, they will make your brand look competent, professional, and experienced and gain viewers’ trust. Your viewers will deem you an expert on the topic and are more likely to invest in your brand and products.  

  • Promotional videos 

Promo videos typically contain upbeat music, catchy texts, and colorful images. They are usually 15-30 seconds long and do not beat around the bush.

They are engaging and offer an exciting, creative look to your products. Promo videos intensify viewers’ interest and anticipation about new products before their market launches.

Step #3. Choose a template for your video.

Most video makers come with free and purchasable templates from which you may choose per your style. Make sure that you select a template that resonates with your video narrative and aligns with your content.

Templates are customizable so that you can make changes where required. Although, if you are looking to create a video from scratch, you do not have to select templates. Templates are for beginners who need help to start with the ideation and get the creative juices flowing. 

Step #4. Upload images and video clips. 

Add your product photos and videos to your video ads. If you do not have product photographs, you can skim through the video maker’s image library or stick with the media provided by the templates.

You can also search the web for stock-free images and video clips relevant to your video content. Ensure that you do not plagiarise media to add content to your videos. 

Step #5. Get Creative. 

If you want to create successful dropshipping video ads, you should create something unique and eye-catching.

You can personalize your videos by changing the fonts on the templates or adding background colors in your video ads to make them as unique as possible.

Focus on portraying your brand personality in your video and building a brand image. 

Step #6. Add music and sounds. 

Inserting catchy tunes can really make a difference for your video ad to come alive. Choose something trendy to and aligned with your brand voice.

You can also add dialogues to your video ad. 

Step #7. Add a compelling CTA (call-to-action.) 

Always make sure that your video ads end with a call to action to instruct your audience on what to do next.

You can include your contact or website details to get viewers to reach you. For example, you can say something like, “Visit our website to grab this product today!” or “Visit our website for more information.”

Step #8. Preview, export, post, and share your video ad.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your dropshipping video ad. The only thing remaining is to export and upload your video ad for your target audience to view and share. Make sure that you preview and review your ad for any last-minute changes. 

Video ads are the most effective form of advertising, so you might want to take advantage of them. To run an effective ad marketing campaign, you’ll need exceptional content, target the right audience, and use the best video-ads tool.

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To conclude, dropshipping video ads can pave the way for business success and drive surprising sales.

With the use of existing tools out there, you do not have to be a professional or an expert to make successful video ads. My personal recommendation is that you use a professional tool such as InVideo. This will make the process way painless and you’ll achieve much better results.

Also, good video ads are normally shared between communities with the same issues that finally might have found a solution to their problem with your product. So this can be a great method to drive traffic.

Now is your turn!

Will you use video ads to market your product?

Leave a comment with your answer below.

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