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12 Best Shopify Niches in 2024 & 100 Best Products To Sell.

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Are you looking for the best Shopify niches to create your online store?

There is no doubt that e-commerce is booming, so you’ll have to be crazy not to jump on this train and start benefiting from this fever.

However, not every niche is profitable; Some might not have enough interest, and some might be too competitive.

In this post, I will show you the top Shopify niches to start your own online store and some of the best products to sell based on Amazon’s best sellers.

Let’s dive in!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

What Is A Niche Store?

An online niche store is a shop that focuses on selling a narrow range of products.

When you create a niche store, all the products should be totally related to your selected niche—the more niche-specific, the better.

For instance, if you create a dropshipping store about dog food, the products offered in your store should be things like organic dog food, dry food for dogs, wet food for dogs, grain-free dog food, etc. You get the idea.

Just Food For Dogs is an excellent example of a niche dropshipping business; As the name suggests, they are totally focused on selling different kinds of food for dogs. Moreover, they have a blog to educate their audience. This is a wonderful way also to redirect readers to your shop.

Best Shopify Niches Including best products to sell on Hopify

Now let’s get started with the list containing the best Shopify niches in 2024 to create your online store:

1. Beard Products.

beard products trend

Beard products are probably one of the most popular e-commerce niches for men’s grooming during the last few years.

Most products are small, affordable, and easy to ship. Moreover, if your products are good, you are likely to receive monthly orders since products like beard oil and beard balm come in small doses and are easy to run out quickly.

Some good beard product ideas could be:

  • Organic Beard Oils: Offering a range of natural and organic beard oils with various scents and health benefits.
  • Beard Balms and Waxes: Providing styling balms and waxes that nourish and help shape beards.
  • Beard Grooming Kits: Selling comprehensive grooming kits that include beard oils, balms, combs, and scissors.
  • Beard Washes and Shampoos: Offering specialized beard cleansing products that cater to different skin and hair types.
  • Beard Brushes and Combs: Providing a variety of high-quality brushes and combs made from materials like wood, bamboo, or synthetic bristles.
  • Beard Growth Serums and Supplements: Selling products formulated to promote beard growth and thickness.
  • Beard Styling Tools: Offering tools like beard straighteners or trimmers for detailed grooming and styling.
  • Beard Dyes and Coloring Kits: Providing beard dyes in various colors for those looking to cover grays or change their beard color.
  • Travel-Sized Beard Care Products: Selling smaller, travel-friendly versions of popular beard care items.
  • Beard Care Gift Sets: Creating gift sets that bundle various beard care products, perfect for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.
Shopify store example: Big Beard Balm.

2. Jewelry.

Jewelry is presumably one of the most common Shopify niches. As you can see from the trend above, it is mostly a stable trend.

Some of the best niche Shopify stores sell Jewelry for a reason. The products are easier to manage and ship. Jewels are already great products for any Shopify store, but minimalist jewelry makes it even easier. Also, there is a great variety of products to choose from, and the margin can be quite good.

Some jewelry product ideas could be:

  • Dainty Chain Necklaces: Offering simple, elegant chain necklaces in gold, silver, or rose gold.
  • Minimalist Stud Earrings: Selling small, understated stud earrings in geometric shapes or classic designs.
  • Stackable Rings: Providing thin, stackable rings that can be mixed and matched for a subtle yet stylish look.
  • Simple Bracelets and Bangles: Offering sleek and simple bracelets and bangles that complement any outfit.
  • Minimalist Pendant Necklaces: Selling necklaces with small, delicate pendants like circles, bars, or abstract shapes.
  • Unisex Jewelry: Providing minimalist jewelry designs suitable for all genders, including simple bands and necklaces.
  • Layered Necklace Sets: Selling pre-layered necklace sets for a coordinated minimalist look.
  • Hoop Earrings: Offering a variety of small to medium-sized hoop earrings in clean, minimal designs.
  • Engravable Jewelry: Providing minimalist jewelry pieces that can be personalized with engravings.
  • Eco-Friendly Jewelry: Selling jewelry made from sustainable materials, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.
Shopify store example: Simple And Dainty.

3. Eco-friendly Products.

eco friendly products

Another popular eCommerce trend is the growing environmental conscience. Buyers seem more committed to the planet, and they search for eco-friendly products that would align with their sustainable lifestyle.

This ‘Green Market’ is targeted at environmentally-friendly shoppers. And the good news is that still has low competition.

Also, by selling eco-friendly products, you not only help to preserve the planet but also can step into this rising market.

Some eco-friendly product ideas could be:

eco friendly products ideas
  • Reusable Shopping Bags: Offering a variety of durable, stylish, and foldable reusable shopping bags to replace single-use plastic bags.
  • Biodegradable Cleaning Products: Selling eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for the environment, made with natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.
  • Bamboo Kitchenware: Providing a range of kitchenware made from bamboo, such as cutting boards, utensils, and bowls, known for its sustainability and durability.
  • Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products: Offering products like shampoo bars, biodegradable toothbrushes, and natural deodorants in plastic-free packaging.
  • Solar-Powered Gadgets: Selling gadgets that operate on solar power, such as chargers, lights, and garden accessories.
  • Compostable Phone Cases: Providing phone cases made from biodegradable materials that offer protection while being environmentally friendly.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Offering clothing and accessories made from organic, recycled, or upcycled materials.
  • Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups: Selling a variety of stylish and durable reusable water bottles and coffee cups to reduce single-use plastic waste.
  • Organic Gardening Supplies: Providing organic seeds, natural pest control solutions, and compost bins for eco-conscious gardeners.
  • Eco-Friendly Stationery: Offering stationery products made from recycled or sustainable materials, including notebooks, pens, and planners.
Shopify store example: Eco Roots.

4. Pet Products.

pet products trend

Who does not love pets, right?

Pets products are a popular Shopify niche since the number of people with pets only seems to grow. Also, pet owners always look for the welfare of their little fellas and are more than willing to spend money on them. This goes from their food which they’ll need recurrently, to toys and other accessories.

I suggest you check my pet niches report to get some more ideas.

Some pet product ideas could be:

pet products
  • Natural and Organic Pet Foods: Offering a range of healthy, organic pet food options for dogs, cats, and other animals.
  • Eco-Friendly Pet Toys: Selling toys made from sustainable, non-toxic materials that are safe for pets and the environment.
  • Smart Pet Accessories: Providing smart collars, feeders, and toys that integrate technology for pet health monitoring and interactive play.
  • Custom Pet ID Tags: Offering personalized pet ID tags in various designs and materials.
  • Pet Grooming Products: Selling natural grooming products like shampoos, brushes, and nail clippers.
  • Pet Clothing and Accessories: Offering a variety of pet clothing items, including sweaters, coats, and costumes for different seasons and occasions.
  • Travel Gear for Pets: Selling travel accessories like portable water bowls, car seat covers, and carriers for pets on the go.
  • Pet Beds and Furniture: Providing comfortable and stylish beds, cat trees, and pet-friendly furniture.
  • Health and Wellness Supplements: Offering a range of supplements and health products for pets, including vitamins, dental chews, and joint support formulas.
  • Eco-Friendly Waste Management Products: Selling biodegradable waste bags, litter, and other eco-friendly waste management solutions for pets.
Shopify store example: Petco.

5. Home office equipment.

home office equipment trend

During the last years, digital nomads and remote jobs have been on the rise. If you add the Covid-19 restrictions, which made working from home mandatory for most of the population, home office equipment’s demand suffered a peak.

And the thing is that remote work doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. A recent survey revealed that around 74% of companies intend to keep at least some of their workforce remote after the pandemic is over. So this might be a great time to get into the home office equipment niche.

Some home office product ideas could be:

home office products
  • Ergonomic Office Chairs: Offering chairs designed for comfort and posture support during long working hours.
  • Adjustable Standing Desks: Selling desks that can be adjusted for sitting or standing, promoting better health and productivity.
  • High-Quality Webcams and Microphones: Providing equipment for high-definition video conferencing and clear audio communication.
  • Organizational Desk Accessories: Offering items like desk organizers, cable management solutions, and document holders.
  • Wireless Keyboards and Mice: Selling ergonomic and wireless keyboards and mice for a clutter-free workspace.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: Providing headphones that reduce background noise, ideal for concentration in busy environments.
  • Desk Lamps with Adjustable Lighting: Offering desk lamps with features like adjustable brightness and color temperature to reduce eye strain.
  • Compact Printers and Scanners: Selling space-saving printers and scanners suitable for home office setups.
  • Stylish and Functional Bookshelves: Providing bookshelves that are both decorative and practical for home office storage.
  • Planters and Greenery: Selling small indoor plants and planters to enhance the aesthetic and air quality of home offices.
Shopify store example: Herman Miller.

6. Travel Accessories.

travel accesories trend

Travel accessories have always been terrific products to sell on a Shopify store. Travel does not need to be limited to international travel by plane; it can also be domestic travel trips. It is all about finding your ideal Shopify niche and exploiting it.

It is true that Covid had an impact on this trend, which is slowly recovering, but the interest over time has always been huge.

Moreover, you can niche down and find many alternatives for this niche like ‘travel accessories for car’, or ‘travel accessories for men.’

Check my tourism niche report to learn more about travel trends and niche ideas.

Some travel product ideas could be:

travel products
  • Compact Travel Backpacks: Offering versatile and lightweight backpacks designed for convenience and organization during travel.
  • Portable Travel Chargers and Power Banks: Selling reliable chargers and power banks to keep electronic devices charged on the go.
  • Travel Organizers and Packing Cubes: Providing organizers and packing cubes for efficient packing and luggage space optimization.
  • Multi-Purpose Travel Adapters: Offering universal travel adapters suitable for various types of power outlets worldwide.
  • Collapsible Water Bottles: Selling eco-friendly, space-saving water bottles that can be easily packed and carried.
  • Travel-Sized Toiletry Kits: Providing compact toiletry kits with essential items in travel-size packaging.
  • Neck Pillows and Eye Masks for Comfort: Offering comfortable neck pillows and eye masks for better rest during long journeys.
  • RFID-Blocking Wallets and Passport Holders: Selling security-focused accessories to protect personal information and valuables.
  • Compact First Aid Kits: Providing small, comprehensive first aid kits for emergency situations while traveling.
  • Portable Luggage Scales: Offering lightweight and easy-to-use luggage scales to help travelers avoid excess baggage fees.
Shopify store example: The Travel Store.

7. Mobile Gaming accessories.

mobile gaming accessories trend

Mobile gaming accessories is your niche if you are looking for a Shopify niche that has not exploded yet but is on its way

This niche is slowly growing in interest over time and is going to be huge. If you think about it, mobiles and devices keep evolving to be more portable and comfortable for users, making this niche market full of opportunities for sellers.

Some mobile gaming product ideas could be:

mobile gaming proudcts
  • Mobile Gaming Controllers: Offering ergonomic and responsive controllers compatible with a wide range of smartphones.
  • High-Performance Gaming Headphones: Selling headphones with excellent sound quality and built-in microphones for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Portable Gaming Chargers: Providing high-capacity power banks to ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions on the go.
  • Clip-on Smartphone Cooling Fans: Offering clip-on cooling fans to prevent smartphones from overheating during extended gameplay.
  • Adjustable Smartphone Stands: Selling stands that provide a stable and adjustable platform for hands-free gaming.
  • Screen Protectors and Anti-Glare Films: Providing screen protectors specifically designed for gaming, reducing glare and protecting against scratches.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets for Smartphones: Offering VR headsets that transform smartphones into immersive gaming devices.
  • Gaming Finger Sleeves: Selling breathable and sweat-proof finger sleeves for enhanced control and precision in touchscreen games.
  • Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds: Providing compact and latency-free wireless earbuds for mobile gaming.
  • Customizable Phone Cases with Gaming Designs: Selling phone cases with gaming-themed designs and built-in features like enhanced grip or additional buttons for gaming.
Shopify store example: Razer.

8. Home Security Cameras.

As technology evolves, new niche opportunities arise. For example, home security cameras have always been a very profitable niche market; however, providers needed to provide also installation.

The new home security camera systems do not require complicated installation other than plugging in your camera and testing it yourself. Moreover, these systems are very portable and affordable, making them great items for any Shopify store.

Some home security camera product ideas could be:

home security products
  • Wireless Indoor Security Cameras: Offering easy-to-install wireless cameras with high-definition video for indoor monitoring.
  • Outdoor Weatherproof Cameras: Selling durable, weather-resistant cameras designed for outdoor surveillance.
  • Doorbell Cameras with Two-Way Audio: Providing smart doorbell cameras that offer video feed and two-way communication.
  • Pet Monitoring Cameras: Offering specialized cameras for pet owners to monitor and interact with their pets remotely.
  • Baby Monitor Security Cameras: Selling security cameras with features tailored for monitoring babies and young children.
  • Hidden or Discreet Cameras: Providing discreet cameras for those who prefer unobtrusive home monitoring.
  • Motion-Activated Cameras: Selling cameras that start recording upon detecting movement, conserving storage and power.
  • Pan-and-Tilt Cameras: Offering cameras with remote pan-and-tilt capabilities for comprehensive room coverage.
  • Floodlight Cameras: Providing security cameras integrated with floodlights for enhanced visibility and deterrence.
  • Security Camera Systems with Multiple Cameras: Selling comprehensive security systems that include multiple cameras for complete home coverage.
Shopify store example: Lorex.

9. Coffee accessories.

coffee accessories trend

In terms of per-person revenues, US$12.02 will be generated in 2024 according to Statista. Looking ahead to 2028, the volume of the Coffee market is expected to reach 6.8bn kg. Additionally, the market is anticipated to exhibit a volume growth of 2.2% in 2025. Do you need any more insights as to why your Shopify niche store should be within this niche?

Moreover, coffee accessories also make an original gift for coffee lovers, and marketers with e-commerce stores in this niche know this. So good taste in the products you push to your store is mandatory to succeed in this booming market.

Some coffee product ideas could be:

coffee accesories
  • Burr Coffee Grinders: Offering high-quality burr grinders for fresh and consistent coffee grinding.
  • French Presses: Selling a variety of French presses in different sizes and materials for classic coffee brewing.
  • Espresso Tampers: Providing well-crafted espresso tampers for perfect coffee puck preparation.
  • Milk Frothing Pitchers: Offering stainless steel pitchers for making frothy milk for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Coffee Scales with Timers: Selling precise scales with built-in timers for accurate coffee brewing.
  • Reusable Coffee Filters: Providing eco-friendly, reusable filters for various coffee makers.
  • Travel Coffee Mugs and Tumblers: Offering insulated mugs and tumblers for coffee on the go.
  • Coffee Storage Containers: Selling airtight containers for keeping coffee beans and grounds fresh.
  • Pour-Over Coffee Stands: Providing elegant pour-over stands for a refined coffee brewing experience.
  • Coffee-Themed Decor and Gifts: Selling a variety of coffee-themed items like wall art, coasters, and novelty mugs.
Shopify store example: Whole Latte Love

10. Women backpacks.

women backpacks trend

From 2018 to 2020, the worldwide backpack market experienced a consistent growth, culminating in an estimated market value of approximately $23.88 billion in 2020. Projections indicate a continuing upward trend in the market’s value, with expectations of reaching around $33 billion by 2027. So you want to make sure you tap into this niche to get your share and even niche down into some less competitive niches if required.

Some women’s backpack product ideas could be:

womens backpack products
  • Fashionable Leather Backpacks: Offering stylish leather backpacks in various colors and designs, perfect for professional and casual use.
  • Anti-Theft Travel Backpacks: Selling secure backpacks designed for travel, featuring hidden zippers and RFID-blocking pockets.
  • Eco-Friendly Backpacks: Providing backpacks made from sustainable materials, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Convertible Backpack Purses: Offering versatile backpacks that can easily convert into a shoulder bag or tote.
  • Laptop Backpacks: Selling backpacks with padded laptop compartments, ideal for working professionals and students.
  • Fitness and Yoga Backpacks: Providing backpacks designed for fitness enthusiasts, with compartments for gym gear and yoga mats.
  • Designer Fashion Backpacks: Offering high-end, designer backpacks as a luxury accessory for fashion-forward consumers.
  • Lightweight Daypacks: Selling small and lightweight backpacks perfect for day trips and casual outings.
  • Backpacks with Built-in USB Ports: Offering backpacks with integrated USB charging ports, catering to tech-savvy consumers.
  • Maternity and Diaper Backpacks: Providing backpacks designed for new mothers, featuring compartments for baby essentials and changing pads.
Shopify store example: Sherpani.

11. Women underwear

women underwear trend

Women’s underwear is another popular e-commerce niche that can work very well in Shopify. As you can observe from the trend above is a stable trend that keeps growing over time.

Sure, big brands dominate generic clothing, but there are not many niche stores specializing in specific women’s underwear. So this could be a great Shopify niche store opportunity.

Some women underwear product ideas could be:

  • Seamless Panties: Offering a range of comfortable, no-show seamless underwear in various styles and colors.
  • Lace Lingerie Sets: Selling elegant and sensual lace lingerie sets, including bras and matching panties.
  • High-Waisted Briefs: Providing high-waisted briefs for comfort and style, available in a variety of fabrics and designs.
  • Sports Underwear: Offering performance-oriented sports underwear designed for workouts, with moisture-wicking and breathable materials.
  • Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Underwear: Selling underwear made from organic cotton, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Period Panties: Providing leak-proof period panties designed for comfort and protection during menstrual cycles.
  • Maternity and Nursing Underwear: Offering comfortable maternity and nursing bras and underwear for expectant and new mothers.
  • Thermal Underwear: Selling thermal underwear sets for extra warmth during colder seasons.
  • Shapewear and Control Briefs: Providing shapewear and control briefs designed to smooth and contour the body.
  • Customizable Underwear: Offering personalized underwear options, such as monogrammed initials or custom designs.
Shopify store example: Negative Underwear.

12. Kombucha

kombucha trend

The Kombucha niche is without a doubt one of the “greatest hits” of the century. This fermented tea has proved to offer several benefits for health and is gaining fans per day.

Since this is a relatively new product, there is still room for new marketers who want to make a profit in this ever-growing niche.

Some kombucha product ideas could be:

  • Organic Kombucha Bottles: Offering a variety of flavored organic kombucha in ready-to-drink bottles.
  • Kombucha Brewing Kits: Selling kits for home brewing, including scoby, starter tea, and brewing instructions.
  • Kombucha Starter Cultures (Scoby): Providing high-quality kombucha scobies for enthusiasts to start their own brews.
  • Flavoring Kits for Kombucha: Offering kits with natural flavorings like fruits, herbs, and spices to customize kombucha brews.
  • Kombucha Health and Wellness Drinks: Selling kombucha beverages infused with health supplements like CBD, vitamins, or probiotics.
  • Reusable Kombucha Brewing Equipment: Providing brewing jars, fermentation vessels, and other reusable equipment for kombucha brewing.
  • Kombucha Subscription Service: Offering a subscription model where customers receive different flavors of kombucha regularly.
  • Kombucha Tea Blends: Selling specialized tea blends ideal for brewing kombucha.
  • Kombucha On Tap: Offering kombucha in larger quantities for keg dispensers, ideal for cafes or home use.
  • Kombucha-Themed Merchandise: Selling merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and brewing guides for kombucha enthusiasts.
Shopify store example: The Kombucha Shop

How to create a Shopify niche store.

Creating a Shopify niche store is not complicated. And the good thing is that you can create a free Shopify account that includes hosting, so you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Step #1.  Find your niche. First, you should find a profitable niche without much competence. I suggest you read my niche research hub to learn how to find your niche and to get some ideas.

Step #2. Create your Shopify account. Creating a Shopify store is fairly simple. You just need to click here to create a free account and fill in the information you are asked for.

Step #3. Add the products you want to sell. In your new Shopify store, go to Products > Add product to create your first product listing. I suggest you use apps like Spocket to find the best products to sell.

add a product in shopify

Step #4. Create the key pages for your store. You’ll need more than just products when you create your own online shopping website. It needs to help shoppers understand your business, give them reasons to trust you, and make other essential details available to customers who are looking for them.

To create new pages, you just need to go under Online Store > Pages.

Step #5. Customize your Shopify store. Now that you got some products in your store and some pages ready to go, it’s time to head over to Online Store > Themes in Shopify and choose a theme according to your brand and voice.

Under the theme settings, you can also customize fonts, colors, and some other settings for your store.

Step #6. Set up shipping. This might sound complex; however, Shopify handles this beautifully, and you just need to select what adapts best to you.

You can implement your shipping strategy under Settings > Shipping in Shopify. Here, you’ll be able to create shipping zones where you can set your rates for shipping to customers in certain countries and much more.

Step #7. Set up taxes. Shopify will help you automatically handle most tax calculations using default sales tax rates around the world.

You can override the default tax settings if there are specific requirements for your region, such as taxes for specific products or for shipping. Go to Settings > Taxes in Shopify to set up your tax regions. Here you can edit the default rates if you like or apply overrides if specific conditions apply in your region or to your products. 

Step #8. Set up payments. Next, you need to decide how your store will accept payments and how you will get paid.

To do that, head to Settings > Payments and set up your payment provider. Shopify makes it easy to start accepting all major forms of payment with Shopify Payments.

You can also choose from over 100 third-party payment providers here or offer your customers additional payment options, such as PayPal.

Step #9. Launch your Shopify niche store. Now your niche store is ready, you will need to attract potential customers to start making sales.

These are some methods you can use to start driving traffic to your site:

  • Optimize your site for search engine optimization (SEO.) This will help you drive organic traffic to your store.
  • Use paid advertising to start driving traffic while your site gets some traction.
  • Use email marketing to convert leads and nurture them. This will be very helpful not only to send visits to your shop but also to generate sales.
  • Use video marketing to create short but engaging videos people that users will be willing to share on their social media platforms. You can do this easily by hiring a freelancer on Fiverr.
  • Stay active on social media and present your products in a visual and practical way. The more posts you create, the higher the chances people find you.

Lastly, I suggest you check the best niches for Shopify dropshipping to make your seller experience even easier.


These are some of the best Shopify niches to start an online business.

I suggest you check the Shopify store samples provided in this post to learn how these sites drive traffic and sales to their shops so you can implement the same strategy.

Moreover, these niches work great with the drop servicing business model. So you can create a killer combo business!

Now it is your turn!

Which is your favorite Shopify niche store of all?

Leave a comment with your answer below.


Discover the 13 best Shopify niches to create your own online store and start selling from today! Includes a guide to start your Shopify store, best products to sell and more! #Shopify #ShhopifyStore #ecommerce #ecommerceideas
Want to start an online business? Discover the best niches for Shopify and create a powerful ecommerce business with the best products to sell and start making money online from today. #ecommercebusiness #shopify #onlinestore


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