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Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA- Guide for Amazon Sellers.

best products to sell on Amazon FBA

Are you trying hard to decide about the best products to sell on Amazon FBA? Well, you are not alone.

As an Amazon FBA seller, finding the right product is critical to your business success. With more than 400 million products selling on Amazon, niching down and finding the best products to sell on Amazon FBA can be a long and arduous journey.

Knowing what products to sell and finding the right niche to put your efforts into can be difficult for even the most experienced sellers. To cut this chase short, I will help you overcome this issue with this guide.

In this guide, you’ll learn the criteria for a product to be called the best, examples of products to sell on Amazon FBA, actionable steps to find the right products, and much more.

Let’s get started.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

Product Criteria

If you’re after the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, then you should be aware of the product criteria that ensure a product is right for you to sell on Amazon FBA.

What Products Should You Sell On Amazon FBA?

When you’re just starting on Amazon FBA, it’s tempting to opt for well-known brands and sell their products. Amazon is a place where buyers look to find reliable and high-quality yet affordable products.

Good Products vs Bad Products

There are some good products based on some characteristics which should be the ones you should focus on. These characteristics make them the right kind of products to sell on Amazon FBA. The key to finding ‘good products’ is to conduct product research and find products that sell–because your business needs customers for its survival and growth.

As novice Amazon FBA sellers, leave the big products to big names, which are ‘bad products’ for you based on the competition level. Instead, focus on products that make your business easy and straightforward.

Characteristics of good products that you should sell on Amazon FBA are the following:

  • Small, robust, and lightweight.
  • Products priced between $10-$50.
  • Private label products can be less expensive to purchase because they don’t come from big names, meaning higher profit margins.
  • Low competition – providing a chance to enter the market.

With these criteria in mind, you’ll be able to filter out products that are not right for you to sell on Amazon FBA. These criteria help you conduct instant research and makes the product research task less overwhelming and daunting.

Amazon buyers don’t buy bulky, expensive, and branded products impulsively. So it’s crucial to opt for small, lightweight, and robust products, which fall into the impulse buy category.

Examples Of Products To Sell On Amazon FBA.

Once you know the product criteria, it becomes easier to refine product ideas. The proper categories to target as an Amazon FBA seller include Arts, Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Household, Pet Supplies, Toys & Games, Sports & Outdoors, and a few more.

If you’re targeting Pet Supplies, then make sure to target a sub-category in your niche. The below are some of the examples of pet supplies to sell on Amazon FBA:

amazon products examples

The products in the above image are found in the sub-categories of pet supplies. All these products are small, lightweight, and easy to pack. Besides, they fall within the ideal product range ($5-$50), making them perfect for selling on Amazon FBA.

Finding Products To Sell On Amazon.

Given the popularity of Amazon, it is no wonder that you want to be (or you are already) an Amazon FBA seller. Amazon is one of the most profitable sites on the internet.

But the massive collection of products available on this marketplace might make you apprehensive. All across Amazon’s catalog, there are more than 12 million products altogether — what are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA and which products are likely to produce a higher ROI? Apparels? Kitchen appliances? Pet items…?

Fortunately, finding what to sell on Amazon FBA and how to sell them is not as difficult as one might think. You can do most of your search on the site itself.

To ensure that you choose the right product with low risk and high return, I have compiled the following actionable steps to help you conduct impeccable product research.

1. Use An Amazon Keyword Research Tool.

Jungle Scout

Using a sophisticated keyword research tool, you can kickstart your hunt for the best products to sell on Amazon. Jungle Scout is one of the best data-driven Amazon keyword research tools.

Search by your target keyword or product in Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout, and you’ll be able to know the exact search volume.

This information is valuable to you as it helps to know whether a considerable number of people are searching for it or not.

Many people are very reluctant to spend money on some extra tools, but here is one thing- when this tool saves you hours of research and can make you more money than you would do without it, to me, the real issue is not to have it!

So I suggest you give Jungle Scout a try. Worst case scenario if it does not work for you, stop using it. But it will work.

2. Find Low Competition Keywords Triggering Product Ads On Google.

Google Ads can play a significant role in your Amazon FBA success, so you need to find keywords that trigger Products Ads on Google. It would help if you found low competition keywords because they are more qualified and more likely to convert.

To find low competition keywords triggering Products Ads on Google, do the following steps using a tool like SEMrush:

  • Select your product niche ideas
  • Select All Keyword Ideas
  • Select Shopping results
  • Select Low Keyword difficulty
low competition keywords

See the SERP of each keyword, and if you find that low DR sites are ranking for these keywords, it means these are low competition keywords.

3. Use WatchCount To See What EBay Products Sell.


One helpful way to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA is to identify hot-selling products on eBay and source them for your Amazon store. You can use WatchCount to find the most popular products on eBay.

WatchCount displays the most popular products on eBay based on the votes given to products by users.

If your target niche is leggings, find out the most-watched leggings on eBay by searching it on WatchCount. Find out the potential items and sell them on your Amazon FBA.

4. Use Amazon Search And Amazon Reviews To Find Product Market Gaps.

One of the best ways to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA is to identify market gaps and fill them. All you need to do is to do a simple organic search on Amazon for long-tail keywords in your niche.

If you’re planning to sell “women leggings,” you’ll find over 30,000 results for women leggings on Amazon.

Amazon search bar

However, if you search for “pink women leggings for cycling,” there are only 1,000 results. You can exploit this market gap and use it to your benefit.

amazon search bar

 This is an excellent example of narrowing down your product search and find a market gap in your niche.

Thousands of Amazon FBA sellers are already selling leggings, but a particular type of leggings is missing. It indicates a significant market gap that needs to be filled by someone.

Alternatively, another great way to find a market gap is by reading customer reviews. Under a product, you’ll find plenty of reviews by customers complaining about a similar issue in the product. You might be able to identify that customers are unsatisfied and desperately need a better solution. This is your chance to fill that market gap by introducing a better version of the product.

5. Search Alibaba For White Label Products.

You can use Alibaba to find lucrative white label products that have the potential to sell big. Selling white label products under your own brand name is a great way to build your brand on Amazon FBA.

Alibaba search

In case your category is Pet Supplies, and niche is dog collars & leashes, search for the product on Alibaba. You’ll find many overseas suppliers selling white label products. Find out the hot-selling items on Alibaba and offer them on your Amazon FBA.

6. Check Amazon Best Selling Categories.

One of the best places to search for finding the best products to sell on Amazon FBA is Amazon itself. More specifically, Amazon’s Best Selling categories are where you need to go. This includes not only ‘bestsellers’ but ‘movers and shakers’ and ‘gift ideas’ categories as well.

From here, you can get valuable insights on what are the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

Amazon best selling

All of the tabs on the right side of ‘Best Sellers‘ are highly useful when conducting product research.

Go to the category you’re targeting and view the top 100 Best Selling items in that category. The key here is to go deep into the sub-categories. Don’t opt for the product that the number one seller is selling; choose a sub-category and find the top 100 Best Selling items in that sub-category.

amazon best selling categories

You can see that we selected Pet Supplies as our major category in the above photo, then chose Dogs, and niche-down to Collars, Harnesses & Leads. Do the same for the type of product you’re trying to target and find the product from Best Sellers that fit the Product Criteria.

Further search about the product and source a similar but better version of the product that fills the potential market gaps.

7. Use Source Mogul to find the best product to sell on amazon.

Source Mogul

When starting on Amazon FBA, the ideal approach is to target a low difficulty niche so you can get going effortlessly. You can use Source Mogul to find low difficulty niches.

This is a very powerful tool that will make all the heavy lifting for you. SourceMogul scans over 20 million products per month to help you find profitable deals before anyone else.

All you need to do is to search for profitable products automatically by supplier or category, set your desired profit, ROI, purchase price, and sales rank to filter your results, and you’ll get your list of best products.

As simple and quick as that, Source Mogul is one of the best options for finding the best products to sell on Amazon FBA effortlessly.

8. Reverse Engineer Top Industry Amazon Affiliate Publishers.

Reverse engineering the proven strategies of top industry Amazon Affiliate Publishers is a great way to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

  • Find out the top publishers in your niche and discover their outgoing links in an SEO tool like SEMrush.
  • Find out the links they are sending to Amazon and to which products.

These big players invest a lot into data and analytics to focus their efforts on the right items. You can mimic them and sell similar kinds of items they are selling through affiliate marketing.

9. Research Trending Topics On Google Trends.

Often neglected, Google Trends can be a great addition to your tools for researching the right products to sell on Amazon FBA. Find out the trending topics on Google Trends and identify the popular products selling on Amazon currently.

Regardless of your desired category, Google Trends gives a comprehensive idea about popular products across Amazon. 

Google Trends is an invaluable tool for Amazon FBA sellers to hone in on the best products to sell on Amazon FBA.

leggings trend

You can search your target category to determine whether it remains a consistent trend across the year or fluctuate significantly based on the season.

10. Power Browse Amazon Listings With A Chrome Extension.

Power browsing Amazon Listings with Chrome Extensions is another valuable way to conduct keyword research on Amazon.

Two of the most popular Chrome Extensions are Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher.

Jungle Scout is excellent at showing products with their monthly sales volume, products with low competition, and lets you track products over time. Without the shadow of a doubt, Jungle Scout is one of the most powerful Chrome Extensions with sophisticated analytics to help you quickly find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. However, it’s a relatively expensive product.

If you want an alternative to Jungle Scout, then Unicorn Smasher is a great option. It’s not as sophisticated as Jungle Scout, but it does most of the job. If you’re just starting on Amazon FBA with a low budget, then use it.

How To Decide What To Sell On Amazon.

After knowing how to find the best products to sell on Amazon FBA, you need to learn how to decide what to sell.

If you already have a complete idea of what you want to sell, you can use the following tips to decide what to sell:

  • Leverage data such as Amazon and Google search volume, competition, keyword difficulty, and current market trends to decide what to sell on Amazon.
  • Identify your profit margins. Find out if you can have around 40% margin or not when selling as a retailer.
  • Find out if there are big names already selling products in your niche; if so, then make sure you have a better version of the product to offer.

The Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

The best place to figure out the best products to sell on Amazon is by checking the Amazon Best Sellers list. This is the place where you find the top-performing profitable product categories. This system is based mainly on BSR— the best sellers rank.

It defines as a unit of measurement Amazon gives to an individual product on Amazon. This system is based on recent sales and sales velocity— at the rate momentum a product has been selling currently. So the Best Seller List is an effective place to refer to current trending selling products.

Some examples of the best products to sell on Amazon FBA based on this, are:

1. Toys & Games.

toys and games

There will always be new kids coming to the world. So the toys and games category is one of those evergreen categories which can make it easy to sell products while keeping a good margin profit.

They are small, easy to manage and are in demand.

Electronics toys might be the current trend, that is why it is becoming very competitive. The trick is to stay on top of new trends and find potential good products ahead of your competition.

2. Cell Phone Accessories.

cell phones and accesories

Again, the high level of this category is incredibly competitive. So with the methods described in this post, you should narrow down the cell phone accessories targeting a smaller market.

Also, when it comes to electronics, people like to keep things tidy and functional. Things like Bluetooth earphones and solar charges became quickly popular, providing great benefits for all ahead of the curve.

This category is great to be on top of new trends since they are constantly changing. If you change with them, your chances of finding profitable products will likely increase.

3. Handmade Items.

handmade items

If you think you are good at handmade items, this is the right category for you.

You still need to research first to find out if there will be a public for your product. But if there is, handmade products are unique, which gives them an added value.

Are many who look for items nobody else has, so exclusivity and quality products comes at a price.

4. Kitchen & Home.

kitchen and home

This particular category is very vast and has been a best-selling category on Amazon for a while.

This category includes kitchen appliances, furniture, homeware products, kitchen & dining, arts & crafts, lighting, and much more.

This category works so well because most of the items fall into the “good products category” mentioned at the beginning of the post. They are practical, not too big, and prices are very affordable.

If you add a different design touch or unique functionalities, you got yourself a best seller.

5. Sports & Outdoors.

sports and outdoors

During 2020, this specific category just skyrocketed in terms of sales and popularity, with close to outdoor restrictions put well in place.

People just started to buy home gym equipment, with noticeably inflated prices. But whatever it is, as per trends, it seems it’s likely to skyrocket in terms of sales even greater in 2022.

6. Office Products.

office best sellers

Office products on amazon are a sub-category of the Electronics category. This category might appear entirely random, but you will be surprised at how many sales it successfully picks up.

Millions of people were asked and forced to work from home during the last year, and many continue to do so. It’s apparent that people will need office supplies, no matter whether a webcam, laptop, printer inks, highlighters, whiteboards, etc. So you can consider that niche as well.

7. Grocery.


This category on Amazon includes cereal, beverages, cooking, and baking supplies, with rice, pasta, cleaning supplies, and much more. According to the stats, in the 2020 UK lockdown, pasta, rice, and flour were the most panic-bought products, almost left empty all shelves in supermarkets.

So if you consider picking up this category, you could probably experience more increased and rapid sales, solving a current time problem for customers.

Although keeping in mind the current situation, the panic buying may not be as abrupt as it was, but those who don’t choose to walk around supermarkets may definitely turn to some grocery items

8. Books.


While the significant rise of Kindle has badly messed up the paperback marketplace, books continue to have stable sales on Amazon.

Indeed, hardcover books are here to stay for longer. Undoubtedly, textbooks are the most popular category on Amazon, and they usually have a significant margin.


Deciding what products to sell on Amazon FBA will impact your Amazon FBA journey significantly. You should conduct comprehensive product research following the above steps.

Find valuable products for your target audience and sell them at competitive prices to make consistent sales.

Offering valuable products on your Amazon store is more important than ever. Therefore, only provide products that fit the criteria mentioned above. It will help you refine your product ideas and discover valuable products in a specific niche, ultimately putting your business in a better position for succeeding in the Amazon FBA space.

Regardless of the changes implemented by Amazon and market trends, the criteria to find suitable products for Amazon FBA never changes. So laser-target your focus on refining your product ideas through these criteria!

Lastly, I suggest you also check this post about Amazon Online Arbitrage, to find the best practices and useful tips.

Now it is your turn!

Are you ready to boost your Amazon FBA sales with these tips?

Leave a comment with your answer below.

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