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SERP Empire Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and Alternatives

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Are you looking for methods to improve your website´s SEO and wondering if SERP Empire is worth it?

In this SERP Empire review, I will check the features, ease of use, and, mainly, whether this tool can really help you improve your rankings through CTR.

So, if you are struggling to see results with other methods to improve your rankings and are curious if this method and tool actually works, stay around because I will show how it works and my results.

Let´s dive in!

Note: This is a sponsored post, but the reviews given to each section below are only my personal opinion after testing this tool.

SERP Empire Review At A Glance

SERP Empire is an SEO tool for boosting online visibility and climbing the SERP rankings through CTR. It ingeniously sends organic-like traffic to mimic real interest, which helps to improve your website rankings.

Even though it offers a clean interface, I would not say it is simple to use, especially for inexperienced SEO users. Having said so, the learning curve is small, and it has a very automated process that can offer results at a fraction of the price of similar services.

So, if you want to see if CTR manipulation can elevate your website’s keyword rankings, click the button below and give it a go with the free trial.

SERP Empire Pros and Cons


Enhances online visibility
Increases organic website traffic
Great flexibility when setting campaigns
“Magic” targeting automation
Cheaper than similar tools


The setup process can be confusing
It can take time to see the results
Risk of penalties if not used properly

What is SERP Empire?

SERP Empire tool overview

SERP Empire is a tool designed to enhance online visibility and improve search engine result page (SERP) rankings for websites and businesses. It offers features aimed at increasing website traffic through organic search results, providing users with a strategic edge in digital marketing.

But how does it work? You might ask.

SERP Empire operates by sending real, organic-looking traffic to your website to simulate genuine user interest. This strategy aims to trick search engines into believing that your content is highly relevant for certain keywords, thus improving your SERP rankings. The tool utilizes a network of diversified IPs and devices to ensure the traffic appears authentic and avoids detection by search engines. This process helps in boosting the visibility and credibility of your website in the eyes of search algorithms.

CTR Manipulation

Click-Through Rate (CTR) manipulation with is a technique aimed at artificially inflating the number of clicks a website receives from search engine results pages (SERPs) to improve its ranking.

SERP Empire’s tool is designed to simulate real user clicks on search results, which can send signals to search engines that a particular page is relevant and valuable to users for certain queries. By increasing the CTR of a webpage, the tool purports to help boost the page’s position in SERPs, as search engines like Google often consider user engagement metrics as a factor in their ranking algorithms. SERP Empire provides automated organic traffic with customizable options such as targeting by keywords, countries, and even states, allowing for a more tailored approach to CTR manipulation.

In summary, this service aims to enhance the popularity and relevance of a website, potentially leading to higher organic rankings and increased visibility in search results.

So, Is it safe to use SERP empire?

It depends on how you use it.

Using this tool to unnaturally inflate daily searches or setting up a suspicious traffic pattern (like setting 60% mobile traffic when 70% of your traffic comes from desktop) can risk a penalty for your website. However, if you use the tool’s automatic settings or align it with your keyword’s average search volume and your usual traffic source ratio, maintaining a natural appearance for your traffic, you should not have any issues.

SERP Empire Features

SERP Empire features

When it comes to features, SERP Empire offers a comprehensive suite of functions designed to improve your website rankings. These are the main ones:

  • Realistic Traffic Generation: By simulating genuine user behavior, it helps in enhancing the site’s credibility and search engine trust.
  • Keyword Targeting: Targets specific search terms to improve rankings precisely where needed.
  • Geographic Targeting: You can focus your efforts on audiences from certain locations, boosting local visibility.
  • Device and Browser Diversification: You can diverse visiting profiles to prevent patterns that could be flagged as artificial.
  • Detailed Analytics: Offers insights to fine-tune strategies and understand the impact on rankings, including the ranking evolution of your keywords.

After testing this tool, I´d say it includes powerful features for safe CTR campaigns since it allows you to fine-tune every detail.

SERP Empire ease of Use

In this section, I will test the usability of this tool and guide you through the process of creating campaigns.

Getting started

Step #1. First, head to and introduce your email to get started for free:

Step #2. Check your email, set up your password, and log in with your credentials.

The process to start using this tool for free is very easy. Next, let´s see how to use it.

How to set up a campaign

I admit setting up a campaign is not as straightforward as I thought. I would not say it is difficult either, but it is definitely easy to miss some of the steps for a proper setup. I will elaborate on this as I explain the process.

I have used one of my testing websites to ensure results are not influenced by any other of my marketing efforts.

Step #1. Login to your account if you haven´t, and click the “Create a new campaign” button.

Step #2. Leave the “Google SEO” option marked for websites. You can also select Google My Business for local SEO.
Insert a name for your campaign and include the target URL you want to use for your campaign and click the “Create” button.

Step #3. Next, click on “settings” to fine-tune the campaign.

Step #4. This is where you need to include all the details. I suggest you take your time and do this properly to avoid any possible penalty check data from your Google Analytics and include your approximate values of “mobile searches” and bounce rate. You do not need to be exact, but at least try to make it look natural. Do the same with traffic during the week and click the “Modify” button when you are done. You can see my exact configuration below:

Step #5. Next, scroll up into this same screen and click on the campaign name, which will take you to the country configuration.

Step #6. You should now see the country targeting screen. You can click on either of the buttons to add your country and keywords.

Step #7. Select your target country from the list, and click the “add new country button.” Here, you can also click the magic configuration, and it will automatically populate all the keywords for you. But, I prefer to do this manually and include only a few keywords I am interested in.

Step #8. Now, this is the tricky part. Here, you want to know the approximate search volume of the keywords you want to target. I have used SE ranking for this purpose, and I have learned that my main keyword has an average monthly searches of 720:

So I have divided this number by 30 for natural behaviour and have done the same for the other keywords. Once you are done, click “Modify”.

Congratulations, you now have your first campaign set and working!

As I said, it is not as intuitive as it could. And even though the magic configuration can help more inexperienced users, I think the process should be streamlined into a more logic sequence screen after screen.

SERP Empire Support

You can easily contact the support team via the icon at the bottom of the platform.

SERP Empire offers dedicated customer support to assist users with any issues or questions they might have while using the tool. Their support team is known for being responsive and helpful, ensuring that users can effectively navigate and utilize the platform for their SEO needs.

This support is essential for troubleshooting, learning best practices, and maximizing the tool’s potential to improve website rankings.

Lastly, I always like to see other users’ experiences with support to have a better idea about how they work, and they have an overall 4,3 and 5 in Trustpilot.

My personal experience was a responsive support team, so I cannot complain here.

Serp Empire Pricing

The pricing structure in this tool is created by monthly searches. I think this is a clever structure since you can choose what suits you best.

For instance, if your keywords do not have many monthly searches, 1,000 monthly searches can be enough for a niche website to see results.

Alternatively, you can change and adapt to your needs on a monthly basis, depending on your budget.

From a competence point of view, I have to say SERP Empire offers one of the most affordable solutions while providing results. So this is a big win. I understand the price is not cheap, but if you play your cards correctly, the ROI can really make it worth it.

Serp Empires Test: Case Study

By now, I am sure you are thinking, ” Okay, Sergio, I have had enough. What I really want to know is whether it works or not.

Well, I have conducted a test with several keywords on several websites for two weeks, and here are my results. It is important to mention that the results of these tests are only after 2 weeks of campaign. It is recommended at least a month to see results.

Let’s start with the “dog activity tracker” keyword we used as an example. This keyword was ranked around position 50 and have stayed there for most of the time.

A few weeks later after implementing a CTR campaign, the ranking did not really improve.

Now, this is an example of a keyword that was ranking around 50+. But what happens if we do the same with keywords with better rankings but not ranking on page one?

I created several campaigns for different sites. This time, the keywords were generally ranking in positions 10 to 20. Some others are ranking from 5 to 10, and I was looking to push them to the top 5.

And what was the result for the keywords?

This one, for instance, started at position 7.

After ten days of campaign, it gained three positions, making it to the top 5.

This other started ranking 15.

And after 10 days, it just gained one position.

Finally, this is the overall result for all my campaigns: It worked for some keywords, and it did not for some others.

So does it work? If you ask me, and based on my testing:

  • It might work if you use it on keywords ranking 15+ and for pages that are already SEO optimized.
  • It might not work for any other conditions. And if it does, I doubt the improvement can have a real impact.

Try a few different campaigns by yourself and only then you’ll know.

SERP Empire Alternatives

Some of the alternatives to this tool are:


SerpClix is a notable alternative to SERP Empire that focuses on improving organic CTR. Unlike some other tools that might use bots, SerpClix employs real people to click on search results, which can be less risky and more effective in mimicking genuine user behavior.

SerpClix allows users to order clicks from real clickers, which in turn can help to increase the CTR of a website and potentially improve its SERP ranking. The service provides flexibility in terms of targeting options, including country and browser type, and is designed to avoid patterns that could be flagged as unnatural by search engines.

Search SEO

SearchSEO is presented as a competitor to both SERP Empire and SerpClix. It offers high-quality clicks to improve CTR and, consequently, SEO rankings. SearchSEO provides a traffic generator that mimics human behavior, with features such as different IPs, devices, and residential proxies to make the traffic appear as organic as possible.

The platform also allows for targeting by country, city, and even the behavior of the visitors, which can be crucial for campaigns that need a specific audience. By using SearchSEO, users can create a more natural-looking set of data for search engines to analyze, potentially improving their site’s visibility and click-through rates.


TrafficBotPro is a sophisticated and automated web traffic bot that simulates real human browsing behaviors. This tool can help in improving CTR by generating fake traffic, which includes multiple strategies like using residential IPs, randomizing click paths, mouse movements, and page staying time to mimic real user interaction as closely as possible.

While this method may offer short-term gains in CTR, it’s important to consider the potential risks associated with using bots, as they may violate search engine policies and could potentially harm a site’s reputation if detected.

SEO Rank Hunter

SEO Rank Hunter is a comprehensive SEO tool designed to empower businesses and website owners looking for higher search engine rankings. This tool stands out for its ability to help users uncover hidden opportunities and track competitors, which can be instrumental in formulating effective SEO strategies.

One of the key features of SEO Rank Hunter is its keyword tracking capabilities. Users can monitor their rankings for specific keywords, which is essential for understanding how well their content is performing in search results.

SERP Empire Review: Is it really worth the money?

Let me be clear here: there are no magical tools in SEO. It is not for you if your content is not ranking at all or is not optimized. Also, you need a basic understanding of the best keywords to target and how to set it up if you want to see some results.

However, it is for you if you have some SEO knowledge or want to use it for keywords already ranking in positions 6 to 15 that can likely see a ranking boost.

I can also see value for SEO freelancers or agencies that want to improve SEO campaigns for their clients.

In any case, since they offer a free trial, I suggest you give it a try and check for yourself whether it is worth it.

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