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What are niche trends?

Niche trends are the gateway to success for any online business. Niche trends focus on the interest in certain topics over time. This will help you identify if your niche idea is growing in interest over time or is falling.

Checking niche trends should probably be your first step to start validating your niche ideas. Luckily, there is a straightforward method you can use to check trends- Use Google Trends.

Google Trends is a tool designed by Google specifically for this. So if you want to create a niche business and would like to know if there is interest in your niche idea, checking on Google Trends will certainly help you.

trending niches

When it comes to niche trends, there are many methods you can use. But in terms of effectiveness, I will recommend to you my top 3, which are the ones I use.

Method 1. Trends24.

Trends24 is a website that monitors the last 24h of trends in Twitter, which makes it way more effective than checking directly on Twitter.

Simply head to Trends24, and this is what you’ll see:

trends24 showing Twitter trends
  1. You can filter by location. This might be helpful if you want to focus on a local niche.
  2. You can easily find the top Twitter trends worldwide.
  3. Twitter trends appear categorized by hours. This way you don’t miss any.

This is a very simple and straightforward method that can help you find what is trending. And the best is that you don’t even need a Twitter account.

Not many people know about this, and actually is tremendously helpful. With this method, you can find trends that are working good specifically for this platform. So if you own an ecommerce business, this can be extremely helpful to find trending products and niche products.

All you need to do is to go to Pinterest Trends, and research the information displayed:

pinterest trends

As you can see, you can find potential niche ideas with this method. You can search by categories and then keep browsing ideas by clicking on the arrows.

So this is another great method to find niche trends according to what users are looking for in this platform. If you are in an eCommerce niche and use Pinterest for marketing, this can work incredibly well.

And again, you don’t even need to have a Pinterest account to check Pinterest trends.

Method 3. Exploding Topics.

Another great and free tool that can help you find niche trends before anyone else does.

This is what you need to do:

Step #1. Go to Exploding Topics.

Step #2. Filter by time and by category to find niche ideas:

exploding topics

Step #3. Browse the different trend ideas focusing on regular topics (blue) and exploding topics (green.) Avoid peaked topics (red) since they would be too competitive already.

exploding topics graphs

This can be a compelling way to find profitable niche trends before they actually explode. So you might want to keep an eye on this one.

Lastly, you can also check this post on how to find a profitable niche market.

trending products

If you have an eCommerce niche website, you might want to find trending products.

Again, there are many ways you can check for trending products, but I mainly use two, which are more than enough to verify what products are working.

Method 1. Use Amazon For Physical Products.

Amazon is a great resource to find trending products.

All you need to do is:

Step #1. Head to Amazon and click ‘All‘ at the left of the search bar and choose a category you are interested

amazon search bar

Step #2. Leave the search box blank and hit ‘enter’

Step #3. Now you have two ways to find your niche products.

Option 1: scroll down, and you will immediately find the best-selling products. These are the most trending products within a certain category, which means there is a serious demand:

Amazon trending products

Option 2: On the left panel, you can click on the desired department to go sub-niche and find more trending products:

Once you click on the selected category, all you need to do is to look for the ‘best-seller’ tag.

Also, look for products with lots of reviews (preferably more than 100+) as that is another good sign for trending products.

Following the same concept, you can perform searches for trending products in Ebay, Alibaba, Walmarkt, etc.

Method 2. Use Clickbank For Digital Products.

Clickbank is ‘The Amazon’ for digital products. It’s the largest retailer of digital products on the net, making it a prime platform for exploring opportunities in digital transformation in retail.

By checking their affiliate marketplace, you can find many interesting niche products.

Step #1. Go to Clickbank marketplace. Then, select a category from the left panel.

Step #2. Next, sort the category results by “Gravity”. Products with high gravity are the most trending products.

The Gravity number is a unique algorithm from Clickbank that considers the number of unique affiliates who have sold at least 1 copy of that product in the past 7 days. So the higher the gravity of a product, the more affiliates are promoting it and making sales.

clickbank filter

Step #3. Analyze the results and look for the keywords used. These digital products have high ‘gravity’ because they are demanded products. So they are good ideas you might want to tap on.

Both of these techniques will help you find popular niche products for your eCommerce business.

analyze trend

Once you find trending niche ideas, is time to validate them.

You can easily do this by checking Google Trends:

Step #1. Go to Google Trends.

Step #2. Type your niche or topic on the bar and click on the “topic” result.

google trend homepage

When validating a niche, topics are more relevant than search terms.

  • When you search for terms, it will show matches for all the words in a query.
  • When you search for topics, it will refer to a group of terms that share the same concept. So the result is broader.

So you want to focus on topics whenever is possible. However, emerging niches won’t probably have “Topics” available yet. In that case, you can use a search term to get an idea about how popular it is and to know if people are looking for it.

Step #3. After you click on your result, a graphic with interest over time will show. Here you can filter by time and categories. I have set it to location “worldwide” and for the past “5 years.” This will give you a good idea about the trend evolution.

google trend graphic

For this example, I have used one of the trends I found previously in Exploding Topics, ‘Caloric Deficit.’

This is a great niche trend example where interest has boosted over time. It is a trend that has been quite stable for years, then in 2020, started to grow on interest until even doubling numbers in 2022.

It is a clear sign that a business in the ‘Caloric Deficit’ niche can definitively be profitable since there is a real interest in the topic.

Also, if you scroll down, you will find some related topics and queries. This could be very helpful to know what kind of content you should include on your website.

google trends related topics

Lastly, there is one important note when checking trends- New trending topics such as new products, new procedures, or new services might not show a big interest over time in this tool. And this is because Google Trends needs time and a lot of data to present these numbers.

So if you think you found a new trend and want to validate your idea, but this method does not work, I suggest you check on popular forums and social media and find if people are already asking for it. That could be a good indicator and give you some insights about a lack of information you could fulfill.

In this section, I will provide you with popular niches in 2023, based on niche trends analysis on Google Trends.

niche list

1. Beard Oil.

beard oil trend

I have been a beard oil user for years. But I have never been so many good options as these past years.

Since beards became popular, the need for products to take good care of them flourished. But it was a really unknown market where many businesses jumped without real quality products.

Now, I do have a favorite brand, and even though their website is not fabulous, their products are, which makes people like me go back every month for more. And same as me, many people have found a confident brand where users keep coming back every month. So this can be a great niche trend to exploit.

2. Home Office.

It is clear that Covid impacted many businesses and also created new necessities.

Home offices are one without a doubt. Although many people were forced to work remotely, many companies discovered they could reduce expenses by sending people to work from home. This has created a high demand for products and accessories to convert your home into a comfortable space where to work.

Also, digital nomads is are more present than ever, which takes me to number #3.

3. Digital Nomads.

digital nomads trend

The rapid growth of digital nomads during the last years have been considerable.

The job culture is not what it used to be anymore. Now people don’t stick a desk for years. The ‘new’ trend is for people to work remotely. This provides a liberty of movement and freedom almost everybody wants to experience.

Also, Covid kept increasing these numbers during the last year. What is sure is that are many who crave this lifestyle. So an online business with tips about becoming a digital nomad or must-have products for digital nomads can only but succeed.

4. Home Gym.

Home gyms are another clear trend that peaked soon after the Covid outbreak.

Since we all were locked down for a while and could not attend gyms, and with very limited mobility, the necessity to exercise at home appeared.

For people with a gym routine, working out at home without proper equipment was not enough. So they needed to re-invent their routines.

As a result, many of these people ended up building a great gym home and did not feel the necessity to keep paying for a gym membership. Also, many fitness websites niched down to home gym routines and equipment to take advantage of this growing demand.

5. Baby Clothes.

baby clothes trend

The maternity and baby niches have always been in demand. But it seems that Covid also positively impacted this niche since there is a clear growth since March 2020.

It has been during the last years when baby related stuff has proved to be a very profitable niche business. Especially for moms using Pinterest to promote their content.

So my personal advice on this one is to create a niche website focused on baby clothes and take advantage of Pinterest’s audience, who seem very interested in this topic.

6. sustainable fashion.

Have you noticed that most of the biggest fashion brands are including lots of sustainble fashion on their latest campaigns?

People are growing more conscious about the impact of unsustainable clothes, so if big brands want to keep selling, they needed to adapt to new trends, which is exactly what they are doing.

The graphic above clearly shows the growing interest in this topic which certainly will keep growing over time. However, since there are many big players in this industry, I would suggest you niche down one more level and provide something specific.

Big brands work with generic stuff, but if you create a line of ‘sustainable fashion for young adults,’ you could cater much better to this audience than a big brand could with generic clothes.

7. Cat Litter.

Have you seen the growth of ‘Cat litter’ over the last few years?

It looks insane how a niche product like a cat litter have almost doubled interest 5 years until now.

But if you think about it, it kind of make sense- More people tend to have cats, plus more people have access to the internet. So searches for this topic might be associated with a new generation with resources the older generation did not have to find cat litters. They simply went to the closest pet store and buy one, and kept doing that over the years.

But now, not only the size and design of cat litters are different: There is no odor cat litter, self-cleaning cat litter box, and many other products that keep showing for the comfort of both your pet and yourself.

This provides a great market opportunity without doubt.

8. Gaming Chairs.

gaming chair trend

This is other of the niche trends examples with an exponential growth.

Since Google acquired Youtube, exposure to videos increased a lot.

Gamers are known because most of the content they create is in the form of video. And many of them became quite famous and suddenly many followers wanted to have the same cool chair they were using.

Some other users just found the comfort these chairs could offer.

For one thing or another, gaming chairs seem to have found their place not only inside the gamer’s public but also for people working at home who simply wanted a chair upgrade.

9. AI Marketing.

AI marketing trend

If you want to tap into the future, you should look at this niche because it will become very competitive very soon.

Marketing has always been one of the most profitable niches and one of the most competitive ones. However, in this new era where Ai marketing is just starting to be developed, you still have a chance to make some money.

This might be a good opportunity to create an authority website and make money with affiliate marketing strategies.

10. Cryptocurrency Exchange.

This is probably one of the strongest niche trends with lots of potential, although it needs monitoring to confirm its exponential growth.

We live in a time where new cryptocurrencies appear constantly. So there will be a need to control cryptocurrency exchanges.

You could do that by creating an app with real data or a website where to convert cryptocurrencies with news and tips. However you do it, this can certainly make one of the most profitable niches on this list.



Niche trends are a powerful weapon to create a profitable niche website or simply to find niche products that can make you money.

With this guide, you should be able to find what is trendy at any time with the use of free tools and in no time!

Once you find a trend that could work, my recommendation is to check my niche research article to validate your idea and then create a profitable niche website.

Last but not least, you might want to visit this article with trending niches in 2023.

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