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12 Best AI SEO Tools To Quickly Improve Your Rankings (2023)


Are you looking for the best AI SEO tools to boost your SEO game seamlessly?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a significant part of every online business. If you think about it, Google’s Chromecast, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa are some of these examples in real life.

One of these AI’s benefits is that they can perform some work in a fraction of the time and more efficiently. This is the case with AI SEO software- They can improve your search engine rankings with quick analysis and optimizations in no time.

And it does not matter if you have previous experience with SEO or you don’t. They are developed to help all kinds of users efficiently.

If you want to learn more about how AI SEO tools can help your business rank and the best tools, keep reading.

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

What is AI SEO?

How AI SEO software is changing the Way SEO is Done
Source: Fatbit

AI SEO is the use of artificial intelligence to help you improve your search engine rankings. It can help you from discovering trending topics to keyword opportunities and competitor gaps. This means you can do your SEO tasks faster and more efficiently with AI SEO software.

Search engines are becoming more and more intelligent in the way they crawl websites. Thanks to AI, they basically know what users want. This means that if you understand AI and how it impacts search engines, you can boost your SEO using AI.

AI SEO tools can be an excellent ally for data analysis and search engine optimizations and help you design an effective SEO strategy.

Lastly, I suggest you check how to manually perform niche keyword research.

What is SEO Ranking Software

seo ranking software

SEO ranking software refers to tools or software programs designed to help website owners, marketers, and SEO professionals monitor and track their website’s search engine rankings for specific keywords or phrases. These tools provide valuable insights and data related to a website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and help optimize the website for better rankings.

Some common features and functionalities of SEO ranking software include:

  1. Keyword Tracking: The ability to track the ranking positions of specific keywords or phrases across different search engines (such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo) and monitor their performance over time.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Providing information about the organic search rankings of competitors for specific keywords, helping identify opportunities and areas for improvement.
  3. On-Page Optimization: Offering recommendations and insights on optimizing web pages for better search engine visibility, such as analyzing meta tags, headings, content structure, and keyword usage.
  4. Backlink Analysis: Examining the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to a website, assessing their impact on search engine rankings, and identifying opportunities for acquiring new backlinks.
  5. Website Audit: Conducting a comprehensive audit of a website’s technical and SEO-related issues, including crawlability, site speed, mobile-friendliness, and more.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Generating reports and visualizations that summarize the website’s ranking performance, keyword trends, traffic data, and other relevant metrics.

SEO ranking software helps users make data-driven decisions to improve their website’s visibility in search engines, increase organic traffic, and enhance their overall SEO strategy.

How can AI SEO tools help you?

AI SEO tools can help your business in many different aspects. It can advise on optimization recommendations based on user intent, backlinks from toxic sites, and keyword suggestions.

Some of the benefits of using AI SEO software are:

  • They can predict what Google wants. Google is constantly making changes to its algorithms. And staying on top of all the required optimizations can be tedious. Instead, AI SEO software learns and adapts to changes.
  • They can help you avoid automated penalties or drops in your ranking. They can keep you posted on all the required changes. Also, if there are any issues or changes with your rankings, they can flag them so you can take corrective action.
  • It keeps you updated. From ranking drops to SEO strategies that are not working anymore. They can help you enhance your content so you can keep ranking on search engines.

I suggest you also check this post with the best AI niches to start an online business.

The 12 Best AI SEO Tools in 2023

Next, let’s check the best AI SEO tools in the market.

best AI SEO tools
Best AI SEO Ranking Software
1. SE Ranking> Check Now
2. Marketmuse> Check Now
3. WordLift> Check Now
4. ALLI AI> Check Now
5. Pave AI> Check Now
6. Market Brew> Check Now
7. BrightEdge> Check Now
8. Can I Rank?> Check Now
9. Diib> Check Now
10. NexODN> Check Now
11. Internal Link Juicer> Check Now
12. Surfer SEO> Check Now

1. SE Ranking.

SE ranking, one of the best AI SEO software in 2022

SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform for SEO and online marketing professionals that provides a complete set of tools for a comprehensive site audit, competitor analysis, website ranking, keyword suggestion and grouping, backlink monitoring, automated professional reporting, and much more.

This tool is very complete for any digital marketer for your SEO strategy. Some of the best features included are:

  • In-depth website audit
  • Backlink checking & monitoring.
  • Page Changes Monitoring.
  • On-Page SEO Checker.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Marketing Plan.

As you can see, it provides you with every single tool you need to improve your SEO content.

Of all the AI SEO Software in this list, personally, I think SE Ranking is one of the most complete and affordable SEO ranking software. You can read a complete SE Ranking review here.

2. MarketMuse.

MarketMuse AI SEO tool

MarketMuse is an AI-powered content optimization tool that provides SEO insights and recommendations for website owners and marketers. This tool analyzes website content, identifies gaps and opportunities, and provides data-driven insights to help improve website rankings and user engagement.

Some of the top features of MarketMuse are:

  • Content analysis: MarketMuse uses AI algorithms to analyze website content and identify relevant topics and keywords. This helps website owners optimize their content for search engines and improve their website rankings.
  • Keyword research: MarketMuse provides keyword research tools that help users identify relevant keywords and topics. This includes long-tail keywords and related keywords that can help improve search engine rankings.
  • Competitor analysis: MarketMuse analyzes competitor websites and provides insights into their content strategy and keyword usage. This helps users identify gaps and opportunities in their own content strategy and improve their website rankings.
  • Content recommendations: MarketMuse provides content recommendations based on user data and website analysis. These recommendations include topics to cover, keywords to use, and other optimization suggestions that can help improve website rankings and user engagement.
  • Data visualization: MarketMuse provides data visualization tools that help users understand website performance and user behavior. This includes graphs, charts, and other visual aids that can help users identify trends and patterns in their data.

In summary, this is an excellent AI SEO tool that provides valuable insights and recommendations for website owners and marketers. Its AI-powered content analysis, keyword research, and competitor analysis tools make it a powerful tool for improving website rankings and user engagement. Overall, MarketMuse is a highly recommended tool for anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine rankings and user engagement.

3. WordLift.

WordLift – AI powered SEO – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

WordLift is the first semantic SEO tool that uses natural language processing and linked data publishing for automating structured data markup. It analyzes articles and transforms text into machine-friendly content to improve audience engagement and increase the website’s organic traffic.

Basically, it helps you speak Google’s language;

  • WordLift suggests facts and information to provide your readers with meaningful context and adds a semantic markup to your text to help machines fully understand your website.
  • WordLift helps you enrich your content with images and powerful data visualizations, such as maps and timelines, to engage your readers with an immersive user experience.
  • Adding relevant recommendations, WordLift allows your readers to dig deeper into your content, and you can use your data to find new ways to distribute and monetize your content.


Optimize Your Website Automatically with AI for SEO « Alli

Alli AI is Artificial Intelligence for SEO. With Alli, you can optimize your site, do keyword research, track your rankings, audit your site and build backlinks all under one roof. Some of the features that make ALLI a great SEO artificial intelligence:

  • Works with any CMS.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Immediate SEO optimizations.
  • Real-time SEO suggestions
  • Change recommendations.
  • Self-adjust to SEO algorithm changes.

With these features, ALLI is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced users.

5. Pave AI.


Pave AI is an Artificial Intelligence-based tool that turns Google Analytics data into helpful insights to improve your everyday marketing strategy. Its algorithm integrates marketing data from different platforms and analyzes them, making it easy to understand what works and what can be improved.

Pave AI considers your goals, whether it’s to increase revenue on an e-commerce site or engagement on a blog, and personalizes your report for you.

Their software helps you identify the most important insights across all marketing channels and get data-driven recommendations on how to increase your ROI.

6. Market Brew.

MarketBrew AI SEO

Marketbrew is an AI-powered web-based platform used to test and predict ranking success.

This tool provides the user with a precise description of what distinguishes the first result from the second one- From metadata to site structure. This can dramatically decrease the time a user needs to analyze their SEO results.

You can observe competitors’ SEO stats and see how various changes impact their SEO KPIs. It can help you identify the specific reasons why you’re not ranking higher.

MarketBrew also conveniently provides the user with exact ways to resolve issues with your ranking.

I personally like this software solution because it provides a great visual explanation to improve your site.

7. BrightEdge.

Optimize at the Speed of Search with Instant | BrightEdge

BrightEdge content is an AI-powered content marketing solution for driving marketing performance.

It provides one of the most powerful SEO research solutions to prioritize and formulate successful search and content strategies. BrightEdgeInsights gives you the confidence that you are focusing on the things that will drive the biggest impact. It prioritizes all of the actions in one simple feed, placing the most critical actions at the top.

Instead of spending time on data extraction, manipulation, and syntheses, you will get back hours each week by taking recommended actions that provide quick wins in SEO.

This software will help you accelerate the time to get results and ROI- The AI-powered software will quickly provide you with a list of prioritized optimizations.

8. Can I Rank?

Can I Rank is an online marketing tool based on a simple concept- data-driven recommendations from the opportunity to execution.

This AI SEO software finds keywords you can rank for, links you can get, & on-page optimizations to increase rankings. For every recommendation, you will get detailed instructions aimed at improving your rankings.

Some of the main features they offer are:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Competitor’s analysis

CanIRank helps you find keywords where your site is already competitive to achieve results quickly. This AI SEO software can also calculate a Keyword ROI Score to find the best balance between ranking difficulty and keyword value specifically for your website.

Lastly, its SERP Analysis tool collects hundreds of data points for every keyword, including leading paid SEO tools such as Moz and SEMRush. Then, it will notify you of any changes you need to pay attention to, like rank changes, competitors on the move, or new link opportunities.

9. Diib.

Diib Ai SEO software

Diib is another popular AI SEO Software aimed at growing your business presence. It tells the user in plain English what is going on with the website.

It starts by analyzing your website and identifying the biggest opportunities to grow your traffic and sales.

Diib automated tools include:

  • Answer Engine. This will scan your site and develop a customized growth plan by simply giving you the answers.
  • Diib analytics. Data measure, and see how you stack up in your industry.
  • Progress tracker. To Keep track of all your efforts.
  • Learning Library. With tips, tools, and tutorials.

Finally, Diib helps you find the right keywords to rank. And if a ranking drops, you will get a notification with suggestions on how to fix it.

10. NexODN.

NexOdn AI SEo Software

NexODN is an SEO expert system employing various machine learning and deep algorithm to understand exactly what you have to include in your SEO strategy and grow your business, unlike traditional Manual guesswork SEO.

NexODN provides machine learning recommendations on title tags, meta descriptions, headers, paragraph headers, text content, internal linkages, and even backlink recommendations based on top-ranking competitors.

Also, some of the benefits you can get by using this tool are:

  • Discover the competitive term or keywords you want to rank – Rank Them For Your Business.
  • Reveal highly relevant & profitable topics (keywords and terms), and include them in your content – Optimize Your Content Creation.
  • Reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time(relevance & intent) – Get More Qualified Traffic & Leads.
  • Monitor your SEO performance with comprehensive, real-time rank tracking – Get An Insightful Overview of Your Progress.

11. Internal Link Juicer.

If you are a WordPress user, you will definitely want to have access to Internal Link Juicer to easily improve your internal links structure.

This is a lightweight and powerful plugin that will help you efficiently link your content internally in just minutes. All you need to do is to set the keywords you want to target for each article, and the AI will do its magic.

As a result, you can expect to see a slight boost in your URL ranking as long as you have related topics where these keywords are used.

These are some of the main features this tool offers:

  • Connect all relevant pages. It helps search engines and users find their way around your website more easily.
  • Increase traffic and interactions. Your content will get better rankings with defined anchor text.
  • Makes internal linking fast. The manual creation of internal links can be very time-consuming. With this tool, you can do it in minutes.
  • Fully automated. Both old and new pages will automatically link to the selected keywords internally.

12. Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO is an advanced on-page optimization tool that utilizes data-driven strategies to enhance the SEO of websites.

Unlike traditional SEO tools that might offer insights based on intuition or outdated metrics, Surfer SEO dives deep into real-time data, analyzing over 500 on-page signals to provide actionable recommendations. By comparing your website’s content to those ranking on the first page of search engines, it offers a roadmap to optimize your content to match the best in your niche.

Some of the features of this AI software are:

  • Efficient Content Optimization: With Surfer SEO’s content editor, website owners can optimize their content in real-time, getting instant feedback on keyword usage, content length, and more.
  • Better Keyword Strategy: By understanding keyword relevance and the depth of content required, website owners can craft content that appeals directly to their target audience.
  • Site Audit: The tool’s comprehensive audit feature helps identify issues like slow loading times, missing meta descriptions, or other technical snags that could be affecting rankings.
  • Competitor Analysis: Knowing what your competitors are doing right is half the battle won. Surfer SEO provides insights into competitor strategies, enabling website owners to tweak their approach to stay competitive.
  • SEO Strategy Refinement: With actionable recommendations based on real data, website owners can continually refine their SEO strategies, ensuring they remain on the cutting edge of optimization techniques

AI SEO Optimization Tips.

Even though these tools will help you manage most of your SEO work seamlessly, these are the best SEO optimization practices you should follow;

  1. Perform thorough keyword research and target only relevant primary and secondary keywords with low difficulty score.
  2. Write quality original content and make it 800 words long or more.
  3. Match your content to user intent.
  4. Use schema markup to appear on featured snippets.
  5. Optimize your page’s title and meta descriptions.
  6. Use short and descriptive URLs, including your keyword
  7. Work on your website speed and make sure it loads under 3 seconds.
  8. Use both internal and external backlinks in your articles.
  9. Use images and insert your keywords in the alt attributes.
  10. Conduct regular SEO audits and fix any major issues.
  11. Study your competitors and learn how they drive traffic and monetize.
  12. Work on your link-building strategy if you want to boost your page’s ranking.

Top SEO Ranking Software

SEO ranking software refers to tools that help website owners track their search engine ranking positions (SERP) and monitor changes over time. These tools provide valuable insights into website performance, keyword ranking, and competitor analysis, enabling users to optimize their website for search engines and improve their online visibility.

Here are the top SEO-ranking software tools:

  1. SE Ranking: A cloud-based SEO platform that provides keyword tracking, competitor analysis, and site audit tools. SE Ranking’s rank tracking feature provides users with accurate and up-to-date data on keyword positions in search engines, enabling them to monitor their website’s search engine ranking positions and improve their SEO strategy. Again, I place it on the first spot because it is way cheaper than any other alternative, and it works as well as any.
  2. SEMrush: A comprehensive SEO tool that allows users to track their website’s ranking positions, analyze backlinks, research keywords, and more. SEMrush provides real-time data on organic search rankings, paid search rankings, and competitor insights.
  3. Ahrefs: A powerful SEO tool that provides a range of features, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and site audit. Ahrefs has a robust rank-tracking feature that allows users to monitor their website’s search engine ranking positions and identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Moz Pro: A popular SEO tool that includes a range of features such as keyword research, site audit, and link building. Moz Pro’s rank-tracking feature provides accurate data on website performance and allows users to track keyword rankings over time.

Overall, these SEO ranking software tools are essential for website owners and SEO professionals looking to improve their website’s search engine ranking positions and online visibility.

There are many who think that you can rank number 1 on Google if your off-page and on-page SEO is perfect, but that is hardly the case. The truth is that many factors impact your SEO, and you will also need quality backlinks if you want to have a serious chance on getting to page one, not to mention being at the top.

Building backlinks should be part of your SEO campaign, but this can be a very tedious process. That is the reason why many people just pass.

But the good news is that there is an easy way of doing it if you have some budget, and you won’t need much: RhinoRank.

Rhino Rank has earned a solid reputation for getting their links on sites with traffic, which is the hardest thing for competitors to achieve. And they can do it for you at a very affordable price that will certainly have an impact on your SEO strategy.

For instance, I submitted a link for my article “profitable niches“:

And only one month later, my ranking was 49 positions! And it is still going up.

I have used this service several times, and I can guarantee that it is safe to use and that you will see results with time. So if you are serious about improving your rankings, I suggest you try it, and you’ll see it works.

AI SEO Tools- Conclusion

In conclusion, AI in search engine ranking software can help optimize your content and achieve better results.

The main advantage they offer is that you don’t need to know about SEO to start taking advantage of them. Also, SEO traffic is always more powerful than social media because it helps you drive targeted visitors.

Lastly, these SEO tools are a necessary investment for any serious digital marketer who needs to grow their online presence. Most of the tools in this list provide a free trial. Moreover, they will positively impact your niche keyword research strategy.

Now is your turn!

Are you planning on using AI SEO software to rank higher on Google?

Leave a comment below with your answer.


Find out the best AI SEO tools to improve your rankings on search engines with steps easy to understand, even for beginners. This software includes tips to optimize your content strategy, keyword research, link building, and more. Free trial available. #SEOTools #SEOTips #AISEO


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