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Devrims Review 2023: A Managed Cloud Hosting Solution for ECommerce.

Devrims review

Are you looking for a reliable managed hosting service?

Devrims is a new player in the world of cloud hosting solutions. They claim to have the industry’s leading technology with unrivaled security, outstanding performance, and ease of use. But is this tool really offering all this?

In this post, I will conduct a deep review of Devrims, testing the key features, ease of use, and more. So after reading the post, you won´t have a doubt if this is the tool you have been waiting for or just another hosting service.

Are you ready? Then let’s dive into this complete Devrims review.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Devrims Review At A Glance.

My Verdict

Devrims logo

Devrims Rating

Devrims is a managed cloud hosting solution that excels at speed and security. The tool features a clean and easy-to-use interface and very competitive prices where you only pay for the resources you use.

Although they are new players in such a competitive world as it is hosting, they have proved they are all in. Their proactive support team and powerful features make this hosting solution a great option, especially for eCommerce businesses.

Devrims Pros and Cons.


Very fast.
You only pay for the resources you use.
Easy to use interface.
Great security.


Server choice can be tricky for users with less experience.
Lacks email hosting.
Lacks phone support

What Is Devrims?

Devrims is a world-class managed hosting service that focuses on removing user complexities while providing a set of powerful features for top performance.

Their Cloud Hosting is geared towards demanding customers that need to manage critical workloads and is aimed at eCommerce businesses.

Also, regardless of the plan you choose, you have access to all the features and services, which features 24/7 customer service.

Devrims Hosting Solution Review.

In this Devrims review, I will analyze:

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

Also, you will learn how you can benefit from using Devrims and how it works.

1. Devrims Overview.

Devrims website

Overall, Devrims seems pretty intuitive. The sign-up process has no complications; however, you need to know what you are looking at when choosing the servers.

I reckon most users accessing this tool would be experienced users with a demand for speed and a clear picture of the requirements they need for their sites. Otherwise, you might get lost at the beginning between the different options.

Nevertheless, once everything is set, it works as I would expect for a cloud hosting solution- It features a simple panel with a clean interface, yet, they offer lots of parameters and control over your server and applications.

When you opt for managed cloud hosting, you presumably look for security, speed, and no headaches. And so far, this is what I have seen.

Also, in Devrims, you just pay for the resources you need, which seems fair, and it is something more companies are providing these days (although not many.)

But let’s keep testing the features to have more insights into this Devrims review.

Note: The reviews given to each section below are only my personal opinion after testing this tool.

2. Devrims Features.

Devrims features

Devrims comes packed with useful features to make sure a site runs smoothly;

Managed Cloud Services. Fully managed cloud servers optimized according to your website needs. I just need to choose the server and forget about it. However, most hosting providers already offer this.
Fast SSD Storage and Network. Super-fast SSD Cloud Storage designed for I/O intensive and mission-critical applications and a fast global network. This is a critical feature for any cloud hosting, so I was expecting this.
Pre-Configured Services. The system auto-suggests the best-supported software services and versions according to application type and version. This is especially useful for less-experienced users who still want to get most of the services.
Unlimited Applications and Domain names. Here I can use several applications like WordPress, Woocommerce, etc.
Global Cloud Infrastructure. More than 20+ data centers strategically located globally. To me, this is critical for any business with a presence worldwide and something many hosting solutions fail to provide.
Super-Easy Management. This tool is intuitive and easy to manage. I have to say I have used many more complex hosting solutions.
Easily Scalable. I can easily change my plan at any time according to my needs.
Next-Gen Server Security. It seems Devrims have taken security very seriously and even has in place a system that automatically blocks any unauthorized request or brute force attack by default called Fail2Ban. To me, this is another must-have.
Free Migrations.
Proactive Support.

Devrims offers the right features for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a reliable and fast hosting solution. However, some other solutions provide email hosting and phone support. And although their support acts fast, it would not be fair to give it 5 stars when some other competitors include these.

Features Rating

3. Devrims Ease of use.

Now let´s get into more detail and check if Devrims is so easy to manage as they claim.

Sign Up.

Devrims sign up

The sign-up process is simple at the beginning. I just clicked on the “Start free trial” button and filled in the information. No credit card is required for the free trial.

Next, I need to select my plan. Unfortunately, I missed a short survey for non-techie people to guide you towards the plan you need

Once I select my plan, I get access to the dashboard. The dashboard is intuitive and straightforward; I appreciate that. I can easily find what I need in the left column, and the data is presented nicely, but let’s cover usability in the next section.

Devrims dashbboard

Getting Started with Devrims.

Once in my dashboard, the two tabs I have used the most are “Servers” and “Applications.”

Devrim Review

Not that you need to do a lot on the servers tab other than monitoring everything is working and configured as you expect.

I can add new servers from this tab, access my Wordpress through “Applications,” and install new applications, like Woocommerce. I can also monitor the server and other things that I will rarely use. So this is more like a one-time visit to make sure all is where you want it to be.

I can find the information quickly, and interactions are smooth.

Devrim server tab

The “Applications” tab is really a duplicate of the “Applications” sub-tab you can access via “Servers in the menu, although this is more direct.

Here I can see the applications I have installed. Then, when I click on an application, I can manage and access them easily. I like that they just display the right information, and it is not overwhelming.

application tab Devrims

Lastly, creating a support ticket is also easy- I just need to click on Tickets>Create Ticket>Submit on the left column, and the customer service will come back to me. But I will cover support in the next sections.

In summary, Devrim is pretty easy to use and navigate as they advance. However, I would implement a quick survey or guide to help inexperienced users choose the right plan. I reckon this might stop the purchase for many people who are unsure if they are making the right choice.

Ease of Use Rating

4. Devrims Performance.

For the performance test, I created a test site including:

  • The popular Neve Theme with a template including all the content and forms.
  • 8 Plugins: Including Yoast, Sucuri, Smush, Autooptimize, Pixels and some others for social sharing and design.
  • Javascript.
  • Images.

These are elements that you might find on any website.

Below you can see a screenshot of the tested page.

dummy site for testing

Now the site is created, let´s perform a speed test.

GT Metrix.

I have performed this kind of test for many different hosting solutions. So, as a rule of thumb, I know this has to load under 1 second and have a grade-A performance. Only with those results, we’ll know we Devrims is as fast as they claim.

Devrims GT metrix speed test

After running the text in GT Metrix, it shows a fantastic loading time for the largest content of 0.446 seconds. This looks good; The recommended loading speed is under 2 seconds, so they aced this test.

Sucuri Speed Test.

Next, I will run a test with Sucuri so I can get to test this website from multiple locations.

sucuri speed test for Devrims hosting

I got an average of 0.386 for the first connection and 0.511 seconds for the total load in this test. That is impressive. There is no location where it takes more than one second to load.

After these performance tests, I think it is fair to say Devrims really excels on speed performance.

Lastly, you can also check Devrims system status on this page. So far, it looks like they just had a minor incident. Hence I can conclude this section with a very positive review of overall performance.

Performance Rating

5. Devrims Support.

Devrims support

Now let´s check their customer support.

To access Devrims support, I just need to click on the bubble at the bottom right corner. Then, I need to select the desired department and submit my query.

They claim to have very proactive support, and I can say they do; I submitted my query at 11.04, and only three minutes later, I got assigned someone to help me fix my problem.

That is pretty fast compared to most of the hosting providers.

customer support Devrims

They were also very fast in fixing my issue, so the overall experience was good.

I understand that having phone support requires a lot of extra resources, but some other competitors provide this option, whereas Devrim does not offer it. That is why it wouldn’t be fair to give them 5 stars, although they are pretty close.

Support Rating

6. Devrims Pricing Plans.

Devrims pricing can be a bit confusing with the acronym. So I suggest you visit the pricing page to get a better picture.

Devrims pricing
Devrims Pricing

Average hostings go from $2-12 per month. So Devrims pricing here seems pretty fair for what they offer.

There are not probably many hosting solutions at this price, and they might go up as they increase in popularity, but right now is excellent. You can get access to premium speed servers at very affordable prices.

Moreover, I have not seen any add-ons or excluded features on their plans, which is also good.

Lastly, they offer a seven days free trial before committing, so If I were you, I would definitively give it a go.

Pricing Rating

Devrims Review: Is It Really Worth The Money?

Wrapping up, there are my personal valuations based on the tests I performed:


Ease of Use




Devrims Rating

In conclusion, Devrims has exceeded my expectations. They know they could only get into this competitive hosting world only by offering a competitive product, which is what they have done in my opinion.

They offer the right features just at the right price, so why don’t give it a try?

Hosting Devrims review
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