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Integrating Auto Dialer Software into Your Marketing Strategy

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While digital marketing channels can bring in impressive results, outbound calling still remains a powerful sales and marketing tool for businesses in just about any industry. Even though calling prospects or customers might seem an outdated tactic, especially when you think about cold calls that your prospects will most probably ignore for the most part, you shouldn’t neglect this marketing approach altogether. 

This is where auto dialers come in extremely handy. Auto-dialing software tools make the outbound calling process a lot easier and more efficient. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how auto dialing software solutions can be used in your outbound marketing strategy, helping you reach out to more prospects and engage with your existing clients.   

What is Auto Dialing Software?

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Before talking about the benefits of incorporating auto dialing tools into your marketing campaigns, it’s important to understand how the software actually works.Auto dialers have been designed to simplify, automate, and optimize the entire process of placing outbound phone calls to large numbers of contacts so that outbound call center agents don’t have to do it manually, which saves them lots of time and effort. 

Dialer software systems may support different dialing modes (power dialing, predictive dialing, preview dialing, etc.), with each one working in a slightly different way and having its own pros and cons. Regardless of the dialing mode you choose, the dialing software will make your outbound calling process much more efficient and enable your agents to make more outbound calls, reach out to a wider audience, and achieve better call outcomes.

Auto dialing software has been widely used by businesses in industries that heavily rely on phone calls to generate leads, engage with their audiences, and sell their products or services. Telecom companies, banking and finance organizations, insurance, real estate, travel agencies, and service providers are just a few examples to mention.

How Can Auto Dialers Help in Your Outbound Marketing Campaigns?

Here’s exactly how using phone dialing software platforms can help you in your outbound marketing efforts:

1. Optimize the process of outbound calling

Not only do auto dialing tools automate the process of making outbound phone calls so that agents don’t have to dial each number manually. The incorporation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into auto dialing software has made auto dialing solutions even more efficient. While the basic auto dialing software solutions (known as power dialers) simply automatically dial numbers one after the other, AI-powered predictive dialers employ much more sophisticated algorithms that can further optimize the dialing process.

For instance, VoiceSpin auto dialer uses AI and ML (machine learning) algorithms that can ‘predict’ agent availability based on various real-time and historical call metrics (like the average call duration and call abandonment rate) and dial multiple numbers per single agent even before an agent completes their current interaction with a prospect or a customer. 

That helps minimize agent idle time between calls because the moment an agent finishes their current call, they are instantly connected to the next call. It ultimately means that with auto dialing software, agents can make more outbound calls in a shorter time and engage in more conversations (predictive dialers are known to increase agent talk times by up to 300%), accelerating your marketing team’s productivity.

2. Improve the efficiency of your outbound calling campaigns

Low call answer rate is one of the biggest challenges for marketers when running outbound cold-calling campaigns. This is because most people aren’t likely to answer calls coming from unknown numbers. Local presence dialing is a powerful feature of auto dialing software that helps overcome this challenge. With local presence dialing, you can choose to display numbers with local area codes on caller ID, increasing the chances of your calls being picked up. In fact, research from SoftwareAdvice found that people are more likely to answer calls from local numbers, enabling you to increase your call answer rates by up to 4 times.

In addition to that, auto dialer software for call center can intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agents, taking into account various factors, such as location, lead type, agent’s skill set, etc. VoiceSpin’s AI dialer, for example, features an intelligent lead/ agent scoring and matching system that automatically scores and prioritizes leads and routes them to the best-fitting agents based on the probability of making a successful sale. That means your agents will have more meaningful conversations, improving the efficiency of your outbound calling campaigns and increasing your sales conversions.

3. Enhance your lead nurturing and boost engagement

With a voicemail drop feature of auto dialing software, you can leave ready-made pre-recorded voice messages to your recipients’ voicemail boxes and get your messages delivered even though you cannot interact with them personally. With auto dialer software, you can also easily schedule follow-up calls and reminders to ensure that your agents can timely re-engage prospects or customers, enhancing your lead nurturing efforts and improving engagement with existing clients.

4. Boost outreach with text messaging

Many auto dialer software providers include SMS text messaging features, enabling you to send SMS messages to your prospects and customers beyond calling them. In fact, considering that SMS messages have a 98% open rate while nearly 70% of your calls will likely go to voicemail, SMS marketing can be a valuable addition to your overall outbound marketing strategy. With text messaging capabilities of auto dialing tools, you can follow up on calls with text messages to boost engagement and build better relationships with your audience.

5. Leverage scalability and flexibility

Cloud-based auto dialer software platforms are easily scalable, catering to the changing needs of growing businesses. It means that if, at some point, you want to increase call volume and add more agents to handle more outbound calls as your business grows, the software can instantly meet your requirements. And what’s more, with numerous customization features, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to specific target audiences by segmenting your lead lists.

6. Track valuable analytics and marketing insights

With auto dialers, you can easily track all the dialing activity of your team, call outcomes and conversion rates, assess how individual agents are performing, and identify improvement opportunities and agent training gaps based on these insights to refine your outbound marketing strategies. Besides that, by integrating speech analytics and sentiment analysis tools with your auto dialer software, you can gain even more insights by tracking customer sentiment to better understand how your prospects or customers feel about your products, services, or particular marketing campaigns.

7. Reduce costs and increase your sales

Unlike traditional calling methods, running outbound calling campaigns with auto dialing software is more cost-efficient because auto dialers automate the entire process, reduce manual labor, and enable you to handle more outbound call volumes than your team would be able to do by dialing numbers manually one by one. On top of reducing the costs of running outbound calling campaigns, you can also significantly improve your sales conversions and drive more revenue and growth for your business.

A Crunchbase research found that businesses that don’t cold call experience 42% less growth than those who use this outbound marketing tactic. 

Wrapping up

Without a doubt, auto dialing software can greatly contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of your outbound marketing campaigns alongside other marketing channels that you use.

The software can automate and optimize the whole process of making outbound calls, saving much time and effort for your team. Auto dialers enable you to reach out to more prospects by instantly increasing your call answer rates and empower your agents to engage in more productive conversations and drive more sales conversions.

With the right auto dialer software (and there are plenty of them on the market), your cold-calling marketing campaigns can become much more efficient, bringing tremendous results that you wouldn’t have achieved by calling your prospects or clients manually. 

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