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10 Best SEMrush Alternatives in 2023 To Boost Your SEO on a Budget.

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Are you looking for the best SEMrush alternative in 2023?

Semrush is an impeccable keyword research tool with nearly six million+ users globally. Its plethora of fantastic features that businesses love includes data about average monthly searches, site audit features, performing keyword research, link-building strategy, and much more. This tool is exceptionally legendary.

This SEO tool offers several intelligent solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales, but why look for alternatives? Although everything is great about Semrush, it can be quite expensive. The heavy price tag is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to choose other alternatives. So if you are looking for an all-in-one SEO solution tool at an affordable price, this might not be the right choice for you.

So if you want to find out the best Semrush alternatives, cheaper and with complete SEO features, keep reading.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Best Semrush alternative in 2023

best semrush alternative in 2022
Semrush Alternatives
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1. SE Ranking

SE ranking dashboard

SE Ranking is one of the best cloud-based platforms for SEO and online marketing professionals. It provides a suite of tools for comprehensive website audits, website ranking, competitor analysis, keyword suggestions, backlink monitoring, and much more.

Besides standard SEO tools, it also offers additional features, like a white label and a marketing plan.

This was founded in 2012 by Valvery Kurilov. Today this company has more than 1 million users and is based in Palo Alto, California. It’s an all-in-one SEO platform specially created for small-to-medium size businesses and agencies, and it is one of the best SEO tools regarding value for money.

If you ask me, this is the best SEMrush alternative right now since it provides all the tools you need to perform SEO successfully at a fraction of the price. You can read my full SE ranking review here.

Why Choose SE Ranking Over SEMrush?

se ranking as a semrush alternative
Backlink Analysis: SE Ranking tool provides detailed and comprehensive backlinks information on any site. You can use it to identify competitors’ top-performing pages for a backlink.
Site Audit: It’s the best practice for discovering and correcting all the necessary SEO errors, boosting overall SEO performance.
Precise desktop/mobile ranking: This useful feature helps to track daily keyword rankings for desktop/mobile results in different search engines. This also provides extra information on search visibility and traffic to make website changes and optimize it well on time.
Detailed Website Audit: This tool checks out the main parameters of a website and shows various SEO errors, technical issues, and content-related mistakes.
Advanced Keyword Suggestions: You can get access to short-tail and long-tail keywords, specifically filtered by popularity with detailed statistics on good keywords: monthly search volume, competition, rankings, and search results.
Page Changes Monitoring: This is an excellent feature; by using it, you can keep monitoring the page changes on the site, no matter whether it’s your website or the competitor’s one.

SE Ranking Pricing.

SE ranking pricing
  • $31/ month for Optimum Plan.
  • $71/ month for Plus Plan.
  • $151/ month for Enterprise Plan.

You can enjoy all the features with a 14-days free trial.

2. Keysearch.

Keysearch dasboard

Founded in 2015, this tool is relatively new in the industry, but it has turned into a complete SEO tool over the years. This is the best for those small business owners who have a limited budget and don’t want to spend much on expensive tools.

Its keyword research module offers a set of features related to keywords, competitor analysis, difficulty scores, and so on. When a user enters this module, this tool spits out the top ranking for a specific keyword and offers a long list of related ones.

You can read my full Keysearch review here.

Why Choose Keysearch Over SEMrush?

keysearch as a semrush alternative
Keyword Research: You can use this tool to find out the best keywords. To get started, you may need to enter a seed keyword in the search box, select location, and you will get a list of almost 700 related keywords.
Competitor Analysis: You can do a competitor analysis and get to know about competitors’ strategies. You can get to know about backlinking strategy, organic keywords, competitor gaps, URL metrics, and much more.
Page Analyzer: This feature allows you to get a full SEO review of any URL, and it gets your webpage score out of 100.
Content Assistant: It’s perfect for content optimization. Although it’s still in beta, one can still use it to start optimizing the content.
YouTube Keyword Research: KeySearch is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to up their game on YouTube. It’s the best YouTube SEO keyword research tool that helps you easily and quickly find the best keywords.
Rank Tracking: This is an efficient module to track keywords from your site easily. One will be able to see which exact keywords are ranking and how they actually move ranking up or down in time.

Keysearch Pricing.

Keysearch pricing
  • $0/ month for Free Trial.
  • $17/ month for Starter Plan.
  • $34/ month for Pro Plan.

3. Ahrefs.

Ahref dashboard

Here comes one of the top Semrush competitors— Ahrefs is the best research and SEO tool you can get right now. It offers the biggest backlink index of any other available tool. The good thing is you can spy on your biggest competitors’ top SEO strategies, their keywords, backlinks, and various other aspects.

Founded in 2011, Ahrefs is a suite of top SEO tools that acquaints users with all the essential ins and outs of content marketing. This tool helps all the users in competitor research to determine high-ranking PPC keywords ideally.

Why Choose Ahrefs Over Semrush?

Ahrefs, one of the best semrush alternatives
Site Audit Tool: Its site audit feature crawls a website and provides a health score based on the detailed, in-depth analysis of a website. It gets you lists and makes strong suggestions in places to better improve your technical SEO.
Keyword Explorer: This option works amazingly in Ahrefs. It goes way beyond traditional Google lookups, as it collaborates with Amazon, YouTube, and various other search engines, like Yandex, Baidu, and much more.
Rank Tracker: The rank tracker option lets you check ranking for the set keywords and countries of your choice. It shows all keywords which are already ranking and provides suggestions for associated ones.
Content Explorer: With this, you can have a view of influential pages and authors. It starts with a search engine query and amasses all results in grouping pages and then ranking authors.
Ease-of-Use: Its interface is easy to use, immediate, and relatively straightforward. The attractive thing is you get an explanation of how to use each function.

Ahrefs Pricing.

Ahrefs pricing
  • $99/ month for the Lite Plan.
  • $179/ month for Standard Plan.
  • $399/ month for Advanced Plan.
  • $999/ month for Agency Plan.

4. Moz Pro.

Moz pro dashboard

Moz Pro is a completely upgraded SEO toolset that helps improve overall search engine rankings and website visibility. The best features of this include SEO metrics, like Domain/Page Authority, which offer top-quality data. It helps save time for businesses simply by streamlining workflows.

With its illuminating metrics, like in-depth keyword research, site audits, link profile analysis, ranking performance tracking, and much more, you can get a deep insight into how SEO works.

Its keyword research tool can track Google, Bing, and Yahoo in more than 200 countries. With that, its segmentation feature allows smooth keyword segmentation by location, label, and campaign. 

Why Choose Moz Pro Over Semrush?

Moz pro as a semrush alternative
Keyword Explorer: This takes the lead over other keyword research tools by providing a vast amount of SEO data and calculates metrics. For instance, it shows how well a search query is popular, how difficult it will be to rank, and several other queries.
Link Explorer: It contains a vast index of almost 40 trillion links, the best for tracking new available links and brands. This option helps you understand your website’s ranking performance. These in-depth insights feed into intelligent content planning and link prospecting.
Site Crawl: It focuses on technical SEO, one of the crucial organic search marketing strategy aspects. With this site crawl option, you can efficiently check out various technical issues, like code errors, faulty redirects, missing title tags, and much more.
Rank Tracker: You can easily track desktop and mobile rankings for any location, anywhere, anytime. It’s time to get daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
Domain Comparison: The best thing about this SEO tool is that it lets you compare the five domains’ backlink profiles.
Email Alerts: You can get email alerts that help you keep track of new and lost backlinks and help track your website for important keywords.

Moz Pro Pricing.

Moz pro pricing
  • $99/ month for Standard Plan.
  • $149/ month for Medium Plan.
  • $249/ month for Large Plan.
  • $599/ month for Premium Plan.

5. Serpstat.

Serptsat dashboard

It’s a cloud-based search marketing analysis tool, perfect for all industries and businesses of all niches and sizes. It helps mainly e-commerce businesses and PPC managers. The best thing about this tool is it offers incomparable SEO analysis, analytics, keyword research, backlinking analysis, and much more.

It allows users to track position changes for domains and help to investigate traffic drops and all visibility changes. You can have access to the keywords database, FB shares, and even the estimated traffic volume. With infographics, reports, and email alerts, Serpstat is one of the best Semrush alternatives.

Why Choose Serpstat Over Semrush?

serptstat as a semrush alternative
Keyword Research: It helps in finding the top-performing keywords to bring organic traffic. It works by determining the keywords’ value by measuring the volume, competition level, cost-per-click, and other factors. Serpstat also offers long-tail keywords related to your niche, which have significantly less competition.
Competitors Research: This tool allows you to spy on competitors with an eagle eye to see how well keywords are ranking, letting you use the opportunity to outrank them. You can fearlessly use this tool to find out information about direct competitors. With its batch analysis, it allows to compare up to 200 domains for average monthly searches.
Rank Tracking: It allows monitoring the website page ranking of your website and your competitors. Yes, you can easily track unlimited keywords daily with fresh data.
On-Page Audit: With its on-page audit, you can perform a highly in-depth analysis of all website pages and can track performance and how well they are working. This lets you identify and fix problems.
Backlink Analysis: You can better analyze your website’s backlinks along with competitors’ ones. This tool provides you with an in-depth report of all backlinks, along with anchors and referring domains.
White-labeled Reports: This tool creates white-labeled reports, the best option if someone is working on an SEO project.

Serpstat Pricing.

serpstat pricing
  • $69/ month for Lite Plan.
  • $149/ month for Standard Plan.
  • $299/ month for Advanced Plan.
  • $499/ month for Enterprise Plan.

If you are a bigger enterprise, then you can get in touch with the company for a custom Plan.

6. Majestic.

Majestic SEO

Here comes another competitor— Majestic. It’s one of the most powerful tools for any business, known for its significant link index database.

This tool helps to find the right keywords for your business. With this tool, you can smoothly explore a domain or URL with the smallest details. It also helps to track your social media strategies.

Majestic is particularly specialized in backlinks; with this functionality, you can have the most significant advantage of looking at the website links, including broken links, linked profiles, top pages, anchor text, and so on.

Why Choose Majestic Over Semrush?

majestic alternative
Ultimate Link Building: If you are in the higher game of link building and looking for a trusted tool, Majestic is the right choice.
Backlink Checker: It helps to get the statistics of backlinks that a website actually has. A user can compare the insights of a particular website’s backlinks. You can easily check and compare the metrics, citation follow, and even the referring domains.
Campaigns: Its campaigns work differently than other available SEO tools. You can get the URL’s information, trust flow, and citations in multiple visual formats.
Majestic Million: It shows the results of the top million sites with a super higher ranking. These 1 million sites are all available on the internet, which helps compare the ranking websites based on referring subnets.
Link Intelligence API: This tool holds the biggest amount of data when it especially comes to understanding the difficult link connections available. Majestic allows its users to get access to the world’s most comprehensive and biggest link intelligence map.
In-depth Reports: No other tools available can provide in-depth reports, just like the Majestic. It offers detailed, thorough, and understandable reports about domain analytics and backlink analysis.

Majestic Pricing.

Majestic pricing
  • $49/ month for Lite Plan.
  • $99.99/ month for Pro Plan.
  • $399.99/ month for API Plan.

7. Spyfu.

Spyfu dashboard

Are you looking for a cost-effective SEO tool? Here comes SpyFu. It’s a perfect Semrush alternative for powerful SEO features like keyword research and detailed competitor analysis. You can conduct keyword research and PPC analysis to understand better how things work. It’s a comprehensive SEO tool as the name suggests, ‘SPY’ you can spy on your competitor’s keywords.

You can use it to search for any domain and can see each place those keywords have shown up on the search engines. It lets you spy on every competitor’s keyword, every organic rank competitors rank for, and every ad variation used under 12 years to get organic traffic.

Why Choose Spyfy Over Semrush?

spyfu as a semrush alternative
Expert-Level Keyword Research: With this SEO tool, you can perform top-level research to find the most related and profitable keyword ideas to increase overall organic traffic. It also helps you find the long-tail keywords by volume and difficulty.
Keyword Rank Tracking: It comes with a special feature known as Kombat, which helps find all the profitable keywords used by competitors. No problem if you are struggling to increase traffic; you can uncover all hidden keywords easily with Kombat.
PPC Competitor Research: It helps to find the top PPC keywords of competitors. Those are defined as keywords used for PPC ads to get traffic. You can use this SEO tool to get access to profitable PPC keywords to generate more clicks and sales within a limited budget.
Competitors Analysis: With this tool, you can perform competitors’ analyses in just a few clicks. It generates a list of closely related top organic competitors for your entered domain name.
Google Ad Advisor: A user is given clear directions from Google Ads Advisor based on the competitors’ successes. Using this tool, you can get the best recommendations for the missing keywords as well.

Spyfu Pricing.

spyfu pricing
  • $39/ month for Basic Plan.
  • $79/ month for Professional Plan.
  • $299/ month for Team Plan.

8. Ubbersuggest.

ubbersuggest dashboard

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is considered one of the top freemium keyword research tools available on the market. If you have been looking for free Semrush alternatives, then Ubersuggest is one of them. It’s a good option for just starting up or trying stuff to see how it works. This tool offers various features, including keyword ideas, related keywords, questions, comparisons, and much more.

With that, it also offers information about keyword search traffic, whether paid or organic. Ubersuggest allows all search marketers to track domains and organize all data into one dashboard.

Why Choose Ubbersuggest Over Semrush?

ubbersuggest alternative
Domain Overview: Its domain over features allows a user to analyze the domain and see how well it is performing. This could also be performed to gain detailed insights into competitors’ strategies and help drive traffic.
Keyword Suggestion: With its keyword suggestion option, you can easily find several good terms to target. You can also have long-tail phrases with lower competition and easy to rank. One can easily see keyword volume, cost per click, and various other difficulties.
Content Ideas: This section of tools shows top-ranking pages on Google for certain keywords of your interested niche. This tool allows you to get access to a deep analysis of how many visitors a specific page for a target keyword brings monthly, along with a backlink profile.
Backlink Data: It’s time to get a bit of extensive data on the backlinking structure. By using this tool, you can see how many backlinks your competitors have and how many a website has lost. This information really helps in the longer run.
Site Audit: Ubersuggest helps get a full site audit. Yes, you can analyze every component of a site easily, ensuring it’s well-structured and healthy.

Ubbersuggest Pricing.

ubbersuggest pricing
  • $12/ month for Individual Plan.
  • $20/ month for Business Plan.
  • $40/ month for Enterprise/ Agency Plan.

You can get a 7-day free trial with all plans.

9. Advanced Web Ranking.

Advanced Web Ranking

It provides a cloud-based suite of SEO tools that helps small and midsize businesses with ranking, localization, white-labeling, reporting, analytics, and API. Users can monitor ranking data for their businesses and measure local online performance, which helps increase the visibility of local listings. Moreover, Advanced Web Ranking can be leveraged to generate sales through social media integration and multi-language website configuration.

Why Choose Advanced Web Ranking Over Semrush?

Reliable and fresh ranking data for any location, device, language, or search engine
Complex data analysis instruments to process your rankings intuitively and efficiently.
Provides a rich palette of performance metrics from multiple sources
Ranking reports that are easy to build, read and share.
Unlimited user accounts per subscription

Advanced Web Ranking Pricing

Advanced Web Ranking pricing
  • $49/month for Starter Plan.
  • $99/month for Pro Plan.
  • $199/month for Agency Plan.

10. KWFinder / Mangools

KW finder/ Mangools

KWFinder is another cheap keyword research tool offering great features. It’s got a seamless interface, powerful features, and a beautiful design, which makes it a great choice for beginner bloggers.

They are cheaper than most SEO tools and feature accurate search volume results and extra services such as SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.

Why Choose KWFinder / Mangools Over Semrush?

Offers the most intuitive user interface of any keyword research tool on the market.​
Powerful data aggregation for keyword analysis​.
Multiple research options for unique keyword opportunities.
One of the cheapest keyword research tools you can buy.

KWFinder / Mangools Pricing

Mangools pricing
  • $29,90/month for Mangools Basic.
  • $44,90/month for Mangools Premium.
  • $89,90/month for Mangools Agency.

Top Semrush Competitor.

semrush competitor

Even though the spectrum of SEO tools is improving by the year, the other tool is more similar to SEMrush, and its most direct competitor is probably AHrefs. Similarly to SEMrush, this is a more premium tool normally used by agencies or SEO experts who need a powerful tool and get as much data as possible.

They both are amazing tools and great at their primary function: Keyword research. There is much more to it than simply research since they both provide powerful analytics, information about traffic, backlinks, etc. However, they also come at an elevated price tag. So as mentioned previously, these are not probably the first choice for inexperienced users or low-budget profiles.

SEMrush vs AHrefs- Which is best?

This is a very personal question since each tool excels in different aspects. In my opinion and after using them both for a few years:

  • SEMrush is best for anything related to backlinks. The backlinks analysis module is probably the best one out there. They can quickly identify indexed links, suggest backlink opportunities, and also provide a toxicity link report making it easy to identify some links you might want to disavow.
  • AHrefs is best for keyword research and competitor analysis. I find numbers in keyword research to be way more accurate both in search volume and difficulty score. With Semrush, it looks like you can rank almost for anything when this is not quite the reality. Moreover, I like AHrefs interface more. I think it is more intuitive, and it is easier to perform competitor analysis.

Choosing the Best Semrush Alternative.

While looking for the right alternative to Semrush, you need to focus on the features you may need to improve your business.

Here are some top things you should consider:

  • How convenient or user-friendly are the current tools?
  • Are the SEO features enough for your business?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Is the pricing market competitive or less?

The best way is to formulate all those questions required to conduct a successful business and then choose the best Semrush alternatives based on the answers. This will help you in making a formal decision.

Lastly, if what you need is just a simple and free online tool for quick SEO checks, I suggest you check Prepostseo.

SEMrush Alternatives- Conclusion.

Undoubtedly, SEO, link building, and audits are the most important aspects and play an important role as game-changers for your business. Having access to the right information allows you to uncover the hidden secrets to improve your website’s authority and keep moving at the top of the search results.

With the right SEO tool, you can get a better rank in the results and get more visibility effortlessly.

If you do have the budget, SEMrush is a solid SEO tool, and I encourage you to use it. Otherwise, I suggest you consider some of these Semrush alternatives to help you meet your SEO targets. You can compare prices, features, and commendable extra features to choose the right tool.

I suggest you consider some of these Semrush alternatives to help you meet your SEO targets. You can compare prices, features, and commendable extra features to choose the right tool.

Now it is your turn!

Are you ready to boost your SEO with any of these SEMrush alternatives?

Leave a comment with your answer below.


The 10 best Semrush alternatives to boost your SEO game. Guide to the most complete SEO tools to improve your rankings at affordable prices. #Semrush #SEOTools


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    And I personally like Spyfu and ahrefs most because their UI easy to use compared to semrush.
    BTW, which tool do you like most?

  2. Hi Sergio, your post about the alternatives to SEMrush is valuable, particularly since not all are willing to pay a monthly sub fee of $120.
    Ahrefs, Moz, SERanking, and the other in your list are excellent tools.
    I like to compare results to get an average ratio. So, after using SEMrush, I quarantify it with Ahrefs and Ubersuggest. That’s because these tools provide variable results. So helps one get a more better result.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Moss, I absolutely agree. It is important to test them and compare the results and find out which one adapts best to your needs. Most of the time is not just choosing the most expensive because it has it all, but choosing the one that has it all for your needs.

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