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SE Ranking Review 2022: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and Alternatives.

SE ranking review

Are you considering SE Ranking for your SEO strategy and optimizations?

Any serious digital marketer needs a proper SEO tool to run a profitable online business. A complete SEO tool should be able to provide you with a keyword research module, track your rankings, monitor competitors, and more.

This is fundamental to make sure your SEO strategies are working. In fact, the right SEO software will help you improve your rankings on search engines and allow you to grow organically. And more traffic means typically more sales.

But is SE Ranking the tool for you?

Let’s find out in this complete SE Ranking review.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

SE Ranking Review At A Glance.

My Verdict

★★★★☆ 4.5

SE Ranking is a great SEO tool to analyze your website, track changes, and implement SEO optimizations. The reports are visual, easy to understand, and with lots of helpful information. Personally, I think it is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses with one of the most affordable prices in the SEO market.

However, if what you need is SEO software focused on keyword research, SE ranking can help you, but it is not where it excels.

SE Ranking Pros and Cons.


Plenty of useful SEO features
Detailed reports
Easy to use interface
Great rank tracking


Poor local SEO data
Low keyword ranking limits
Lacks 24/7 support

What Is SE Ranking?

SE ranking homepge

SE Ranking is an all-included SEO software that offers all SEO tools to complete any online marketing project successfully.

SE Ranking is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This software provides a complete set of tools for keyword rank tracking and keyword suggestion tool, website audit, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

Besides standard SEO tools, the system offers a set of additional features such as social media management, white-label, and a marketing plan aimed at optimizing your SEO game.

SE Ranking Review.

In this SE ranking review, I am going to analyze:

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Support
  • Pricing

Also, you will learn how you can benefit from using SE Ranking and how it works.

1. SE Ranking Overview.

SE Ranking overview

Personally, I think SE Ranking is a very complete tool for SEO.

Either if you have experience with SEO or don’t, or if you are an entrepreneur or an agency, this tool will have you covered.

You can use this tool for tasks like:

  • Site audits.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Website ranking.
  • Keyword suggestion and grouping.
  • Backlink monitoring.
  • Automated professional reporting.
  • And much more.

It provides you with detailed reports on the analyzed website, with data on organic and paid keywords, its estimated monthly traffic volume, and the cost of driving that traffic. This will allow you to adjust your SEO strategy and make adjustments as needed.

On top of all these practical features, the user-friendly interface makes this SEO tool a great resource.

Note: The reviews given to each section below are only my personal opinion after testing this tool.

2. SE Ranking Features. |

se ranking overview

SE Ranking provides many powerful features:

Keyword rank tracker. Check Google/Yahoo/Bing/YouTube rankings for all locations and devices.
Website audit. .Evaluates against all key parameters: Technical errors, meta tags, internal links, etc.
On page checker. Check how well a webpage is optimized for a specific query.
Backlink checker. To help you build a data-driven link-building strategy.
Backlink monitoring. This allows you to control all the major off-site optimization factors.
Page changes monitoring. Get alerts whenever a web page is modified in any way.
Keyword research and suggestion tool. Pick the right keywords to target in your SEO and PPC campaigns.
Keyword grouper. An advanced tool for quick and precise keyword grouping.
Marketing plan. A detailed roadmap to outline your marketing and SEO strategy.

The features provided by SE Ranking covers all your SEO efforts, from getting ready to optimize and maintain your rankings.

As an experienced SEO user, I did not miss any important features. However, compared to other SEO software, I missed some more power in the keywords research feature, hence the four stars.

3. SE Ranking Ease of use. |

Overall, SE Ranking is easy to navigate and to understand. Maybe because I have some SEO background, it just felt reasonably easy to me. But this is only my personal perception.

Below, I will show you how each of the sections works with detailed steps.

Sign Up.

se ranking free sign up

The sign-up process is totally painless. Just click on any of the “Start free trial” buttons and fill in the information. No credit card is required for the free trial.

Within the minute, you should have access to the dashboard:

se ranking dashboard

Getting Started.

To start using SE Ranking, this is what you need to do:

Step #1. Click on “Create Your First Project.

se ranking creating a project

Step #2. Fill in the general information and click “Next” at the bottom.

se ranking general info

Step #3. Select the keywords you want to track; You can choose from the suggested keywords on the right or add them manually. Then, click the “Next” button.

se ranking keywords

Step #4. Next, fill in the search engine information. Once it is all ready, click on “Next” at the bottom.

se ranking search engines

Step #5. Add your competitors. You can use the “suggest competitors” button to find them easily. Then, click the green button “Add competitors” and lastly, the “Next” button.

se ranking competitors

Step #6. Finally, click on both the “Connect Google Analytics” and “Connect Google Search Console” buttons to obtain further details. Finally, click the “Finish” button.

se ranking analytics

After completing these steps, you will have full access to the different features and the panel dashboard.

se ranking example

Tracking a website.

tracking a website

Once you add a project, you can control every aspect of this project (website) with a simple click in the left menu. From this menu, you can get access to:

Rankings. Detailed, overall and historical data.


Analytics and traffic. Overview, traffic, snippets, Google Search Console data, SEO potential.


My competitors. Added competitors, SERP competitors, and visibility rating.


Marketing plan. To-do list and business listings.

marketing plan

Website audit. Overview, issue report, crawled pages, found resources, found links, crawl comparison, page changes monitor.

website audit

Backlink monitor. Backlinks, domains, anchor texts, pages, IP’s/subnets, disavow.

backlink monitor

Social media. Dashboard, Facebook metrics, Twitter metrics.

social media

As you can see, you can easily get a lot of information with a single click. So regardless of your experience, it is a very intuitive and easy SEO tool.

SEO tools.

Next, I will focus on the tools in the top menu. I will explain to you how to use them and how you can benefit from using them.

seo tools
Keyword Research

Let’s start with Keyword research. Click on “Keyword research” on the top menu. All you need to do is type a keyword, click search, and get a complete analysis with search volume, difficulty, CPC, and more.

It also provides a list with related keywords, making your search for less competitive keywords even easier.

In my opinion, the keyword research module is straightforward to use and visually provides excellent information.

keyword research
Competitive Research

This can be a potent method to learn what works for your competitors. All you need is your competitor’s URL and click search. You will get plenty of valuable information like organic traffic, organic keywords, referring domains, their top pages, and more.

You can use this data to your advantage to create articles people love from your competitors and even use some of their best organic keywords.

competitive research
Backlink Checker

Another powerful tool that will allow you to learn referring domains, linked pages, number of backlinks and much more.

You can access more detailed information by clicking directly on each graphic or section. Again, all you need to do is to type an URL and click “Search.”

This is a great way to find out who is linking to your competitors. You could try to reach them for a backlink for similar or more updated content you may have on your site.

backlink checker
Report Builder

Reports are great to see a lot of information visually with a single click.

On the top menu, click on Report Builder > Generate a report > Select a website > Create. It will create a visual report instantly.

Here you change the date range, templates, and format to export the report. This is great for you as a user and for presenting the information to a client efficiently and cleanly.

I personally use this report quite a lot for my clients and me since the data is clear and easy to understand.

report buider
SEO Tools

In the top menu, you can get access to several SEO tools. But the most practical of all of them is the SEO on page checker.

This tool allows you to analyze in-depth the SEO on a single page. To do that, click on SEO tools > On-page SEO checker and add the URL and the search query and click on “Run the audit.

page audit

The audit will take a few minutes. Once it is finished, you will be able to see the different factors preventing you from ranking higher and the suggested solutions. As you scroll down, you can see each of the issues and how you can fix them to improve your overall score.

website audit

As you can see, this is a very powerful feature that SE Ranking provides.

Finally, after testing almost every single feature, I can say the interface is very user-friendly. Even for people without experience using this kind of tool before or without SEO knowledge, SE Ranking user experience is delightful.

They provide explanations into what the issues are and how you can fix them. That is why I think even inexperienced users can take advantage of this software.

4. SE Ranking Support. |

se ranking support

SE Ranking support works with a chat you can access at any time at the bottom right corner.

The SE Ranking team typically replies within a few hours, but it lacks 24/7 support. So in this category, it wouldn’t be fair to give them five stars. However, their predisposition and the quality of the service certainly make them deserve four stars.

When checking what other users think about them on Trustpilot, the reviews are excellent overall:

se ranking trustpilot

I then filtered the reviews by “support,” and there were only a few negative ones related to billing issues. The rest were all good. So personally, I think SE Ranking can be rated four stars in this category.

5. SE Ranking Pricing Plans. |

se ranking pricing
SE Ranking Pricing

In my opinion, SE Ranking offers one of the most affordable SEO services in the industry.

You can select one of their three different plans:

The Optimum plan; $31/month

  • 250 keywords
  • 10 websites
  • Website Audit for 25,000 pages
  • Monitor 5,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 20 domains/day
  • Keyword Grouper
  • SEO/PPC Competitor Research
  • On-Page Checker for 150 pages
  • Marketing Plan
  • Custom SEO Reporting
  • Social Media Analytics and Management
  • Subaccounts

The Plus plan; $71/month

  • 1,000 keywords
  • Website Audit for 150,000 pages
  • Monitor 25,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 100 domains/day
  • Keyword Grouper
  • SEO/PPC Competitor Research
  • On-Page Checker for 450 pages
  • Marketing Plan
  • Custom SEO Reporting
  • Social Media Analytics and Management
  • Subaccounts
  • Monitor Pages for Changes: 100
  • SEO/PPC Database Expansion: 10,000
  • White Label

The Enterprise plan; $151/month

  • 2,500 keywords
  • Website Audit for 250,000 pages
  • Monitor 75,000 backlinks
  • Check backlinks for 300 domains/day
  • Keyword Grouper
  • SEO/PPC Competitor Research
  • On-Page Checker for 750 pages
  • Marketing Plan
  • Custom SEO Reporting
  • Social Media Analytics and Management
  • Subaccounts
  • Monitor Pages for Changes: 250
  • SEO/PPC Database Expansion: 25,000
  • White Label
  • API

SE Ranking is quickly gaining adepts for its feature at an affordable price. Something very uncommon in the SEO world.

I don’t think there is another tool this good for the price range, hence my five stars on this category.

SE Ranking Alternatives.

SE Ranking is very versatile. But it may lack the power of other tools in niche keyword research. Some of the best SE Ranking alternatives out there are:

  • Keysearch: Keysearch is the most affordable yet powerful SEO service for keyword research. It is the low-cost version to find great keyword opportunities, brainstorming keywords, competitor analysis, and more. In my opinion, the combo SE Ranking + Keysearch is just the perfect combination for any entrepreneur. You get the best of both worlds only at a fraction of the price compared with most SEO tools.
  • SEMrush. This is one of the best-known tools for SEO, specifically for keyword research. It is a feature-rich tool, offering detailed PPC data, CRM-style link outreach features, phone support, and more generous project and reporting limits. You cannot get wrong with this keyword suggestion tool.
  • Ahrefs. This is probably the favorite tool in the SEO community. It is an excellent option for users who need data from multiple search engines, and its pricing for businesses requiring various accounts is considerably more competitive than Semrush’s.

SE Ranking Review: Is it really worth the money?

se ranking review (ratings)

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business, I’d say it is totally worth it. The number of practical features it offers, the friendly interface, and the very affordable prices make this tool a must-have in the SEO world.

Also, it offers a 14 day free trial. So you can try it without compromise before you commit to using this tool. But I can guarantee you that you’ll find out it provides excellent value for money if you try.

So why don’t you give it a try?

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